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Eagle Point Resort

Mark and I were at our house one Tuesday afternoon when he suddenly felt the urge to hit the beach. Being someone who always wants to plan things, I initially wanted to beg off, but since I also didn't want to get into an argument with Mark (and I was also excited to hit the beach), I just gave in. :p

We were choosing between Subic and Batangas, but because we've been to Subic countless of times already, we both agreed on the latter. After searching the net for some resorts, we booked and paid online and then found ourselves all set to head to Eagle Point Resort in Batangas the day after.

Afternoon Dip at Daranak Falls

After visiting Regina RICA, we went on a 15-minute drive on the main road and about 5 to 10-minute drive into the mountain side until we reached Daranak Falls.

We all were excited as this would be our first time to swim into fresh water.  We pulled in into the parking lot and the lush greens surrounding the place added up to the excitement. After paying for the entrance fee and picnic shed, we walked onto the bridge leading to the falls right after the entrance.

Corregidor 2012

Mark and I took some time off from work last November 1-4, 2012 for some R and R. :) Yup, I know this post is long overdue but there are a lot things during our vacation that are worth sharing so I'm posting it anyway haha! I'll just try my best to share with you as much details as I can remember. :)

While others spent their time in cemeteries, Mark and I decided to visit Corregidor and Tagaytay. I know, I know..the places we chose are miles apart..haha! Blame it on both of us who don't seem to have some skills when it comes to organizing trips. Well Mark was actually the one who planned everything and I just gave the go signal. :p But hey, our vacation turned out to be so much fun! :p

Segara Villas and Suites

We came to Subic without having any hotel reservations. I know this entails a lot of risks, but according to Mark being care-free and just going with the flow sometimes adds up excitement and fun and most of the time results to an extraordinary adventure. And well I guess he was right! :)

I already expected Camayan Beach Resort to be fully booked but we still gave it a try and got no luck. Good thing Segara Villas and Suites saved the day! Segara Villas and Suites became our home during our Subic trip last January 5-8.


We came across this serene boutique along the Waterfront Road as we were looking for a place to dine. The staff suggested that we checkout the place and upon checking the rooms, Mark and I agreed to book at Segara.

Boracay's Simple Pleasures

I really enjoyed my stay in Boracay..too bad it had to end. :P But I guess it's good too, well good for all of you, because you'll get to read new posts (at last!) aside from my Boracay adventures hahahaha!

I had a very fun-filled vacation! It was also very memorable because first, I got to spend it with Mark and my friends--whom I haven't seen for quite some time, second, I got carry out my surprise for Mark's birthday which he loved so much (thanks to all my friends for helping me out! my love goes out to all of you!), and the most important one, it was all of us' first time in Boracay (except for Chrissi and Emman)! Hahaha!

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