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New Menu at Max's Restaurant

Max's Restaurant launched its new menu, adding more authentic Filipino feast staples to their other world class offerings. I wasn't able to join its official launch, my schedule didn't permit, as always, but our friends from Max's Restaurant had us try it at a later date.

We arrived at the restaurant after around a 5-minute walk from our house and were ushered our table, the same table where we were seated when we first got to dine at Max's. :D After placing our orders, which Mark took charge of, our Filipino food feast began!

Filipino Food at its Finest :D

I'm back! Both back in Dubai and back to blogging after my month-long vacation to my beloved country, the Philippines.

Going back home after a little more than a year surely made me miss a lot about home. But if there's one thing that I definitely missed, it's the food! I was raised in a household where eating breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner together is a must (especially on weekends), regardless of our different personal schedules within the day, so I'm still struggling up to now being all by myself in Dubai as I'm not really used to eating alone.

So when I got back home, Daddy made sure to fill in all the longings that I had for the past year with no less than his specialties! Let me share them with you one by one. You must be warned though that this will be photo-heavy and will make you drool a lot! Oh I have an idea, let's play a game. I dare you to make it up to the end of this post without drooling! Game? Game! :D

Pies with Attitude at Pie Face

For someone who is used to having rice as an essential part of a meal, pies don't usually tickle my fancy. I'm not also used to having dessert pies. They would usually be a choice for snacks or sometimes for light dinners, if I'm watching my food intake.

But when I saw pies with faces on my Instagram feed, from the people that I follow both from the Philippines and from Dubai, I must admit that I got curious of what the hype was all about.

Lovely Dinner at Paul in Burjuman Centre

We've already tried the canapés and pastries of Paul in Al Ghurair, as it is always the venue of the blogger meets during Al Ghurair Centre's events, and we fell in love with Paul since then.

So when I got past my first year mark as an expat here in Dubai last August 24, we decided to celebrate it over a lovely dinner at Paul in Burjuman Centre.

It's already past 10pm but diners are still packed at the al fresco dining section of Paul. If it weren't for the hot weather, I wouldn't mind joining the crowd. We decided to dine inside and it turned out to be a good choice too.

Experience New York in Dubai at TR!BECA Kitchen + Lounge

Mark and I found ourselves in the streets of The Walk, in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) last Friday, as we were invited for a night of hearty and healthy organic food and drinks at TR!BECA Kitchen + Lounge. It's name was coined from New York City's trendy neighborhood, Triangle Below Canal, and takes a great deal of its inspiration from Manhattan.

Located in Ocean View Hotel in Dubai's JBR, it's as if we were not in Dubai the moment we set foot in Tribeca. The funky interior was what we first noticed as the staff welcomed us and ushered us to our table. We were immediately attended to by one of the staff who gladly took our orders.

Choosing what to have was bit of a struggle, the happy kind of it, as the dishes were all inviting. Tribeca's menu, which is a product of chef Giovanni De Ambrosis' passion, offers a variety of organic dishes directly sourced from regional farmers and fair-trade cooperatives. It is a fusion of contemporary American and traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a bit of Italian inspiration.

Filipino Food Fix at Buongiorno Café

Mark only comes to Dubai on weekends since he works in Abu Dhabi. And because he eats at their camp's restaurant every single day, I make sure that he gets to enjoy his favorite dishes even just on weekends.

Although I love to cook, there are also times when I seem to be infected with the lazy bug. And at such times, Mark's invitations on having dinner outs are a music to my ears!

Ravi Restaurant would be our usual dinner  destination when we dine out, but since Mark was craving for Filipino food, we opted for Buongiorno Café, which is just one restaurant away from Ravi. :D I was already delighted when Mark told me not to cook for dinner one weekend night, more so when he craved for Filipino food! Yay!

Modern Japanese Cuisine at 5th Taste

Hi dear readers! I'm Gia, contributor of Sweet Nothings. :D Together with Jeffrey Perida, photographer, we were sent by Kriska, my sister and the owner of this blog, to cover the food tasting event in 5th Taste Restaurant last Saturday, July 25.

Hi, I'm Gia! :D

5th Taste is a Japanese fusion restaurant in the Philippines which offers modern Japanese dishes with a twist. As avid fans of Japanese dishes, Jeff and I were very excited for the event and can no longer wait to taste the dishes as we were intrigued with the terms “modern” and “twist” which came with the invitation that was sent to us. We were also thinking what the edge of this restaurant could be from all other Japanese restaurants.

Enjoy Iftar at Home with Max's 4 Sharing Meals

Aside from the traditional Arabic Iftars, restaurants in Dubai also offer non-Arabic Iftar deals to cater to the non-Muslim palates. And with Ramadan ending in a few days from now, I'm sure more families will flock into hotels and restaurants for Iftar. Good thing restaurants came up with Iftar meals for delivery for families to enjoy Iftar at the comfort of their homes.

Exercising Ramadan's spirit of sharing, Max's highlights it's penchant for sharing quality time with family and friends over great food with their "4 Sharing Meals".

Max's 4 Sharing Meals

Celebrating the Ramadan spirit with an innovative and scrumptious spread, you can indulge in Max's 4 Sharing Meal which can be delivered right at your doorstep. Starting from only 149 AED, the meal includes:
  • Max's Whole Regular Fried Chicken
  • 1 Beef or Seafood dish from their menu
  • 4 Soup of the Day
  • 4 Plain Rice
  • 4 desserts
  • 4 Soft drinks

But of course, for families of more than 4, you can always choose to have the same old goodness of any of their dishes from their menu. Max's Dubai was generous enough to let us experience Iftar at home a few weeks back.

Max's Restaurant Dubai (1)
Our Iftar at Home courtesy of Max's

And because I'd like to share the meal with the rest of our household, Mark and I opted for their regular menu items. We ordered for almost the same set of dishes that we had when we were invited to review their restaurant, with Sizzling Tofu now instead of the Beef Sisig that we had before.

Kare kare will always be present on our table if it's in the menu. Just like what I said before, Max's version never really appealed to me because of it's bland taste. It was also a downer that no alamang (shrimp paste) was included in the delivery. Mark still loved it though.

Max's Restaurant Dubai (2)
Max's Kare Kare

The Sizzling Tofu is basically like the usual pork sisig with tofu as it's base meat instead. The tangy and mildly sweet mayo sauce was perfect with the savory tofu. The bell peppers and onions added texture to the dish. I must say though that it didn't satisfy my cravings, mainly because of the state of the food when it arrived to us, which is a given for all food deliveries. Of course it would've been perfect if it's on a sizzling plate, as how it's usually served in the restaurant.

Max's Restaurant Dubai (3)
Max's Sizzling Tofu

Max's Fried Chicken was the star of our Iftar! While the quality of the food was compromised for the Sizzling Tofu, it was otherwise for the chicken. I loved how the chicken maintained it's crunchy skin and juicy and tender meat. It's sarap-to-the-bones goodness never failed to satisfy our palates. I noticed though that the sweet potato fries, which is usually served with the chicken, were also missing.

Max's Restaurant Dubai (4)
Max's Fried Chicken

I also made sure to get my favorite Caramel Bars, but unfortunately, this one also didn't quite appeal to my liking. Not sure if it's because the delivery came in a bit late, but the bars seemed a little tough and wasn't as good as the Caramel Bars that I fell in love with back home.

Max's Restaurant Dubai (5)
Max's Caramel Bars

Aside from the quality of food being compromised during delivery, there was also a miscommunication between the staff and the management which made our food delivered a bit late than the supposed time. The 4 Sharing Meals are also offered for dine in so I guess it's always best to just have it in the restaurant.

Nevertheless, we all still enjoyed our Iftar that night. Nothing really compares to enjoying a feast with family and friends. And most of the time, it's really not about what food you're having but who you're having it with. :)

Enjoy Iftar at Home with Max's 4 Sharing Meals
Thank you, Max's, for our Iftar meal! :D

For updates about Max's Restaurant, Dubai, you can visit and like them on Facebook: or follow them on Instagram: @maxschickenuae and Twitter: @MaxsChickenUAE. You can also visit their website:

Spinneys Bldg, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road (Trade Centre Road)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 04 325 7797
Nearest Metro Station: Burjuman (Red Line)

Our meal was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

Royal Iftar at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

As part of the hotel’s 40th anniversary celebration, Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek invites guests to enjoy the vast buffet for Iftar. Mark and I have already tried their Friday Brunch and we enjoyed it, so we obliged when we got another invite for their Royal Iftar on the second night of Ramadan.

We already had our Friday Brunch at The Fish Market and Shabestan (will share more details on my next post), so we chose to have our Iftar at Minato this time. Minato is one of Radisson Blu's restaurant which takes pride of their unsurpassed hospitality and their authentic Japanese cuisine including hand-crafted sushi and teppanyaki.

Burger Hood: The Way Burgers Should Be

We got to visit another burger haven in Dubai a few weekends back. Mark got invited by his client, who happens to be the owner of Burger Hood, to try out their specialties, so he tagged me and Cherry along. Yay! :D

Burger Hood was initially opened to serve high-quality gourmet burgers to Abu Dhabi’s community, until it eventually branched out in Dubai. And I'm sure glad that they did. :D

Cinco de Mayo at Rosa Mexicano

Cinco de Mayo, is celebrated in the United States and in Mexico on May 5 and it is a significant breakthrough in Mexican history. It celebrates the Battle of Puebla, when a small contingent of Mexican soldiers, led by General Ignacio Zaragoza, defeated Napoleon III's formidable army.

Aside from it being a celebration of independence, it's also a great excuse to enjoy delicious Mexican food! :D Mark and I were invited to the Cinco de Mayo celebration at Rosa Mexicano, but since we couldn't make it on the day itself, we were given the chance to commemorate this special event the day after. :p

Dinner Cruise at the Al Mansour Dhow in Radisson Blu

Mark and I do not really go out on "romantic" dates. You know, all the dressing up, dinner  by candle light, slow soothing background music, and a romantic setting, it's just not our thing. Although I, I mean the hopeless romantic in me, must admit that from time to time I'd picture ourselves in that setting too. Ehem! Ehem!

It was also only once that I decided to arrange a "romantic" dinner for us via a dinner cruise along Manila Bay when Mark and I were still back home, but it was postponed once until it was finally put to a halt and never materialized because of the bad weather. You can read the story about it here and here. :) And since then, I decided to just let go of the idea and just stick with our usual dates. But I'm still not closing my doors. Hi Mark! Hahaha! :p

So imagine my delight when I got an invite from Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek, for a dinner cruise on board their Al Mansour Dhow. And of course, the hopeless romantic in me suddenly awakened and got more excited too!

So there, last Friday, Mark and I finally experienced a dinner cruise that we never got to have back then. Seeing the Al Mansour Dhow as we were nearing the Dubai Creek already got  me all giddy, more so when we mounted the vessel.

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