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Workout of the Day: Leg Workout

Three of our body’s largest and strongest muscle groups are located in our lower body—gluteus maximus (commonly known as glutes), quadriceps, and hamstrings.

A strong lower body is crucial whether you are working on improving your performance in sports, building your body, or even just for daily functional purposes. So means that we must also focus on developing our lower body and never ever skip leg day.

Here are a some leg exercises which will not only help build your quads and hamstrings, but will also help work your core muscles, tone your glutes, and get you those tree trunk legs! Never skip leg day!

Leg Workout

(4 sets, 10 reps each)
Leg Extension
Seated Leg Press
Seated Leg Curl

Leg workout routines for those tree trunk legs! #bodybuilding #workout #fitness #legday   


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The Hungry Coach - Leg Workout

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Kriska Cooks: Tandoori Chicken Wrap with Garlic Yogurt Sauce

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Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Senior Lifestyle

Whether you’re thinking about a loved one or trying to kick start your retirement in a positive way, everyone can agree that looking after health in later life is important. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and looking after your general well-being are keys to a good quality of life in later years and can help reduce the risk of more serious medical problems.

Heart disease and cancer are the biggest killers in the over 65s, but the risk of both can be reduced by looking after your body. It certainly doesn’t need to be boring or difficult; in fact, it’s a great opportunity to try a whole host of new things.

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Workout of the Day: Shoulder Workout

Shoulders are the most widely used muscle in the upper body, I think. They function in almost every action that comes our way. And when it comes to building an aesthetic figure, nothing is more important than big, broad shoulders. It makes your overall built pleasing, not to mention the fact that a thick, broad set of delts also looks generally impressive in the eyes of women.

There are a number of ways to work your shoulders but let's not forget the fact that genetics also play an important part in your muscle growth and aesthetics. But as with any muscle groups, changing up your workout routine can be a great way to unleash powerful gains.

So today, I'll be sharing with you some tried-and-tested routines that will surely help you with your overall shoulder development. Watch the video below and keep reading to get those bigger boulder shoulders!

Burpees with Thruster, Military Press, Arnold Press, Barbell Front Raise, Lying Lateral Raise

How to Cook Moist and Tender Chicken Breast

If you are following me on Instagram (Wait, what? You're still not? It's not yet to late, click HERE! Haha!), you've most probably seen #KriskasMealPreps. And I'm sure you've noticed how in most of my meal preps, grilled chicken breast is present. Yup, you bet! Chicken breasts never run out from our fridge. It's what Mark's muscles are made of. Haha!

Kriska Cooks: No-Bake Protein Oatmeal Cookies

Food Friday #1: Strawberry Chia Pudding with Almonds and Banana

Strawberry Chia Pudding with Almonds and Banana

by Sweet Nothings |
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: No-cook
Yield: 1 serving

  • 1 120g Yoplait lowfat strawberry yogurt
  • 1/4 cup low-fat strawberry milk
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 1 small banana, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons almonds, chopped
1. In a mason jar or covered glass container, pour in the yogurt and milk and mix well.
2. Add in the chia seeds and stir until well incorporated.
3. Keep in the refrigerator overnight.
4. Transfer chia pudding on a clean bowl and top with almonds and bananas.
5. Server and enjoy!

Fitness Tips for Busy Students

Many students don’t place much emphasis on staying fit and healthy. They would rather stay up all night drinking and eating junk food than hitting the gym for a sweaty weights session. In the short term, this won’t matter too much, but if you spend the next three years of your MSW online avoiding exercise like the plague, it will negatively affect your health.

Exercise is very important. Leading a sedentary lifestyle that involves spending most of the day sitting in front of a screen, studying for an online MSW, or lying on a couch playing video games is unhealthy to say the least. If you don’t use your muscles, they will atrophy and dwindle. A lack of exercise also affects your heart and in the long term can lead to fatty deposits building up in your arteries. Too little exercise combined with an unhealthy diet will also cause weight gain. Your body needs regular exercise, preferably a minimum of three days a week.

Start Slowly

You can’t go from being a couch potato to a gym freak in a few days. It’s not realistic and you will do more harm than good. To make the transition successfully, be sensible and take it slowly. However, adopting a half-hearted approach to exercise that involves very little effort on your part won’t work either.

Make Time for Exercise

Take a good look at your study schedule and figure out when the best time to exercise is going to be. Most students have a lot of free study time, so there should be plenty of opportunities to exercise if you are motivated. Allocate three sessions a week to getting fit. To begin with, this should be enough. 30 minutes is enough, but ideally, try to extend your exercise sessions to 45 minutes or longer, as you will realize greater benefits.

Find an Exercise You Enjoy

You will find it hard to stick to an exercise routine if you don’t enjoy it, so try different types of exercise until you find one you really enjoy. Most colleges have a gym for students to use so sign up for some gym classes or ask a PT to show you how to use the free weights. Give swimming a go or try cycling or running. Alternatively, join a sports team and see if it’s for you. All of these will work, but to be effective, you have to train consistently.

Have a Fitness Target

We are all guilty of falling off the exercise wagon after a month or two. Bad weather, exams and a lack of motivation all combine to throw exercise out of the window. To avoid this happening to you, have a target in mind, such as a charity run. This will keep you motivated and make it harder to quit.

If exercise is unappealing, think about how much better you will feel if you are fitter and healthier. Most students perform better in the classroom when they take regular exercise, so if you hit the gym three times a week it could boost your grades!

5 Cheap Fitness Tips for Busy Students

Staying in shape when you are working flat out studying for an MSN to DNP online is no easy feat. You probably have zero time to visit the gym or take a yoga class. Instead, all of your free time is spent attending classes at Bradley University or working hard on your nurse practitioner doctorate degree. To help you stay fit and avoid piling on the pounds, here are some quick and easy ways to keep in shape while you study.

Walk or Cycle Everywhere

It may be tempting to catch the bus to campus, or drive, if you have a car, but neither of these two transport strategies will help you stay fit. Instead of taking the easy option, walk or cycle instead.


Feel-Good Food at Chimara Feel Good Kitchen

It was around August when I received an invitation via email to try out Chimara Feel Good Kitchen. Not finishing the entire email, I searched over the net to check the restaurant's whereabouts, only to find out that it's in the Philippines. Glad that they accommodated my request to have it rescheduled in time for my vacation. :)

Kriska Cooks: 3-Ingredient Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry

Kriska Cooks: 3-Ingredient Chicken and Pineapple Stir Fry

Nutridiet Quick Weight Loss: Yay or Nay?

My 52-kg self suddenly vanished ever since I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years back. Since then, I'd been struggling to get back to my old weight. I must admit that I was at the peak of giving in to all the fad diets which promise quick weight loss, but Mark would always talk me out of the idea.

So when I got an email from Nutridiet wanting me to try their products out, although I was excited, I was more of hesitant as Mark might not allow me. I showed him the site without expecting a positive response, but I was more than delighted when he gave me the go signal! He just made it clear that I only get their Moderate Weight Loss Program. :p

Zumba For A Cause: Majoy's Birthday Zumba

Hi everyone! I'm sharing this fund raising and fitness event organized my good friend since childhood, Majoy. She's now a dance fitness instructor (Zumba, Zumba Gold, Hip Hop, and JFH) in Sydney Australia. She will be in the Philippines next week and she's organizing a Zumba class for her birthday. Proceeds will go to a local charity, called Home of Love Orphanage, in our hometown in the Philippines.

Home of Love takes care of orphaned children and babies who were abandoned by their parents because of poverty, amongst other reasons. The funds will help them provide for these children as they solely depend on donations. This means that your dollar will help them buy milk and diapers for the babies, as well as clothing and books (and education!) for the older children.

For more details about the orphanage please visit or

6th June 2015 - Saturday
3:00 to 3:50PM -1st class
4:10 to 5:00PM - 2nd class

Registration Fee:
PHP 100 per person
PHP 50 for Crestwood homeowners
(Crestwood Homeowners are kind enough to lend the venue for free)

What to wear: your usual workout clothes (or anything comfortable) and cross trainers
What to bring: water and towel
Where: Crestwood Clubhouse (please send Majoy a message if you need help with the direction)
WHY JOIN: this event will give you a fun cardio workout and at the same time the opportunity to help orphaned kids get a better life =)

If you are unable to attend but would like to donate, you may do so by doing a bank transfer (for those in the Philippines and in Australia) or by donating via GOFUNDME (for all other countries):

Mary Joyce Clemente
Account: 4030137760

Mary Joyce Clemente
Commonwealth Bank of Australia- Victoria Ave. Chatswood
BSB: 062140
Account: 1095 0759

OR you may also donate online at

Majoy is hoping to raise $800 from this event and she will update everyone with the total $$ donations. Let's all help her meet her goal and raise even more funds! Thanks everyone!!!

REPs UAE Level 3 Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in Dubai

Tried different diet plans but still got that flabs? Spent too much on supplements and gym memberships but still couldn't get the desired results? Spent time in countless gym workouts but still couldn't have that body definition? You might need to have a personal fitness trainer to help you reach your fitness goals!

REPs Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer

Lucky 9

Time seems to have flown too fast, it’s already February! And in a few days, Kriska and I will be off to Boracay! I’m very excited about it that I sometimes I can’t sleep at night haha!

I can still remember, during my teen years, whenever we would go swimming during summer, I would workout just a week before the trip, thinking that I will immediately have washboard abs. But unfortunately building perfect abs is not like magic.

Having a great midsection will have to take time and knowledge. For those of you who have always been dreaming of having perfect abs, let me share with you my 9 lucky tips:


What you eat is a reflection of what you are. Eating salty snacks, candies, gum, sweets, desserts, fried food, and fast food will give you nothing but a flabby midsection. Eating junk foods all the time will also lead to being overweight and having some health problems. They wouldn't call it 'junk' for nothing at all right?


Drinking sufficient amount water will help you flush out your body's toxins. Enough water intake will make your body functioning to its highest level and will therefore put your metabolism level at its best state.


Lifting weights combined with cardiovascular exercise will help you gain muscle and burn fat. The more muscles you have, the more your body burns fat even when at rest. Cardiovascular training for 30-60 minutes will raise your metabolism and turn your body fat into energy.


Eat healthy foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, fish and egg. The more healthy food that you eat, the more lean your muscles will become, which avoids storing of unwanted body fats.


Begin your day by eating high protein breakfast. Research shows that eating quality meal in the morning helps regulate blood sugar and improves one's metabolism throughout the day.


Find a photograph that inspires you the most and or someone with perfect washboard abs. Place it where you can see it everyday to give you a daily motivation.


Whatever your waistline looks like don’t lose hope. Always be determined to achieve the perfect midsection. Always think be optimistic and of course, work on it!


Knowledge is Power. Read materials that will broaden your knowledge. The more you know, the better your chances are in developing your midsection into perfection.


Deep breathing will oxygenate the body, which boosts metabolism, which helps fat loss. Proper breathing while doing abdominal exercises is a good way to tighten your abs and helps keep fat at bay.

I've been doing these 9 simple tips through the years which is why I was able to achieve noticeable results:

So what are you waiting for? Go get those muscles burning and be ready to show off those abs!


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