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Play House Brunch at Liwan Restaurant in Swissotel Al Ghurair

While there are a lot of brunch choices here in Dubai, only a few caters to the whole family, especially the kids. Some have dedicated kids' play area, yes, but nothing like the one that the Play House Brunch offers.

Boulevard Chic Brunch at Address Boulevard

Winter in Dubai is just around the corner and the brunch season has already started. It's been ages since I last experienced a Friday brunch and I've also never had the chance to catch up with Tonnee, a friend from high school, who's been here in Dubai for almost a year already; so when an invitation for a Friday brunch came my way, I immediately said yes and tagged my friend along.

Lovin Dubai Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch Cruise

Mark and I had a little argument so we both started the day without even greeting each other; then off to work we go. Come afternoon, I received a message from him which left me with no choice but to raise the white flag. Apparently he got picked by #ZomatoGold to experience Lovin Dubai's Mega Yacht Brunch on board the Lotus Mega Yacht! Who could resist such invitation, right? Hahaha!

Book A Barrel Brunch at L!QD Tapas Bar

If you've been living in Dubai for quite some time, you've probably known by now how brunches are not just a thing but an institution here especially on weekends. Can't believe that I haven't had brunch since 2016! Yes, that long. So I was very excited to finally have it again a couple of weekends back at L!QD.

The Art of Brunch at the Fountain Restaurant, Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai

The Art of Brunch immediately captivated my heart (and tummy!) when I first got to try it almost a year back. So when our friends from Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai extended another invitation for us to sample their revamped Friday brunch offer, I immediately confirmed as I already knew that I'd be having one helluva gastronomic treat!

It was also very timely that my college friend, Kristel, is in town for a vacation so I didn't have second thoughts when I tagged her along. I was sure that The Art of Brunch would not let me down.

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