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Filipino Boodle Fight at The Daily in Rove Trade Centre

Filipino cuisine is probably one of the most underrated cuisines in the world. I don't wanna sound biased here but there's really a lot more to Filipino food than being salty, oily, or icky (as others may perceive).

Little Manila: A Taste of Home in Dubai

I know I have mentioned countless of times already that although I have been calling Dubai my second home for two years now, my heart still definitely belongs to my original home and my love for Filipino food will never be replaced. And that is also the reason why I feel very proud knowing how the number of Pinoy restaurants have grown in the emirate, Little Manila, being one of the many options.

Breakfast Hunt: The Search for the Hottest Breakfast Spots in Downtown Dubai

Five foodies, one mission: to search for the hottest breakfast spots in Downtown Dubai. This is the idea behind the invite that I got via email one morning. Although it entails having my Friday morning sleeping in cut short and having to spread my teeny tiny social butterfly wings, I accepted the invitation for two reasons—I will be in one of my favorite places in Dubai, and I will be meeting and mingling with renowned Filipino UAE bloggers. There's surely no reason to decline, yeah?

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