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Celebrating Mark's 34th Birthday

Last Thursday was Mark's birthday. It was different from his past birthdays because this was the first time that he took a leave from work on his birthday.

Labor of Love

It's my parents' 31st Wedding Anniversary yesterday and we celebrated it by having a simple dinner at home. I was supposed to make a cake, but because we still have some leftover cake from Father's Day, I just decided to make some brownies for my mom and dad.

DSC_0033Choco Dulce de Leche Brownies

I made chocolate fudge brownies with walnuts and cashew nuts and then decided to make it a little more special by adding some dark chocolate and dulce de leche drizzle. :D

Pre-birthday Lunch at North Park :)

Please forgive me for another long overdue post. I'm just trying to cross out each one of my backlogs. :D

Part of the series of the pre-birthday celebrations that I had was another lunch out with my family. It was actually an impromptu lunch out. I guess Daddy was just feeling a little lazy to cook that time that he decided to eat out.

I already knew that we will have to dine at a Chinese restaurant, as that is the only cuisine that somehow keeps up with my daddy's meticulous palates. :) Good thing the Chinese food choices within Antipolo are already expanding. We now also have North Park here in our place. Yay!

Happy Birthday, Love!

Was very touched and surprised with the little something that Mark prepared for my birthday last January, so I thought of doing something special for him too on his birthday today. I initially thought of making a Lebron shoe cake for him, but something came up and I wasn't able to make it.

So I just decided to make a little note for him. I drafted this note on my phone and I was already halfway through it when I kinda thought that I already made something like this before. And when I checked on my previous posts, there, I confirmed that I have made the same note over again, with the same LDR situation as before, but with a just a different order and some additional 'To the one who...' entries. Hahaha! :D

But oh well, I guess it's all what my heart really wants to say, so I'm still posting it. I included a different set of photos, anyway haha! :p


To the one who I can spend some lazy days with...

To the one who I can share my food trips with...

Chino's Birthday Dinner

My older brother, Chino, just turned 30 last Monday, January 13. I already posted about the birthday cake that I made for him, now let me share with you what we had for his birthday dinner. :)

Daddy had to go to work so we had Chino's birthday celebration over dinner. And because Daddy was out during the day and got no time to cook, he just had us order some Shakey's pizza and sushi.

Basketball-themed Cake

Today's the birthday of my older brother, Chino, so I decided to make a birthday cake for him. I was already thinking of designs for my brother's birthday cake as early as after I made my own birthday cake. Special thanks to my baby brother, Jaoey, for suggesting the designs. He knew how Chino loves cars and basketball so these were the designs that he had in mind.

I was choosing between a sports car cake or a basketball cake, and, because I thought it's kinda hard to sculpt a car out of a cake, I just chose the latter. :p

Birthday Merienda at Tropical Hut Hamburger

Our initial plan was to just have a little family dinner out during my birthday since Daddy's still not sure if he'd have to go to work. But because Daddy was allowed to be on leave during my birthday, I got to celebrate the whole day of my birthday with my family! Yay!

After having breakfast at home, we started our celebration with thanksgiving at Monasterio de Sta. Clara in Quezon City.

Hello Kitty Cake

I celebrated my 28th birthday last Friday, January 3. And because birthdays won't be complete without birthday cakes, I made my own birthday cake! Yay! :D

We usually buy cakes from bakeshops during special occasions, but ever since I started making cakes and cupcakes, the cakes that are present on our feasts are of course those which I personally made. Will do a separate post for that. :)


It's my 28th birthday yesterday and it was such a fun day!

1560703_10153652512640640_1320231375_n copy
Actually, even weeks before my actual birthday, I already had a couple of pre-birthday lunch-outs with my loves. I'd go to the details in my next posts, but for now here's a sneak peek of how I celebrated my 28th birthday!

Mother's Day 2013 and Jaoey's 11th Birthday

We had a dinner feast at home last Sunday, May 12. And just like last year, we again had a double celebration -- celebration of Mother's Day and an advanced celebration of Jaoey's 11th birthday. :)

Most of the dishes on our feast were the birthday boy's requests. He specifically pointed out that he wanted to have beef caldereta, lechon kawali, fried chicken, and spaghetti.

Tita Juliet's Birthday Dinner at Mr. Choi Kitchen

After having some summer fun with my family, Mark and I went out on a date with his mom and cousin the day after, last Tuesday, April 9. Aside from it being a holiday in the Philippines (Day of Valor), this day is very special for Mark since it's his mom's birthday. :) 

559795_507758522595050_332743652_nThe Birthday Girl and the Mama's Boy :p

We had a lunch feast at Mark's house and then we headed to Robinsons Magnolia in the afternoon as per Tita Juliet's request. We had some snacks and then we watched a movie. After the movie, we roamed around to search for a restaurant for dinner. There were a lot of food choices and after a few minutes of rummaging, Mr. Choi Kitchen was what caught the heart of the birthday girl. :p

Happy Birthday Gia!!! :)

To my equally beautiful sister :D...

my room mate...

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