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A Much Needed Staycation at Ajman Hotel

We ended our August with a much needed staycation (uh huh, this is post is long overdue, sorry!). We intentionally didn't plan for an Eid holiday and postponed it a week later, just in time for our anniversary.

Eagle Point Resort

Mark and I were at our house one Tuesday afternoon when he suddenly felt the urge to hit the beach. Being someone who always wants to plan things, I initially wanted to beg off, but since I also didn't want to get into an argument with Mark (and I was also excited to hit the beach), I just gave in. :p

We were choosing between Subic and Batangas, but because we've been to Subic countless of times already, we both agreed on the latter. After searching the net for some resorts, we booked and paid online and then found ourselves all set to head to Eagle Point Resort in Batangas the day after.

Photo Diary: Eagle Point Resort

Date of visit: April 2-3, 2014

Read full story HERE :)

IMG_8929 IMG_8930 IMG_8931 IMG_8932

Summer fun with the Family at Ocean View in Subic

Okay, so it's already June but I'm still not done with my summer posts. Will you guys forgive me and allow me to just squeeze in this one? :D

A few days after our day tour at Cristina Villas, we again got to enjoy another summer fun, at the beach, but this time without my mom and my older brother. Last April 20, Gia, Jaoey, and I were tagged along by my dad for their company outing at Ocean View Resort in Subic.


Although I've been to Subic a lot of times already, it was my first time to be with my family so I still got excited. Jaoey was the most excited because it was his first time again (after almost 7 years I think) to hit the beach. We left the house early and got to the resort after almost a 3-hour drive. We were provided with breakfast while waiting for our room to be setup.

Corregidor Inn

The Corregidor Halloween Treat that Mark and I availed already includes overnight accommodation and meals at Corregidor Inn.  According to our tour guide Uncle Bob, Corregidor Inn is the most popular hotel in the island, well since it is the only hotel in the island of course. Haha!

Corregidor Inn

Mark and I were given a twin-sharing room at the second floor of Corregidor Inn.  Our room was not that glamorous, but it was air-conditioned, clean, and big enough for two. Also very evident in our room, and the whole of the hotel itself, are the furniture and fixtures made of wood and rattan, very typical in a Filipino house especially during the old times.

All Hands Beach Resort


Got to spend another Holy Week vacation with Mark and his family. There was only one place that Mark's mom insisted that we go to and that was Subic.  Maybe she forgot that it was also where we had our Holy Week last 2010. :p

Mark and I were both busy with work so we didn't get the chance to prepare for the trip. We just searched over the net and eyed on Camayan Beach Resort, but didn't actually get a reservation. :p  We went off from Mark's house at 4pm and arrived in Subic after around 2 hours.
IMG_3260At Dinalupian, Bataan..on our way to Subic...
IMG_3271Mark and I after a 2-hour ride :p

When we arrived at the resort, we weren't really surprised that it was already fully-booked.  Good thing the resort offers walk-in guests who just wants to swim at their beach so we just decided to get back the next day. We just went back to the free port zone to have our dinner. After dinner we searched for a hotel around the zone, which unfortunately, were all fully-booked. We just decided to stay were we stayed when we were in Subic last 2010, and were lucky enough to get a room for 5. :)

Boracay's Simple Pleasures

I really enjoyed my stay in Boracay..too bad it had to end. :P But I guess it's good too, well good for all of you, because you'll get to read new posts (at last!) aside from my Boracay adventures hahahaha!

I had a very fun-filled vacation! It was also very memorable because first, I got to spend it with Mark and my friends--whom I haven't seen for quite some time, second, I got carry out my surprise for Mark's birthday which he loved so much (thanks to all my friends for helping me out! my love goes out to all of you!), and the most important one, it was all of us' first time in Boracay (except for Chrissi and Emman)! Hahaha!

Guilly's Island Boracay

Boracay is not just known for its white sand beaches and water and land activities. It is also famous for its bars, night life, and partying by the beach.

Guilly's Island is just one of the many resto-bars that you can find in Boracay. If you're looking for a place in Boracay for an afternoon chillin',

for a place for some quality time with your loved one,

or for some kulitan with your friends,

or a place for chilling, dancing, and all-night partying,

Guilly's Island should be in your list!

Station 1, Balabag
Boracay, Philippines

kriskamarie copy

Fly Fish Ride

We went back to the station 1 after our helmet dive. We had a short rest and then went on with another adventure, the fly fish ride!

We were all excited to fly woohooo!

Chrissi even made a bet on who will be the first one to fall. She firmly said that it would be me haha! But oh well, look who fell off first! :P

Emman also followed after Chrissi fell. The boatman must have been provoked, because we kept on teasing him that he can't make us fall, so he maneuvered the boat extra fast that we were literally flying! 

Chrissi, Emman, I and Mark were the only ones whom the boatman was able to pitch into the waters. Here's a photo of us, still teasing the boatman, for not being able to get all of us tossed into the sea. :P

We all enjoyed the ride. Thanks to Kuya Rod, who arranged all our water and land adventures. :)
More photos HERE :)

kriskamarie copy

Boracay Helmet Dive

After our island hopping adventure, while the others went back to the hotel, Mark and I decided to try out the helmet dive.
We got into the helmet dive site and took some photos. :P
We had a few minutes of briefing about the basics of helmet diving and then we're off! I was feeling nervous as we were descending to the sea floor.
All my fear suddenly disappeared when we reached the sea floor and saw a lot of fish.
We were accompanied by a professional diver who also took photos of us as we went on fish feeding.
More photos HERE :)

Here's a video of us while fish feeding under the sea.

kriskamarie copy

Island Hopping, Snorkeling, and Lunch at Panoly Island

We started our third day in Boracay with breakfast at the hotel.
After breakfast, we were all set for island hopping.
First destination is the Crystal Cove.  We took photos while we were heading to the island.
We saw a lot of beautiful views on our way.
We even saw Manny Pacquiao's resort.
We then stopped over at Crystal Cove. It was supposed to be a tour in a cave but we just settled for some photo shoot. ^_^
After the photo shoot, we then went snorkeling..
We headed to Panoly Island for lunch. We wandered around and took some more photos while waiting for our orders.
For lunch, Mark and I had a separate order (as usual)..we had Vegetable Rice, Stir-fried veggies, Grille Stuffed Squid, and Grilled Liempo.
Mark and I finished lunch ahead of the others so we waded in the waters first, and Mark was able to find me a new pet!

Meet my pet, Jellie! ^_^
Here's a video of her..sorry for my shaky hand :P

We were supposed to head next to Puca Beach but the waves were rough and the boatman said that it would be dangerous. And so we just had another shot before going back to Station 1.
More photos HERE :)

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