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Kerby Raymundo's Advanced Birthday Gift for Jaoey :)

Jaoey loves basketball so much. Aside from playing basketball in our backyard and in the xbox, you'll catch him glued on the TV as he watches his favorite basketball teams in the NBA and PBA.

So when his birthday month came, I thought that Jaoey would love it if he gets some fan sign from his favorite PBA basketball team, the Ginebra Kings. And since Mark has become Kerby Raymundo's (one of Ginebra's top players) personal trainer and a good friend as well, I knew that we can make Jaoey's wish happen. :)

Mo Energized Cavs to Beat the Celtics

Mo Williams started a third quarter rally to help the Cleveland Cavaliers win against the Boston Celtics 101-93 last Sunday.

The Cavs were trailing in the first three quarters but Mo gave spark to his team to make a 21-9 run to end the quarter. In the fourth quarter the Cavs' swarming defense took over and the Cavs didn’t look back as they defeated Boston in Game 1 at the Q.

Mo Williams scored 20 points on 8-for-14 shooting and did his first slam-dunk as a Cavalier. The rare dunk of Williams gave the sold out crowd more life and energy to cheer his team.

"(The dunk) gave us energy as a team, but then right after that, I hit a jumper and then three or four plays in a row after that, they called my number and I was productive", said Williams.

Lebron James, the back-to-back league MVP, tallied 35 points, seven rebounds and seven assists. Lebron was 12-for-24 from the floor, including 3-of-6 from beyond the arc.

Rajon Rondo on the other hand scored 27 points and dished out 12 assists, while Kevin Garnett added 18 points and 10 rebounds for the Celtics.

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Cavs Win by Lebron’s Astonishing Performance

Lebron James, the reigning MVP, once again made a remarkable performance in the playoffs. The King showed his dominance in the game by notching his fifth career post-season triple-double with 37 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists.

In the game James had an astonishing stat sheet. Shooting 11-of-17 from the floor, 6-of-9 from beyond the arc, and had an almost perfect 9-of-10 shooting from the free throw line.

Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison helped James by adding a combined points of 43 points. Mo scored 19 points shooting 60 percent from the field and 50 percent from beyond the arc, while Jamison scored 24 points shooting 56 percent from the field and grabbed seven rebounds.

“Jamison was great, he was the X factor,” praised James. “It's hard to cover him. He goes around 3's and over 4's. I'm glad he’s on our side because I’ve been on the other side of him for years.”

On the other hand, Joakim Noah recorded the first 20-20 game in Bulls playoff history, finishing with 21 points and 20 boards. Derrick Rose scored 21 points on 9-of-20 shooting from the field.

The Cavs will have a home court advantage trying to finish the series in Game 5 at the Q.

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The Cavs Annihilated The Pistons

The Cleveland Cavaliers tore down the visiting Detroit Pistons yesterday in a blow out game 104-79. The Cavs swept the Pistons in their four game season series for the first time in 30 years. The win over the Pistons gave the Cavs its seven straight win in a row.

Leon Powe led the Cavs by scoring a team-high 16 points, grabbing a game-high 10 rebounds. Lebron James added 15 points who sat the entire fourth quarter, watching teammate Leon Powe in astonishment and impressed on how his teammate is playing.

"He adds an intimidation factor to our team," James said. "He's very comfortable out there in getting to the line, and that's a good trait to have."

Four other Cavs notched a double digit points in the game. J.J. Hickson scored 13 points and grabbed eight boards, Mo Williams added 12 points, Anthony Parker finished with 11, and Delonte West scored 15 points off the bench.

Detroit Pistons’ main guys Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton struggled in most of the game, scoring a total of only 5 of 19 shooting from the field, even with both of their points combined. Jason Maxiell led the Pistons with 16 points and Charlie Villanueva added 11 points. They are the only two players in the team who got double-figures.

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LeBron James Re-writes History in NBA

Lebron James became the youngest player to score 15,000 points as they defeated the Chicago Bulls in their home court 92-85 in their game yesterday. Lebron James accomplished the record at 25 years, 79 days, and did it in his 540th game, breaking Kobe Bryant’s record of 27 years, 136 days, and 657th game in the NBA.

James led the Cavs in the fourth quarter by scoring 13 point in the last seven minutes of the game. James scored 29 points in the game to further advance his total career points to 15,026. The reigning MVP also grabbed 11 rebounds, dish out seven assists, two steals and two heart stopping block.

Mo Williams helped the Cavs by scoring 18 points and shooting 60% from the field, including 3-of-4 from beyond the arc and was perfect in three attempts from the foul shot.

The Legendary Bulls of the past played without injured starters Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, and Derrick Rose. Taj Gibson led the Bulls with 20 points and 13 rebounds and James Johnson had a tremendous game off the bench as he scored 16 points and grabbed eight rebounds.

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Cavaliers Finished Hot in Boston

The Cleveland Cavaliers had difficulty in playing the first three quarters of the game as the Boston Celtics gave them a grueling defense. But as the final period of the game came it changed drastically as the Cavaliers became hot and outscored them 35-14. The Cavs finished the game in blow out fashion 108-88.

Lebron James led his team as he scored a game high 36 points. James had a good shooting night 11 of 23 from the floor, 50% from beyond the arc and shooting 11 of 15 beyond the free throw line. He dished out a team-high nine assists and grabbing seven rebounds. Mo Williams helped James in the fourth period scoring 14 of his 19 points of the game. Mo snapped his struggling game and returned as the Classic Mo as he becomes hot beyond the arc shooting 4 of 6.

The Boston started hot as they shot 70% from the field in the first quarter but goes to just only 19 of 61 throughout the game. Ray Allen led Boston as he scored 21 points and 4 of 8 from beyond the 3 point line. Rajon Rondo started the game hot as he scored 12 points and gave out six assists in the first period. But finished cold as he only scored 19 points and dished out 11 assists in the game.

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Jamison’s Misfortunate Debut in Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers acquired all-star forward Antawn Jamison from the trade with the Washington Wizards. Jamison’s debut game didn’t prevent the raging Charlotte Bobcats from tearing apart the Cleveland Cavaliers as the Bobcats win in a huge margin 110-93. The Bobcats are now 3-1 in the season series with the Cavs.

The Cavs were, as always, led by their leader King James with 22 points but for only just 6 of 14 from the field. James also dished out game high nine assists. Delonte West helped out James as he scored 13 points and 50% shooting from the field. Newly acquired Jamison didn’t make much of a difference as he scored only two points and 0 of 12 shooting from the field. With the loss the Cavs, they are into their first back to back loss in the second half of the season.

The Bobcats out-rebounded the Cavs, 47-37, and held them for only 39 percent shooting from the field, and had only 15 assists overall compared to 27 for Charlotte.

Stephen Jackson led the Bobcats as he scored a game high 29 points and DJ Agustin added 12 points off the bench. Newly acquired Tyrus Thomas helped his team as he grabbed 12 rebounds, leading all rebounders, and six block shots.

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Melo Spoils Lebron’s Big Night

Carmelo Anthony’s game winning shot in overtime ruins Lebron James’ monster night as the Denver Nuggets defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 118-116. Melo’s 20 foot jumper over Lebron lifts the nuggets in overtime with just 1.8 seconds remaining in the game. The big shot of Anthony snapped the Cav’s 13-game winning streak. Anthony posted 40 points (13 of 28 shooting) and six of them coming from overtime.

Despite having a superb night, King James fell short to win the game in overtime as he slipped in the last seconds of the game and missed beyond the arc. James posted his third triple double of the season (and 27th of his career) with 43 points, 13 assists, a career-high-tying 15 assists and a season-high-tying four blocks. The only player to register 40+ points, 10+assists and 15+assists since Pete Maravich’s performance in 1974.

Cavalier’s poor shooting night in the foul line made the big difference in the game. The Cavs had a difficult time making their free throw shots. They missed 17 of their shots from line for only 23 of 40 overall. The Cavs only shoots 73 percent in the line and ranks 27th in the NBA in free-throw shooting.

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2010 All-Star Game

The East and West All-Stars collide in front of the world record crowd of 108,713 in the magnificent and extremely large stadium of the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas. The Dallas Cowboy’s stadium also exhibits the spectacular game in their gigantic 160 x 72 foot video screens. Just like what Mavs’ Dirk Nowitzki said, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” The futuristic location was not only the amazing part of it but the game itself, as the East defeats the West in dramatic fashion 141-139.

The 2010 All-Star is a great achievement in basketball and sports. The minds behind the marvelous game were Jerry Jones owner of Dallas Cowboys and Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks. "It's a remarkable milestone and a testament to the popularity of our players, to Jerry Jones' tenacity and vision and to Mark Cuban's imagination," said NBA Commissioner David Stern.

The game showcased the tremendous talents of the players. In the first half they played easily and showcased their offensive skill. You can see Dwight Howard releasing from beyond the arc which you won’t normally see in their regular game and many alley-hoop dunks. But as the game goes into the second half it becomes defensively tight. They played as if it’s a play-off game.

Dwayne Wade won the MVP Honors as he led all scorers with 28 points (12 of 16 shooting), dish out 11 assists and sneak in five steals. Lebron James helps Wade as he registered 25 points, six assists and five rebounds. On the losing team, Carmelo Anthony leads the West with 27 points and 10 rebounds.

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King James Reigns Supreme

Last February 5, The King and his men the Cleveland Cavaliers played the game with lots of disadvantages against the Miami Heat.

Due to the absence of their top two guards Mo Williams and Delonte West. Even they are being crippled by the injuries of their rosters. King James takes on the challenge and responds extremely well by scoring 36 points, 17 from the free throw line, adding eight assists, seven boards and a pair of steals. On the other side Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat scored 24 points and 9 assists. But having a rough night overall.

King James and his Cavalry were too powerful for the Flash and the Miami Heat. Outscoring them in the final quarter 10-3 run and finishing the game with the score of 102-86. The Cavaliers win their season-high 10th straight and 40th overall.

Lebron James attests that he is the defending MVP and recently won the Eastern Conference player of the month for January.

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Clash of the Titans in NBA

I got to watch an exciting NBA game earlier. It was a battle between the top two teams in NBA--the Cleveland Cavaliers (top team in the East) and the Los Angeles Lakers (defending champions, number one team in the West); with the top elite players, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, who both became MVP's of the league.

59355613This night was also very historical for Bryant. He was the youngest player (at 31 years and 151 days) who reached the 25,000-point mark, making him the 15th player who have reached this mark.

But Bryant's prominence was all altered when the Cavs won the game (93-87) with James scoring 37 points, giving 9 assists and 5 rebounds.
James made five of his seven shots for 12 points in the final 12 minutes, helping the Cavs hang on to their 67-65 lead entering the fourth quarter. James once again proved that he is 'The King' of the court!

I believe that James can go way beyond Bryant's feat in his career because James, at age 25 and at almost 7 years in NBA, has already made 16,062 points. I really look up to James as a basketball player because of his exciting offensive and defensive plays. I love the way he plays "defense" especially with his impossible blocks coming from behind. He has already attested that nothing is impossible in basketball especially with his winning shots and blocks.

Here are a few of James' winning blocks and shots:

I really believe that James (the Cavs) will make it to the finals and win his first championship crown and live up to his name as 'The King'!

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