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One Year Later...

Date of visit: September 21, 2011

...Mark and World Chicken finally got to meet again! :p

Mark and I went to the Gateway mall for another movie date. And when he got hungry after the movie, there was no food that he wanted to have other than World Chicken. :p

Mark and World Chicken: reunited ♥♥♥

Mark was still a little strict on his diet but he still managed to enjoy his favorites. He ordered grilled chicken with 2 mashed potatoes as side dishes, minus the sauce and gravy. :)

Grilled Chicken Fillet (without sauce) and 2 Mashed Potatoes (without gravy)
Grilled Chicken + 2 Side dishes - Php 159.00

And I, not being able to get to dine at World Chicken when Mark was still abroad, gave in to my cravings and ordered my all-time favorites! Unfortunately they ran out of potato salad so I settled for mashed potato. :D

Grilled Chicken Fillet with Gravy, Fettuccine Al Tono and Mashed Potato
Grilled Chicken + 2 Side dishes - Php 159.00

WORLD CHICKEN, Gateway MallWorld Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Level 3, Food Express, Gateway Mall
Araneta Center, Cubao
Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 440-4286

World Chicken & Big Chill

Almost every Friday, Mark and I would head straight to the Gateway mall after work to watch a movie or just to have dinner. And as what I've said in an old post, we would usually eat at World Chicken. And guess what?  Just last Friday, there we were again, having dinner at his favorite resto! :P

Mark loves eating at World Chicken so much because he doesn't have to deprive himself of eating tasty food just to stay in shape. World Chicken offers a variety of healthy dishes that very much suits his diet.

Whatever his diet may be, if he's prepping up for an upcoming competition, or if he just feels like eating non-stop, World Chicken will surely appeal to his taste buds.

For around Php160, you can indulge into their freshly grilled boneless chicken, with your choice of sauce, plus 2 generous servings of sides.

Mark would usually opt for either gravy or Ranch BBQ sauce on his chicken, with baked potato wedges and potato salad for the sides.

Grilled Chicken Fillet with Ranch BBQ Sauce, Baked Potato Wedges and Potato Salad

But when he's not on a diet, he can go for Mashed Potato and Fettuccine Al Tono as side dishes. I also remember one time, he must have been craving so much for rice, when he opted for the Bacon Fried Rice and Garlic Rice as side dish.

And I, being the not-so-risk-taker-when-it-comes-to-trying-something-new, would always go for gravy on my grilled chicken with Fettuccine Al Tono and Potato Salad as side dish. ^_^

Grilled Chicken Fillet with Gravy, Fettuccine Al Tono and Potato Salad

And for the drinks, fruit shakes will always be Mark's choice. I would usually go for Mango, Melon, Lychee, or Melon-Mango shake. :)

Melon-Mango Shake and Banana Shake with Chocolate-Flavored Whey Protein

And as for Mark, well he's never really picky when it comes to fruit shakes, just as long as it tastes good when combined with Whey Protein of course! Oh my! What a health buff?! Haha! :p

I will be meeting with Mark in a few minutes..hmmm..I wonder where we'll be eating tonight..Hahaha! ^_^

World Chicken & Big Chill
Level 3, Food Express,
Gateway Mall, Araneta Center
Quezon City

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