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The Bayview Restaurant

Aside from the rides and shops for souvenirs and refreshments, a number of restaurants are also housed at Ocean Park Hong Kong. One of which is The Bayview Restaurant where we chose to have our lunch as we were waiting for the rain to stop.

The place was packed when we arrived. We were in the waiting queue but not for long. We got to score a table for 3 at the far end of the restaurant. It would have been more fun though if we were seated near the windows so we can indulge with the awe-inspiring view of the sea. But it was a bit foggy as it was still raining, so I didn't mind. :p
10708012_10203074434118529_673179703_n 10708374_10203074434198531_613606489_n
The Bayview Restaurant is a self-service type, so we immediately checked out their dishes in the ordering area situated near the entrance once we got our table settled.

Breakfast at Cafe de Coral, Hong Kong

We had our dinner the night before at Cafe de Coral. And because I enjoyed our dinner and I already knew that we'd also be having our breakfast there, I somehow scouted the menu and took note of what I'd be having for breakfast. Haha! Apparently, they serve different sets of dishes for breakfast, just like what most restaurants do. And why haven't I thought of that? Haha!

IMG_9557Bun with Butter, Twisty Macaroni in Oxtail Soup, and Scrambled Egg with Milk - HK$ 22.00
with Freshly-brewed Coffee,  Tea, or Soda - additional HK$ 3.00

Our hotel accommodation in Hong Kong came with free breakfast for each guest...or so we thought. Well yeah, the breakfast wasn't totally for free unlike what usual hotel accommodations offer. We were just given HK$ 20.00 coupons per person per day which we may use in Cafe de Coral for breakfast on each morning of our stay.

Dinner at Cafe de Coral, Hong Kong

We all got tired from our Disneyland adventure so we just had our dinner right after we dozed off at our hotel room.

It was already late and our feet were already begging off for another long walk, so we decided to dine at Cafe de Coral in Rambler Plaza which is just next to our hotel.

It was already nearing closing time when we got to the restaurant, but there were still a number of diners in sight.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, Hong Kong

Since Mark came home a few months back for his month-long vacation, he would tell me every now and then about how he wants us to go on an out of the country vacation, to Hong Kong specifically. I of course didn't take that seriously because 1) he has already been to Hong Kong in 2012 and 2) going out of the country entails a lot of planning and preparation and I guess you know by now that we both suck at that. Haha! I know I told you that I always want everything planned but I just don't know how to do the planning haha! Well yeah I'm weird like that! Hahaha! :p

IMG_9265With Mark's Mom at the Hong Kong International Airport

So the days passed and we already got to enjoy different getaways (which were all unplanned) and everything turned out to be so much fun. And although I was also hoping that we'll push through with the Hong Kong trip, we still got no specific plans so I just told myself to not entertain the thought. It was just after our Anilao getaway, barely a week before Mark gets back to UAE, when I finally knew that he was serious with the out of the country vacation.

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