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World Chocolate Day at Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai

It's World Chocolate Day today! As early as last Monday, our friends from Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai sent us a sweet surprise in preparation for today.

The Art of Brunch at the Fountain Restaurant, Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai

The Art of Brunch immediately captivated my heart (and tummy!) when I first got to try it almost a year back. So when our friends from Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai extended another invitation for us to sample their revamped Friday brunch offer, I immediately confirmed as I already knew that I'd be having one helluva gastronomic treat!

It was also very timely that my college friend, Kristel, is in town for a vacation so I didn't have second thoughts when I tagged her along. I was sure that The Art of Brunch would not let me down.

The Art of Brunch at Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai

Friday brunches are a common thing here in Dubai for families, both locals and expats alike. I've been in Dubai for a little over year, and I have already observed how they take Friday (or weekend) brunches so passionately. And while almost all hotels here offer brunches, each still has their own way of making their brunch stand out.

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