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Kerby Raymundo's Advanced Birthday Gift for Jaoey :)

Jaoey loves basketball so much. Aside from playing basketball in our backyard and in the xbox, you'll catch him glued on the TV as he watches his favorite basketball teams in the NBA and PBA.

So when his birthday month came, I thought that Jaoey would love it if he gets some fan sign from his favorite PBA basketball team, the Ginebra Kings. And since Mark has become Kerby Raymundo's (one of Ginebra's top players) personal trainer and a good friend as well, I knew that we can make Jaoey's wish happen. :)

Disney on Ice 2012: Let's Celebrate!

Mark and I, together with his mom and his cousin, celebrated the New Year like little kids. :p Last January 1, 2012, we went to the Smart Araneta Coliseum to watch the Disney on Ice "Let's Celebrate!" show.

And just like in the previous Disney on Ice show, I, again, got so thrilled the moment we entered the coliseum.

I made sure that I capture every scene. :p Here are some of the shots from the show. :)

...and a few highlights. :)

Aside from the Disney characters, what Mark and I were most excited about were the souvenirs. Mark got the Buzz Lightyear headpiece with cotton candy, while I got the Minnie Mouse headband.

Mark's mom also bought a Mickey Mouse headband. :D

And as before, Mark and I both enjoyed the show. It just felt so good to be like kids again! ^_^

More photos HERE :)


Disneyland Adventure with Mark

What a great way to start the year!  Last January 1, 2010,  I got into another sweet adventure with Mark (and his mom ^_^). 

We went to the Araneta Coliseum to watch the Disney on Ice Disneyland Adventure.

I got so thrilled when I saw the Disney characters and the moment we got seated, I found myself taking photos non-stop! :p  Here are some of the shots from the show. ^_^

Mickey Mouse
waving at the audience.

Daisy Duck
waving at the audience.

The Incredibles
in a scene wherein they're 

trying to stop some robots.


Here's Pluto..
He's very adorable!!!

I want a pet like him haha! :P

Goofy and Donald Duck
on a boat on their way to their adventure.


Mickey Mouse
and Minnie Mouse

And a few highlights...

As a souvenir, we bought some snow cones which come in cute Stitch mugs with an Elastigirl straw/spoon.

Mark and I really enjoyed watching the show.  It's like we went back to being little kids again! ^_^

Click HERE for more photos.

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