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Two Thumbs Down!

I know I made this blog as a venue for happy thoughts and positive vibes, and as much as I want to keep it from all the negatives, I just can't help but publish this post. So please forgive me for this rant...

I got another email invite for an opening of a Korean restaurant in Robinsons Magnolia. And because everything was confirmed, that I'm allowed to bring companions with me, together with my mom and baby brother, we headed to Robinsons Magnolia earlier today for the opening of Chef's Noodle.

two_thumbs_downPhoto taken from HERE

We got to the restaurant, I went to the registration area and signed right across my name and blog url, and then we went in. We were already inside when a lady (one of the organizers, different from the one in the registration, who didn't introduce herself and which name I forgot to ask) called my attention and asked me if I've already registered. So I went back to the entrance where the registration sheet was located and pointed to my signature. Then the unexpected thing happened.

Missing Mark...

It's been almost a year since Mark left for a job opportunity abroad, but it seems like forever already! Ugh..Well I'm overacting, I know, I guess I just miss him badly.

But whenever I miss him, just like what I'm feeling as of this writing, I just stare at this photo and just think of our happy times together and remember the beautiful quote which I saw online.

IMG_4765"Distance never separates two people who are truly in love."

Pre-birthday Lunch at Classic Savory

I mentioned in my previous post that even weeks before my actual birthday, we already had a series of pre-birthday celebrations/lunch-outs with my family. Here's the first of 'em.

It's the weekend after Christmas when daddy decided to go out and stroll. He wanted to go to malls other than where we would usually go. SM Mall of Asia and Robinsons Magnolia were the choices, but because MOA's too far from where we are, Robinsons Magnolia got the most votes.

We arrived at the mall just in time for lunch. We always have to consider Jaoey whenever we dine out, and because he loves fried chicken, Classic Savory was were we had our lunch.

IMG_4747Savory Chicken Combo C4 - Php 385.00

I've tried Classic Savory countless of times already, and whenever I'm with my family, we always get the same orders, the Savory Chicken Combo C meals. I guess that's just how it goes for my family. Whenever we loved something in a certain restaurant, we can come back as many times and order the same dish over and over! :p

Tita Juliet's Birthday Dinner at Mr. Choi Kitchen

After having some summer fun with my family, Mark and I went out on a date with his mom and cousin the day after, last Tuesday, April 9. Aside from it being a holiday in the Philippines (Day of Valor), this day is very special for Mark since it's his mom's birthday. :) 

559795_507758522595050_332743652_nThe Birthday Girl and the Mama's Boy :p

We had a lunch feast at Mark's house and then we headed to Robinsons Magnolia in the afternoon as per Tita Juliet's request. We had some snacks and then we watched a movie. After the movie, we roamed around to search for a restaurant for dinner. There were a lot of food choices and after a few minutes of rummaging, Mr. Choi Kitchen was what caught the heart of the birthday girl. :p

Pancake House at Robinsons Magnolia

We had our lunch at Robinsons Magnolia a week after our first time there. But this time, Mark was already on a strict diet which is why he chose to dine at Pancake House. Mark and I have dined at Pancake House a lot of times but it was our first time to try their branch at Robinsons Magnolia.

It was already past lunch time so imagine how hungry Mark and I were when we arrived at the restaurant. We were welcomed with a smile by the waiting staff who also ushered us to our seats. Good thing there weren't a lot of diners that time so we had the liberty to choose our seats. Our orders were also served a little after we placed them.

I got the Warm Bacon Potato Salad, Chicken Fillet with Cheesy Spinach Pesto Linguine, and a glass of grape shake. :D I immediately dug into the salad the moment it was served. The salad was heavenly! I love that the potatoes were cooked just right, not too mushy, yet still melt in your mouth. The crispy bacon and fresh alfalfa sprouts also added texture to the dish. The bacon gave the salad just the right amount of saltiness and that distinct taste from the alfalfa sprouts was a perfect blend. Also a hit from the heavenly bowl was the crunchy leaf lettuce with caesar dressing which gave the dish a sweet and tangy kick.

IMG_5502Warm Bacon Potato Salad

The grape shake was refreshing, though I had a hard time drinking it. I think it was not processed well as some of the grape chunks always gets stuck in my straw.

Claw Daddy at Robinsons Magnolia

Mark and I usually frequent the Gateway Mall during weekends. Unlike other huge malls, Gateway mall only has limited stores and restaurants which easily becomes crowded especially when there are events in the nearby Smart Araneta Center, just like one weekend during the UAAP Men's Basketball match for the final four. We went to Gateway for dinner but the place was packed! Mark was really hungry that he can't take having to wait in long queues just to eat. Good thing there's Robinsons Magnolia. :)

Robinsons Magnolia opened last August and since Mark and I are both first-timers at the mall, we decided to check the place out. There were still a lot of stores and restaurants under construction, so after ruminating on which among Yabu, Buffet 101, Pancake House, and Claw Daddy to have dinner in, we finally agreed on the latter.

There was a lady staff at the restaurant's entrance who was all smiles as she greeted us 'good morning'! It was past 9pm then so Mark and I couldn't help but laugh. Mark even told her to calm down as she looked tensed to see Mark's handsome face that's why she lost track of the time. Haha!

IMG_5450Complimentary Corn on the Cob

We were ushered to our seats and another staff attended to our orders. After placing our orders, we were served with a complimentary corn on the cob.

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