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Chevy Burger, Antipolo

Chevy Burger has been my mom's usual hangout with her friends. She has been raving about how good the food is here. Gia also tried it a couple of times at their Marikina branch and was also satisfied during her visits.

Lunch at The Aristocrat, Antipolo

We were on our way back to our home in Antipolo, after I stayed for almost a week at Gia's place in QC. It was almost noon, so we decided to have lunch on our way. I was having this huge craving for grilled pork, which is why I immediately obliged when Gia suggested that we dine at The Aristocrat in Masinag, Antipolo.

BonChon Chicken, Robinsons Place Antipolo

If you've been following me on Instagram, you've probably noticed, through some of my posts and stories, that I'm currently here in the Philippines. Yes, I'm back for vacation. Been here for almost two weeks now. Since I arrived, I've already had a lot of food trips, first of which was when I dined out with my younger sister and my nephew at BonChon in Robinsons Place Antipolo.

Burger Fix at Beeffalo

I first learned about Beeffalo from my mom. She frequents this restaurant together with her friends and she has been raving about their burgers. I also got to know about Beeffalo through one of my blogger friends back in the Philippines who also happens to live in my hometown. Finally got to try it out when I went home for vacation a couple of weeks back. Dined here with my mom and dad for some burger fix. :D

Feel-Good Food at Chimara Feel Good Kitchen

It was around August when I received an invitation via email to try out Chimara Feel Good Kitchen. Not finishing the entire email, I searched over the net to check the restaurant's whereabouts, only to find out that it's in the Philippines. Glad that they accommodated my request to have it rescheduled in time for my vacation. :)

Hap Chan Antipolo

Got back home last Monday, December 7. Yup, I'll be spending Christmas, New Year, and my birthday here in the Philippines. Yay!

I arrived in the morning and got to Antipolo just in time for lunch. Hap Chan has always been a family favorite, and because I missed having Chinese food a lot, this is where we had my first food trip. :)

Mother's Day Lunch at Blackbeard's Seafood Island

Because we already had a pre-Mother's Day dinner at home last Saturday (will post that on the blog soon), our family celebrated Mother's Day yesterday by having some lunch out. After hearing mass at SM Marikina, we started to scout for a restaurant for our lunch. We wanted to already have a table reserved, because we know that every restaurant will be packed with families also celebrating Mother's Day.

We all agreed to celebrate it by having a boodle feast at Seafood Island. Mark and I already tried one of their boodles in their Cubao branch and we both enjoyed it so I was pretty sure that my family will also enjoy it here.

Yatai Ramen Seaside Macapagal


If there's one thing that Mark missed a lot (aside from me of course haha) during his stay in the Middle East, it's definitely our food. Aside from the fact that he's on a diet since he needs to maintain a healthy body for his profession, Mark doesn't really know how to cook 'real' food. Well at least he knows how to cook hard boiled eggs haha!

Pre-birthday Lunch at North Park :)

Please forgive me for another long overdue post. I'm just trying to cross out each one of my backlogs. :D

Part of the series of the pre-birthday celebrations that I had was another lunch out with my family. It was actually an impromptu lunch out. I guess Daddy was just feeling a little lazy to cook that time that he decided to eat out.

I already knew that we will have to dine at a Chinese restaurant, as that is the only cuisine that somehow keeps up with my daddy's meticulous palates. :) Good thing the Chinese food choices within Antipolo are already expanding. We now also have North Park here in our place. Yay!

Pre-birthday Dinner at Army Navy

We were supposed to have some ice cream and snacks at the ice cream house in Robinsons Magnolia after our lunch and a little shopping, but we'd still have to endure a long queue so we decided to just dine elsewhere. We decided to leave the mall and dine somewhere that's already near Antipolo so we won't have to worry about braving the traffic anymore.

Mommy and I wanted some burgers so we suggested to dine at Army Navy in Cainta.

I first got to try Army Navy when I was still working in Makati. My first time didn't leave a good impression though because the burger tasted bland and was a bit try. But I enjoyed their Freedom Fries and Libertea on my first try!

Birthday Dinner at DADS World Buffets

The renewal center in Farmers Plaza has already transferred, so after our merienda, we headed to SM Megamall because we will be having dinner there and there's also a renewal center there.

We got to the mall a little after 4pm only to find out that the renewal center has also transferred. And because we were still too early for our dinner reservation, and as per Jaoey's suggestion, we decided to kill time in the arcade.

DADS World Buffets

I know I haven't been that active in updating this blog as often, and it's been a while since I last got invited over to a food event, so I was more than delighted when I got an email of an invite to another food launch a couple of weeks back.

Our family loves to eat and although we do not usually dine out, we've been to a lot of buffets already. Our most recent buffet dining experience was the best for all of us except for my dad. Knowing my dad who has palates that are very hard to please, he only raves about one buffet restaurant, DADS buffet, that is.

Lunch Date at Mama Chit's

Since I was absent from the blogosphere for more than a month, I think I owe you guys a more decent post than the previous one, so I thought of delaying my backlogs a little bit and share with you my most recent food trip with my family. :)

After my morning routine (morning run, morning mass, and breakfast) last Monday, I decided to tag along my mom and my brothers, Chino and Jaoey, since I will be running some errands for Mark. We went to Manila to visit Mark's mom and to hand her some stuff from Mark. It was already past lunch time, but since we were all still full from our breakfast, instead of supposedly having lunch at Robinsons Manila, we decided to have it at Mama Chit's in Marikina.

It was actually our second time to check the place out. Our first time wasn't that successful though. It was a Saturday and we weren't able to dine there since the place was packed so we decided to dine elsewhere.

Movie Stars Cafe

Last week, Mark asked me out on a "Fridate" at Movie Stars Cafe in SM Mall of Asia. I love receiving invites from Mark but I actually wasn't excited when I knew that we were going to SM MOA. I'm from Antipolo while Mark is from Caloocan, so meeting halfway at Quezon City has always been our practice for our weekend dates. Okay I'll admit, I just hate having to drive around busy streets, stroll around crowded malls, and most especially having to ride a public transportation while braving the traffic and the crowd! :p

Mark has been raving about how cool the place seems when he saw it online. When I checked it, I also got excited and so I just tried to let go of the brat in me and gave in to his invite! :D It is very rare that Mark and I go out on dates outside Quezon City, but whenever we do, Mark makes sure that we go to places that are worth our effort and time. Plus, Mark and I both seemed to have built a penchant for themed restaurants and hotels, like Pan De Amerikana and Segara Villas and Suites, and Movie Stars Cafe is a great addition to the list. :p

We were half an hour early for the cafe's opening so we both agreed to just have our lunch at SM MOA, go watch some movie, and just get back to the cafe afterwards. After watching OZ The Great and Powerful, we headed to the Movie Stars Cafe along Seaside Boulevard, which is a few walks away from the mall.

Mark and I were already delighted, like little kids, right when we saw the logo of the restaurant from afar.

Sonya's Garden

After our Corregidor trip, Mark and I were up early the next morning and hit the road to Tagaytay. Since our hotel reservation is still in the afternoon, we decided to have our breakfast first at Sonya's Garden.

On our way to Tagaytay, while stuck in traffic along SLEX :p

Their staff welcomed us as we entered the restaurant and ushered us to our seats as she handed us the menu.  Sonya's Garden offers a buffet breakfast which is a choice of Filipino or Continental style.  I ordered the Filipino breakfast while Mark chose the latter. Breakfast is served from 8am-9:30am and rate is Php 427.00 per person.

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice

Okay, my backlogs are still piling up, I know, but here's one which I can finally cross out from the list. :p

A few weeks back, Mark and I decided to have dinner first before going to the wake of our friend. I fetched Mark from work and then we headed to the Ayala Triangle Gardens for dinner.

Mark was already watching his food intake since he's preparing for an upcoming bodybuilding competition, so after rummaging the Ayala Triangle for restaurants and their menus, we both agreed to dine at Wee Nam Kee. Steamed, boiled, or grilled chicken and fish are the usual dishes that Mark eat when he's on a diet so he got one order each of the restaurant's steamed chicken and fish.

Marks first order was the Chicken Rice. You can have it roasted, steamed, cooked with soy sauce, or try a combination. It also comes in personal set, quarter, half, and whole sizes. I am not a fan of steamed food, and it's my first time to try Hainanese chicken, and I must say that this dish is okay. The meat was cooked well and I liked that it didn't have that stench of raw chicken. The chicken chunks were laid in a bed of sauce (which somehow had the taste of soy sauce and a little lemony/citrus taste) with cucumber slices. The sauce had just the right amount of saltiness which is perfect for Mark's diet.

IMG_5584Steamed Chicken Rice (Medium-Half) - Php 488.00

The dish is also served with chicken soup. It's actually a chicken stock seasoned with pepper and spring onions, which I must say was so good. Being the restaurant's signature dish, the Chicken Rice I think was a good choice since Mark enjoyed this dish and finished it all in no time. :p

Daddy's Birthday Dinner at Anix's House of Kare-kare

DSC_0437Happy birthday Daddy!!! May God bless you with more love, happiness, wealth, and good health! We love you!!! ♥♥♥

Kenny Rogers Roasters

After our workout, Mark and I went to Robinsons Place to have our dinner. Since we just had our workout, we thought of having something that is healthy but still delicious. With this in mind, our feet brought us to Kenny Rogers. :D

Mark got what he usually gets every time we dine at Kenny Rogers, the Grilled Fish Fillet. :p The dish includes a grilled fish fillet (cream dory I think), a choice of regular side dish, and garlic rice. The grilled fish is well seasoned and is made more delectable with the sauce that came with it. For the side dish, Mark chose macaroni and cheese.

Grilled Fish Fillet - Php195.00

The workout got me all hungry and I wasn't really minding all the calories that time so I got the Burger Steak. :p The dish includes a 1/3-pound grilled beef patty topped with sliced mushrooms and gravy, a choice of regular side dish, and plain rice. I've tried this dish before and it kept me coming back. The beef patty is grilled giving it a distinct, fuller taste. It's juicy and slightly oily but who cares, that's where the flavors are! Haha! For the side dish, I always choose mashed potato with gravy, but that time I was craving for chicken macaroni. :)

Wok Inn

Sipa - Php 95.00

We stayed up late during our night out and therefore woke up late the next morning. We woke up a little past 9am, freshened up quickly, and then headed to the hotel's restaurant for our breakfast buffet.

Ramen Night and Chill-out Night

After our lunch, we headed to the hotel to freshen up and get ready for our Manila Bay dinner cruise. We were all set, complete with our dinner clothes, just to be notified that the cruise schedules for the day were all cancelled due to the bad weather. The rain has actually stopped but the waters aren't calm and so they had to cancel the cruises. :(

Though a bit disappointed, we still didn't want the cancelled cruise to ruin our long weekend so we thought of an alternative thing to do for the night. We went to Robinsons Place Manila to search for a place for dinner. After a few scouring, we decided to try out Ajisen Ramen.

The staff greeted us in Japanese and ushered us to our seats. After going through the menu, Mark and I both decided to have their house specialty for dinner, no other than ramen! Hehe :p

I was eying for the Ajisen Ramen, but since Mark already chose that, I just went for the Seafood Ramen. We also got one order of the Enoki Maki.

Their ramen all have the same imported Japanese ingredients in their soup and noodles, each one just differs with the main ingredient that come with it. According to the menu, their ramen has Ajisen oil which enhances the taste of their white pork broth, Okinawa natural seasalt, Ajisen powder which gives their ramen its unique flavor, and finally, the ramen noodles which are made out of 100% whole wheat which is cooked to an al-dente texture.

Ajisen Ramen - Php 235.00

The Ajisen Ramen has pork barbecue, leeks, boiled egg, cabbage, and fungus. The Seafood Ramen has assorted seafood (shrimps, crab sticks, fish balls), fungus, and cabbage.

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