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Big Mama's

Because of the long and tiring bus ride from Kalibo to Caticlan, I and Mark decided to take a rest first when we got to the hotel. We arrived just in time for dinner, and so, since Kate, Cat, and Jonathan were ahead of us, I assumed that they already roamed around the island, I just let them decide on where and what to eat.

I think it was Cathlyne who suggested that we try it out at Big Mama's. Mark got their Grilled Tilapia while I opted for the classic Grilled Liempo hehe..
Mark wanted to have some soup so he also ordered the Beef Papaitan. It was cooked just the way I like it, not too bitter with a litte sour kick. I must say that I liked it, but nothing still compares to my dad's version of papaitan! :D
There really was nothing extraordinary with the food that we had. What made the dinner extra special were the people whom I spent it with! :D

More photos HERE :)

Station 1, Balabag
Boracay, Philippines

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