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Feel-Good Food at Chimara Feel Good Kitchen

It was around August when I received an invitation via email to try out Chimara Feel Good Kitchen. Not finishing the entire email, I searched over the net to check the restaurant's whereabouts, only to find out that it's in the Philippines. Glad that they accommodated my request to have it rescheduled in time for my vacation. :)

Street Food Trip at Flavors Araneta Center

Mark and I were on our way to the Antipolo FX terminal in Cubao one weekend afternoon when we passed by the Araneta Center and saw a pile of tents with different kinds of food.

And so there, we found ourselves checking out the tents in no time. Mark must have missed our food a lot, that even if we just had a feast when he arrived, we again had another food trip the day after.

Missing Mark...

It's been almost a year since Mark left for a job opportunity abroad, but it seems like forever already! Ugh..Well I'm overacting, I know, I guess I just miss him badly.

But whenever I miss him, just like what I'm feeling as of this writing, I just stare at this photo and just think of our happy times together and remember the beautiful quote which I saw online.

IMG_4765"Distance never separates two people who are truly in love."

Bay Leaves Steak House

Hello dear readers! How have you all been? How was your Valentine's day? Hope you all had a love-filled day. As for me, I was busy with a lot of things for the past couple of weeks and unfortunately wasn't able to update this blog. Sorry for that. But I'll try to make it up to you guys.

Got another invite for the grand opening of Bay Leaves Steak House last January 28. Another late post, I know, but I hope you guys will still read on. :p

Pre-birthday Lunch at Classic Savory

I mentioned in my previous post that even weeks before my actual birthday, we already had a series of pre-birthday celebrations/lunch-outs with my family. Here's the first of 'em.

It's the weekend after Christmas when daddy decided to go out and stroll. He wanted to go to malls other than where we would usually go. SM Mall of Asia and Robinsons Magnolia were the choices, but because MOA's too far from where we are, Robinsons Magnolia got the most votes.

We arrived at the mall just in time for lunch. We always have to consider Jaoey whenever we dine out, and because he loves fried chicken, Classic Savory was were we had our lunch.

IMG_4747Savory Chicken Combo C4 - Php 385.00

I've tried Classic Savory countless of times already, and whenever I'm with my family, we always get the same orders, the Savory Chicken Combo C meals. I guess that's just how it goes for my family. Whenever we loved something in a certain restaurant, we can come back as many times and order the same dish over and over! :p

Birthday Merienda at Tropical Hut Hamburger

Our initial plan was to just have a little family dinner out during my birthday since Daddy's still not sure if he'd have to go to work. But because Daddy was allowed to be on leave during my birthday, I got to celebrate the whole day of my birthday with my family! Yay!

After having breakfast at home, we started our celebration with thanksgiving at Monasterio de Sta. Clara in Quezon City.

Can't Get Enough of Holdak

I fell in love with Holdak the first time I got to try it, and I guess I share the same sentiments with my sister Gia. We were both craving for their chicken for weeks already but didn't get the chance to satisfy our cravings since their branch is quite far from where we live.

Good thing we were near the area during one of our cupcake deliveries so Gia and I decided to grab some lunch at Holdak. :) It was actually my third time at Holdak, my second one was a week after the event when I got a Yang-nyam Mini Meal and a Box of 6 each of their Padak and Yang-nyam all for take out. :) 

Holdak: The Real Korean Fried Chicken

Before anything else, let me just say sorry for another overdue post, a way overdue post that is. But this is definitely worth sharing so I hope you guys will continue to read on. :)

A few months back, I received a bloggers' night invitation from Holdak, the newest casual restaurant to open in the Philippines, which specializes in authentic Korean-style fried chicken.

Kerby Raymundo's Advanced Birthday Gift for Jaoey :)

Jaoey loves basketball so much. Aside from playing basketball in our backyard and in the xbox, you'll catch him glued on the TV as he watches his favorite basketball teams in the NBA and PBA.

So when his birthday month came, I thought that Jaoey would love it if he gets some fan sign from his favorite PBA basketball team, the Ginebra Kings. And since Mark has become Kerby Raymundo's (one of Ginebra's top players) personal trainer and a good friend as well, I knew that we can make Jaoey's wish happen. :)

Tita Juliet's Birthday Dinner at Mr. Choi Kitchen

After having some summer fun with my family, Mark and I went out on a date with his mom and cousin the day after, last Tuesday, April 9. Aside from it being a holiday in the Philippines (Day of Valor), this day is very special for Mark since it's his mom's birthday. :) 

559795_507758522595050_332743652_nThe Birthday Girl and the Mama's Boy :p

We had a lunch feast at Mark's house and then we headed to Robinsons Magnolia in the afternoon as per Tita Juliet's request. We had some snacks and then we watched a movie. After the movie, we roamed around to search for a restaurant for dinner. There were a lot of food choices and after a few minutes of rummaging, Mr. Choi Kitchen was what caught the heart of the birthday girl. :p

Weekend Family Buffet at Eastwood Cafe

Summer time is family time! I know most of you have already been busy planning a lot of summer vacations and activities which your entire family will enjoy. But if planning for a summer fun is getting to be a challenge, why not just indulge into a family feast and bring the folks and the kids to Eastwood Richmonde Hotel's all-day dining restaurant, the Eastwood Café, and have a delectable yet affordable feast that everyone will surely love? :)

I was invited to the launch of Eastwood Café's Weekend Family Buffet yesterday at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. Along with other guests and food bloggers, Mark and I got to indulge into an extensive buffet spread, with stations strategically placed in the cafe, featuring hot-off-the-grill meats, healthy hot pot, native delicacies, unlimited sweets, and so much more!

Starting this weekend, Saturday, April 6, and for all weekends of April, May, and June of 2013, Eastwood Café pays tribute to the summer sun and brings a scrumptious Weekend Family Buffet packed with dishes to satisfy every family members' cravings all for just Php 880 nett!

Pancake House at Gateway Mall

Went to the Gateway Mall for dinner a few weeks back (oh yes, this is just one of the many backlog posts that I got haha!). Mark was already watching his food intake since he's preparing for a bodybuilding competition and during times like this, he always has the final word on where we should dine.

Since there aren't a lot of healthy food choices at the Gateway Mall, he chose to dine at Pancake House for dinner. The place was already packed when we got there but there were vacant tables outside (along the walkway). I was insisting Mark to just have our names listed in the waiting list and wait for the tables inside to be vacated, but since he was already hungry he insisted to just dine outside the restaurant. I didn't want to argue so I obliged.

IMG_5565Spicy Chicken Fillet with Rice Pilaf

Mark loved his orders at Pancake House in Robinsons Magnolia so he got the same orders at the Gateway branch. Unlike other restaurants wherein their dishes sometimes taste differently at every branch, Pancake House managed to maintain its dishes' tastes across their branches, well at least for their Robinsons Magnolia and Gateway branches.

Pancake House at Robinsons Magnolia

We had our lunch at Robinsons Magnolia a week after our first time there. But this time, Mark was already on a strict diet which is why he chose to dine at Pancake House. Mark and I have dined at Pancake House a lot of times but it was our first time to try their branch at Robinsons Magnolia.

It was already past lunch time so imagine how hungry Mark and I were when we arrived at the restaurant. We were welcomed with a smile by the waiting staff who also ushered us to our seats. Good thing there weren't a lot of diners that time so we had the liberty to choose our seats. Our orders were also served a little after we placed them.

I got the Warm Bacon Potato Salad, Chicken Fillet with Cheesy Spinach Pesto Linguine, and a glass of grape shake. :D I immediately dug into the salad the moment it was served. The salad was heavenly! I love that the potatoes were cooked just right, not too mushy, yet still melt in your mouth. The crispy bacon and fresh alfalfa sprouts also added texture to the dish. The bacon gave the salad just the right amount of saltiness and that distinct taste from the alfalfa sprouts was a perfect blend. Also a hit from the heavenly bowl was the crunchy leaf lettuce with caesar dressing which gave the dish a sweet and tangy kick.

IMG_5502Warm Bacon Potato Salad

The grape shake was refreshing, though I had a hard time drinking it. I think it was not processed well as some of the grape chunks always gets stuck in my straw.

Claw Daddy at Robinsons Magnolia

Mark and I usually frequent the Gateway Mall during weekends. Unlike other huge malls, Gateway mall only has limited stores and restaurants which easily becomes crowded especially when there are events in the nearby Smart Araneta Center, just like one weekend during the UAAP Men's Basketball match for the final four. We went to Gateway for dinner but the place was packed! Mark was really hungry that he can't take having to wait in long queues just to eat. Good thing there's Robinsons Magnolia. :)

Robinsons Magnolia opened last August and since Mark and I are both first-timers at the mall, we decided to check the place out. There were still a lot of stores and restaurants under construction, so after ruminating on which among Yabu, Buffet 101, Pancake House, and Claw Daddy to have dinner in, we finally agreed on the latter.

There was a lady staff at the restaurant's entrance who was all smiles as she greeted us 'good morning'! It was past 9pm then so Mark and I couldn't help but laugh. Mark even told her to calm down as she looked tensed to see Mark's handsome face that's why she lost track of the time. Haha!

IMG_5450Complimentary Corn on the Cob

We were ushered to our seats and another staff attended to our orders. After placing our orders, we were served with a complimentary corn on the cob.

Sumo Sam

We woke up early the next morning after our jacuzzi night to catch the buffet breakfast. After breakfast, we freshened up and fixed our things and took a short rest while waiting for our check out time. We checked out from the hotel at 12pm and then headed to the Gateway Mall in Quezon City to have our lunch.

Sumo Sam has just newly opened a branch at the Gateway Mall so Mark and I decided to try it out. The waiting staff greeted us as we entered, ushered us to our seats, and handed us the menu, a huge menu I must say. :p There were a lot of food choices but Mark and I got glued to the ramen section as all of the ramens were labelled as must tries. I think we were still having some hang over from our ramen night, so we decided to have ramen for our lunch. :p

Since we already pigged out the whole weekend we just wanted something light that's why we chose to do away with rice and have ramen instead, but our jaws dropped when our orders were served. We basically got the same orders as what we got during our ramen night, but didn't realize that Sumo Sam's come in huge servings!

IMG_4964Tempura Ramen - Php 388.00

I ordered the Tempura Ramen while Mark got the Buta Kakuni Ramen. I wasn't able to take note of the description in the menu but just like in Ajisen Ramen, Sumo Sam's ramen also have the same ingredients and just differs with the main ingredient that come with it--mine had 2 pieces of Tempura while Mark's had thick pork slices.

Pan de Amerikana Katipunan

Mark and I first got to try out Pan de Amerikana in Marikina early this year during Mark's birthday. We instantly fell in love with the place and told ourselves that we'll get back there or at least visit their other branches.

When we were planning on our itinerary for the long weekend, Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan was at the top of our list. And so there, it was our first destination during the long weekend.

Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan, Quezon City, just like the Marikina branch, is also a themed restaurant. While the Marikina branch is the first and only chess-themed restaurant in the Philippines, the Katipunan branch is the first and only upside down restaurant not only in the Philippines, but in South East Asia.

Pan de Amerikana Katipunan

It features an upside down full size Land Rover 4x4 defender 90 with working lights, as the site boasts. We went there over lunch so I really didn't get to see the lights. :p Just like my first time at the Marikina branch, I also got excited when we arrived at the Katipunan branch. The facade which was an upside down house was really amazing! The details were perfectly built just like a real house. From the roof to the windows, the trees and the plants, the land rover, the stone pillars...

Tender Bob's

Went out on a 'Saturdate' with Mark a few weeks back. :p We first went to the Gateway Mall to buy a father's day gift and then headed to SM City North EDSA for lunch.

We went to The Annex to buy a few more stuff for my dad and then went to The Block to have our lunch. It was quite a long walk from the annex to the block and so we both agreed to dine in the first restaurant that we'll see (that we haven't tried yet). We saw Tender Bob's and decided to have our lunch there.

We both had rice for breakfast at home so we decided to do away with it during lunch. Mark wanted something hot for the stomach so he ordered the clam chowder.

I love that the clam chowder was served in a bread bowl. The crumbs melt with the hot soup which made the soup a lot creamier. I think the bread also added that sweet kick to the well seasoned soup. The soup also had a generous amount of clams and potato chunks. The best way to eat it is by scooping the sides of the bread bowl along with the hot creamy soup.

IMG_3891Clam Chowder - Php 175.00

Tender Bob's menu claims that their clam chowder is "The best this side of the globe." And our verdict? It sure is! :D

Pig-out Saturday

Went out on a dinner and movie date with Mark last Saturday. We brought Imax tickets for The Amazing Spider-Man movie, but since we were still too early for the 7pm showing, we both agreed to have an early dinner.

We were still thinking of were to dine, but I already got Yakimix in my head. Haha! I first got to try dining at Yakimix at SM City Masinag with my family and we all enjoyed our dining experience, and I thought that Mark would also feel the same.

We actually planned of pigging out at Yakimix months back but his numerous body building competitions didn't permit. There was also one time when we decided to try Yakimix out but we came just in time for the restaurants 3pm closing and we're really hungry that we couldn't wait anymore for their 5pm re-opening.

Since we still haven't figured where to eat, and since it was Mark's last day in being off season from his workouts and diets, I finally suggested that we have our dinner at Yakimix. :p

We were greeted by a lovely waiting staff who also ushered us to our seats. After placing our orders for the drinks, Mark and I went off to the buffet area. Mark tasked me to take charge of the grilling while he took care of the cooked ones. And so I went to the raw food station and started to pick out some food keeping in mind Mark's instruction to get everything that I think he will love. And so here are what I got! Haha!

IMG_4029Barbecue Beef Stick, HK Spicy Chicken,
Shrimps, Golden Mushroom Beef Rolls, US Fat Beef with Sauce,
Spicy Bacon, US Fat Beef with Black Pepper

I love to pair grilled food with vinegar and garlic and so that was the sauce that I got. The shrimps, bacon, and beef with black pepper for me lacked flavor, but it tasted okay when dipped in the garlic vinegar. The beef with sauce, spicy chicken, and barbecue beef stick tasted good had that distinct sweet and tangy barbecue taste. What I enjoyed and loved the most were the golden mushroom beef rolls. The sweet and juicy taste of the mushrooms balanced out the saltiness of the tender beef roll.

Late Night Dinner at North Park

Here's one of the series of my late night dinner dates with Mark.  Our late night dinner dates usually happen whenever I work overtime.  My dad would never really allow me to go home late all by myself even if I bring a car and so working overtime is really not an option for me.  So whenever overtime work is needed, Mark would always be there, since his shift ends at 10pm, (or should I say I would always ask Mark) to fetch me up, have some late dinner, and accompany me home. :p

From Makati we went to the Araneta Center and was eying on Mang Inasal but it was already their closing time. Luckily North Park, which is just a few walks away from Mang Inasal, is open for 24 hours.

We were greeted by the waiting staff who also ushered us to our seats. It was almost midnight and there weren't a lot of diners that time so our orders were promptly served.

Our drinks were served first.  Mark got their Pineapple shake and I got their Lychee shake and totally forgot that I have a sore throat. :p I wasn't able to keep the receipt and so prices indicated here were taken from North Park's site. :)

IMG_3473Lychee Shake and Pineapple Shake - Php 100.10 each

Mark was still on a diet that time and wanted to have North Park's China Chicken, which was unfortunately out of stock, so he just settled for dimsums.  There weren't any beef siomai in North Park and Mark didn't want their shrimp dumplings so he opted for the Shark's Fin siomai.  Since he is allowed to eat fish, he got 2 orders. :p

T.G.I. Friday's

It has been 5 months since Mark came home from Qatar but he still didn't have the chance to be with his friends again, especially our college friends. So when Ian asked me out for some get together, I immediately relayed the invite to Mark. Everything was just planned in a rush and everyone already had their prior commitments, and so what transpired was just a dinner date of us three. :)

I fetched Mark after his shift and we headed straight to Eastwood to meet with Ian. We arrived around half past 10pm and started to rummage the place for somewhere to eat. There wasn't a lot of restaurant choices since it was already midnight good thing we spotted T.G.I. Friday's.

Mark was so hungry so we immediately placed our orders the moment we were seated. A few pictures while waiting for our orders... :)

IMG_2696Ian and I :)

IMG_2695Ian and Mark

Ian's order was served first. Ian was on a diet (or maybe a bit shy because it was also Mark's early birthday treat for us) and so he only got the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. It was just the usual Caesar Salad but what made it shine from the usual I think was the generous amount of slices of marinated char-grilled chicken breasts.

IMG_2692Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad - Php 375.00 (single), Php 505.00 (for sharing)

Mark's Jack Daniel's Salmon came in next. Another generous serving, the North Atlantic Salmon fillet was char-grilled and glazed with their special Jack Daniel's sauce. It was also served with buttered corn kernels and cheddar cheese mashed potato. Mark is still on a diet since he's prepping up for some competition and so he settled for fish.

Mark enjoyed his dish. He gave me a spoonful of the fish and I also loved it. The fish was seasoned well, it was not too salty and the Jack Daniel's glaze gave it a sweet and spicy kick.

IMG_2699Jack Daniel's Salmon - Php 795.00

I started drooling when my order was served. I immediately devoured the dish after I took a photo of it. The chicken and shrimp servings were also generous. The sautéed garlic-marinated chicken breast was very tender and juicy, it was not too salty and was a little spicy. The shrimps were equally delicious and was made more delectable with the Bruschetta marinara.

With onions and bell peppers plus marinara sauce on top of melted Mexican and American cheeses, it felt like I was eating a pizza with chicken and shrimp toppings minus the dough. :p It also comes with creamy mashed potato which balanced out all the spices. This dish is really a must-try!

IMG_2700Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp - Php 645.00

Most may find T.G.I. Friday's food a bit pricey, but I guess the price is just reasonable. Aside from the good food, T.G.I. Friday's service was also commendable. Our orders didn't take too long to be served and the waiting staff were very attentive to our requests. :)

We all enjoyed our dinner. Aside from the great food, we also had fun catching up and so we all agreed to make it a monthly routine. :) Looking forward to our next dinner date! :)

T.G.I. FRIDAY'S - Eastwood City Walk 1
Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(0932) 895-7248


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