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Second Time at Meat Plus Cafe

I have already tried dining at Meat Plus Café with Mark and his family when we got to Subic a couple of years back.

Mark and I got to try this restaurant for the second time when we got back to Subic early this year.  Meat Plus Café is just less than a minute drive from Segara Villas and Suites.  So after an afternoon nap at the hotel, Mark and I decided to have some snacks at Meat Plus.

Meat Plus Cafe

Had a great vacation at Subic with Mark's family. We headed to Subic last Thursday afternoon and got there around half past 6pm. After checking in at the hotel and unloading our stuffs, we headed to the freeport zone to search for a place for dinner.

We wanted to get away with the usual fast food chains so Mark's uncle suggested that we try it out at Meat Plus Cafe. We placed our orders and then took some photos. :)

Mark's mom loves steaks. She actually knew what to order that she didn't even have to look at the menu. She ordered the classic Tenderloin Steak.

Mark's uncle opted for the Spaghetti and Burger meal.

I believe both dishes tasted good since both Mark's mom and uncle seemed to have enjoyed their orders hehe..

I didn't really settle for steak since I'm on a diet (haha!) and knowing how huge the serving could be I thought that I might not be able to finish my plate. But oh well, I think I was the one who got the biggest plate! *blushes* I just love how the steak sauce which was not too salty jived with the tender pork marinated in sweet barbecue sauce.

I just didn't enjoy the rice though. I first thought it was java rice, but it's was more like the Dolmeh, with bell pepper, spices, and onions, but a lot tastier. :)

My dish came with the soup of the day, the Hearty Vegetable soup, as what the waiting staff claimed. But it was more like the usual sopas without the macaroni hehe..
Their mashed potato was what I loved the most (next to Red Coconut's mashed potato of course haha!). It was actually Mark's order hehe..unlike the usual gravy on top of mashed potato, Meat Place's mashed potato was swimming into steak sauce! *drools*

He also got fresh watermelon shake.

Mark's order came last. We were almost done eating when his order was served. Mark's dish was not just healthy but sumptuous as well. The generous serving of pink salmon grilled to perfection was made more delectable with the sauce which consist of the steak sauce, olive oil, and pineapple salsa. I guess good things really come to those who wait! :)

We all enjoyed the dinner. We had a few chit chat before heading to the Go Kart track. :)

Bldg. 6 Sampson Rd., Subic
Olongapo City, Zambales


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