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Lotus Garden Hotel Manila: Gym and Jacuzzi

We went back to the hotel after our lunch to rest a little and prepare for our dinner cruise. But I guess luck was just not on our side that time because for the 2nd time, our dinner cruise got cancelled. And yes, it was still due to the bad weather. :(

The cruise was definitely out of our itinerary, so we just decided to stay at the hotel and make use of its facilities. :) Mark came prepared with some downloaded movies in his laptop and so that was what we did to kill time. At around 6pm, we decided to hit the in-house gym. We were pigging out since day 1, so we thought of shedding off some pounds. :p

The gym is located at the second floor of the hotel. It is open from 6am-10pm and guests may work out here for free. According to my fitness expert boyfriend, the gym still lacks some machines but at least it has the basic equipment and machines for cardio exercises and muscle toning.

Dining at Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

Aside from the clean and cozy rooms, Lotus Garden Hotel also boasts of its in-house restaurant and sports bar where guests can enjoy Filipino delicacies while unwinding and relaxing over a variety of drinks.

The Cilantro Restaurant provides guests with a fine dining pleasure while savoring a choice of Filipino dishes. Our accommodation at the Lotus Garden Hotel comes with a breakfast buffet for two per overnight stay. And since we booked the room for 3 days and 2 nights, we got to have breakfast buffet at the Cilantro Restaurant for two days! :D

The buffet opens at six in the morning. Breakfast stubs are claimed at the reception.  On our first breakfast, we arrived a little after nine and so we had to wait a little for seats to be vacated.  On our second breakfast, we came in earlier around 8 am and got the liberty to choose our seats. :D

Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

After our lunch at Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan, we went to Manila to book for a hotel. We didn't have any reservations and so we just searched over the net for hotels while we were having lunch.

We were supposed to book a hotel at BGC in Taguig but since a Manila Bay dinner cruise was also included in our itinerary, we thought that it would be practical to just stay in Manila since there are a lot of hotels there anyway.

After surfing through different hotel websites, Mark and I finally agreed to stay at the Lotus Garden Hotel in Manila.

We were greeted by the hotel guard as we alighted the cab and he ushered us to the reception.  The receptionist that accommodated us was all-smiles as she answered all our queries and handed us the leaflet with room rates.

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