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Can't Get Enough of Holdak

I fell in love with Holdak the first time I got to try it, and I guess I share the same sentiments with my sister Gia. We were both craving for their chicken for weeks already but didn't get the chance to satisfy our cravings since their branch is quite far from where we live.

Good thing we were near the area during one of our cupcake deliveries so Gia and I decided to grab some lunch at Holdak. :) It was actually my third time at Holdak, my second one was a week after the event when I got a Yang-nyam Mini Meal and a Box of 6 each of their Padak and Yang-nyam all for take out. :) 

Holdak: The Real Korean Fried Chicken

Before anything else, let me just say sorry for another overdue post, a way overdue post that is. But this is definitely worth sharing so I hope you guys will continue to read on. :)

A few months back, I received a bloggers' night invitation from Holdak, the newest casual restaurant to open in the Philippines, which specializes in authentic Korean-style fried chicken.

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