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Hap Chan Antipolo

Got back home last Monday, December 7. Yup, I'll be spending Christmas, New Year, and my birthday here in the Philippines. Yay!

I arrived in the morning and got to Antipolo just in time for lunch. Hap Chan has always been a family favorite, and because I missed having Chinese food a lot, this is where we had my first food trip. :)

Daddy's Golden Day

My dad celebrated his golden day last Sunday, October 30, 2011. The night before, we had a pre-birthday family dinner at Hap Chan. Jeff and Mark were also invited over for dinner.

Mommy and Gia took charge of the orders. I just made sure that they get Hap Chan's Shrimp Siomai. :p I also wanted some hakaw, but I just decided to do away with my cravings since the dimsum they ordered were already too much. :)

Dimsum galore!!! Shrimp Siomai - Php 80.00

We also had chicken feet and Mark also requested for asado siopao. :p

Chicken Feet - Php 75.00 Asado Siopao - Php 75.00

Jaoey took hold of the menu and chose the crispy fried chicken.

Hap Chan Crispy Fried Chicken
- Php 240.00
Yang Chow Fried Rice - Php 190.00

We usually frequent Hap Chan because we love their food. I just wasn't able to enjoy the food that time because of my uncooperative stomach.

Nido Sweet Corn Soup - Php 130.00 Sweet Corn with Crab Meat Soup
- Php 130.00

Mixed Meat Canton - Php 185.00 Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper
- Php 240.00

Plus our appetites went low and our cravings were lessened because of their very slow service.

Fish Fillet with Tofu Hotpot
- Php 270.00
Hap Chan Special Hotpot - Php 270.00

But then again, we still had a fun dinner and managed to devour everything on the table! :p

Circumferential Road, Antipolo City


The big day came and Jaoey and I were up early to hand our gifts to the golden boy. :)

Each of us also helped in the preparations for daddy's birthday feast. Gia and Jeff did all the slicing and preparation of ingredients and I was the one in charged in cooking the spaghetti and frying the chicken and shanghai. But of course as always, it was again my dad who cooked almost everything. :)

The Golden Boy

On the table:

Maki and Sushi Homemade Pork Siomai

Fresh Lumpia Homemade Pork Empanada

Fried Chicken Spaghetti

Garden Fresh Salad Chicken Feet

Beef Caldereta Lumpiang Shanghai

Bagnet Homemade Pork Embutido

Lechon Paksiw Shrimps

Adobong Pusit Crabs

Grilled Bangus and Tilapia Grilled Oysters

Fruit Salad Leche Flan

Cake from Tita Ching

Cakes from Mark

We started the celebration late in the afternoon with a prayer which was led by Tita Tess.

And then the feast began!!!

Aside from our relatives, Daddy's friends also came and they had some rounds of drinks after dinner.

DSC_3037Daddy's Friends
Photo from Tito Francis

DSC_3041Tito Francis and Daddy
Photo from Tito Francis

Everyone enjoyed the feast. Every food in the table was a hit! And I guess the best part was when the visitors got to take home some of my daddy's specialties. :p

Thank you daddy for all the delicious food!
Happy birthday!!! We love you!!!

More photos HERE :)


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