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Beach Cam Whoring and Lunch at Hannah Hotel

Emman and Chrissi arrived after we had our breakfast.
Emman decided to take a nap first while Chrissi joined us as we invaded the beach! We immediately took photos the moment we stepped on the white sand hahahaha! It's as if we never get tired of taking photos since day 1! Thanks Chrissi for the nice shots! :D

Each of us will surely strike a pose whenever we see a camera.
Every pose just comes out naturally haha!
Meet the Boracay Sexy Bodies!!!! Hahaha!
Well I guess we all share the same frustrations! ;P
It was almost lunch time and the sun was scorching so we decided to head back to the hotel for lunch. If not just because of the heat of the sun I'm sure we really wouldn't mind taking pictures all day! :P

We had Sinigang na Tuna, Fried Tuna, Brown Rice, and Indian Mangoes for lunch.
After lunch we all agreed to have some siesta so that we can recharge and prep up for our ATV adventure in the afternoon. :D

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Breakfast at Hannah Hotel

After our make believe photo shoot, Mark and I were both tired and hungry when we got to the hotel.

Pancakes and scrambled eggs were prepared by Ate for breakfast. I love the eggs because it didn't have salt (I don't like salty eggs!) and the syrup made from Mascobado sugar was just right for the moist and soft pancakes.
We also made sure that we captured every moment of our first breakfast in Boracay! :D
We were just planning on where to have lunch, when a tuna vendor passed by. He offered the tuna for Php200 so we bought it and had Ate cook it for lunch. And as usual, we again took photos of it! :P

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