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Logma in Dubai Mall

We've been to Logma's branch in Box Park a couple of times and in all occasions, the place is always beaming with diners—a proof that Logma is one of the top crowd favorites in Dubai when it comes to Khaleeji food.

Khaleeji Sweets at Sukkar

Whenever I'm craving some Khaleeji foodLogma always comes to mind. We've tried it a couple of times and have always went home with happy tummies. Located just right next to Logma, is their sister concept, Sukkar. There's a limited seating area (only one table) inside a bakery-like setting; and a laid back al fresco dining area which is perfect during Dubai winter; just not sure I'd be enjoying as much during summer, though.

An Arabic term for sugar, Sukkar specializes in Khaleeji sweets as well as contemporary desserts that are infused with local flavors and ingredients like saffron, rose, karak, and pistachio. Apart from desserts, they also offer specialty shakes and coffee, and hot and cold drinks.

New Menu at Logma

Whenever I think of authentic Emirati dishes, one restaurant always comes to mind. Logma!

Contemporary Khaleeji Treats at Logma in Boxpark, Al Safa, Dubai

Dubai being home of diverse cultures, with expats consisting more than half of its population, is no doubt a haven for foodies. If I remember it right, an Indian friend who grew up here once told me that there are more than 6000 restaurants in Dubai alone. However, I still find it odd that there aren't a lot of restaurants focusing on Emirati cuisine. There are few (that I'm aware of) but they are mostly hotel restaurants or are situated at the rustic parts of the city, which are not very much accessible to everyone.

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