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Food Meets Art at the Art Breakfast in Dusty's

I'm sure all of you will agree that, at least once in your life, you found it tiresome to be waking up early for work, more so during weekends. But I bet all of you will also agree that you wouldn't mind waking up early to a breakfast like this, yeah?

Dusty's: DIFC's Newest 'Kid' on the Block

Deli by day, grape bar by night, and a whole lot more in between--that basically sums up what Dusty's is all about. Dusty’s is a homegrown concept that portrays a mixture of different traditions and cultures into the design, ambience, and food. Named after the owner himself, Dusty Tourani, and inspired by his journeys from all over the world, this gastro-bar offers an all new and unique experience around home-cooked food concept.

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