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Dinner with a View at Walnut Grove's Newest Branch in Dubai Mall

Nice ambience, good food, excellent service, and great views—I found them all at Walnut Grove's newest branch in Dubai Mall. Oh and their huge cake slices; I think I'm in love!

Logma in Dubai Mall

We've been to Logma's branch in Box Park a couple of times and in all occasions, the place is always beaming with diners—a proof that Logma is one of the top crowd favorites in Dubai when it comes to Khaleeji food.

Birthday Desserts at Morelli's Gelato

Birthdays won't be complete without cakes and ice creams, right? And because it was a lucky coincidence that I got an invite to try out Morelli's Gelato in time for my birthday, we intentionally didn't order desserts during my birthday lunch to make room for Morelli's! :D

Cinco de Mayo at Rosa Mexicano

Cinco de Mayo, is celebrated in the United States and in Mexico on May 5 and it is a significant breakthrough in Mexican history. It celebrates the Battle of Puebla, when a small contingent of Mexican soldiers, led by General Ignacio Zaragoza, defeated Napoleon III's formidable army.

Aside from it being a celebration of independence, it's also a great excuse to enjoy delicious Mexican food! :D Mark and I were invited to the Cinco de Mayo celebration at Rosa Mexicano, but since we couldn't make it on the day itself, we were given the chance to commemorate this special event the day after. :p

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

I was undeniably in awe when I first got to see the Dubai Aquarium when I first set foot on The Dubai Mall on my first weekend in Dubai. A lot of firsts eh? But I don't think that will top Dubai when it comes to firsts and world records. :p

Another one of Dubai's world record title-holders, the 10-million-liter Dubai Aquarium tank is one of the largest indoor aquariums and is the largest suspended aquarium in the world. I was very excited when Mark brought me here again for a close encounter with the aquatic life.

Photo Diary: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Date of visit: September 19, 2014

Read full story HERE :)

IMG_2720 IMG_2722 IMG_3479 IMG_3480 IMG_3481

A Taste of Italy at Eataly in Dubai

A few days after I got my first invite for a restaurant review, I received an email for another one. And because I already confirmed for the weekend with the first invite, I decided to confirm my presence for the second invite for the following weekend.

And so last Friday, January 9, Mark and I got to have a taste of Italy at Eataly in Dubai! :)

After confirming with the staff at the reception near the entrance, we were welcomed by Mr. Louay Moursel, the F&B Manager, who also ushered us to our seats. We were seated at the far end of the restaurant which gave us an ample view of the place.
IMG_1608IMG_1641 IMG_1609IMG_1646
Unlike in our first invite, in Cinnamon Restaurant, where we just waited to be served with our food, we were given the liberty to order what we want here at Eataly. And because it was our first time to try Eataly out, choosing what to have was actually a struggle, in a good way, because everything in the menu was inviting. Good thing Santosh, the staff who took care of our orders, was kind enough to answer our queries. He even suggested that we try out their specialties for drinks, appetizers, main dishes, and desserts, to which we obliged.

My First Weekend in Dubai

After my first dining experience in Dubai, I was very much excited to explore what else Dubai has to offer. But because Mark had to go back to Abu Dhabi for work, I was basically all alone on my first week in Dubai. Mark got back to Dubai on the weekend and made sure that I get to enjoy my first weekend in Dubai. :)

I've been in Dubai for just more than two months, and more than anything else, there's one thing that I've observed. It seems that being ordinary is just not the Emiratis' cup of tea. Everything here seems to be so grand!

Just like the Dubai Metro, which is hailed as the world's longest fully automated metro network.

IMG_3014ADCB Metro Station (Red Line), formerly known as Al Karama Metro Station

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