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Pre-birthday Lunch at Classic Savory

I mentioned in my previous post that even weeks before my actual birthday, we already had a series of pre-birthday celebrations/lunch-outs with my family. Here's the first of 'em.

It's the weekend after Christmas when daddy decided to go out and stroll. He wanted to go to malls other than where we would usually go. SM Mall of Asia and Robinsons Magnolia were the choices, but because MOA's too far from where we are, Robinsons Magnolia got the most votes.

We arrived at the mall just in time for lunch. We always have to consider Jaoey whenever we dine out, and because he loves fried chicken, Classic Savory was were we had our lunch.

IMG_4747Savory Chicken Combo C4 - Php 385.00

I've tried Classic Savory countless of times already, and whenever I'm with my family, we always get the same orders, the Savory Chicken Combo C meals. I guess that's just how it goes for my family. Whenever we loved something in a certain restaurant, we can come back as many times and order the same dish over and over! :p

Savory Lunch with Mommy

Had to go to LTO in Pasig a couple of weeks back to process some documents for my car. Still haven't been there so I was badly in need of someone to accompany me. Good thing mommy also needed to have her driver's license renewed so she came along. :)

We learned that the renewal of driver's license wasn't available that time at LTO Pasig, so we just had our car documents processed (which took almost 4 hours) and just decided to renew mommy's license at Robinsons Metro East (which took only around 15 minutes). After having completed our agenda, which was way past lunch time, we finally got the time to eat!

Mommy chose to dine at Classic Savory and, since it's already late and my tummy's already screaming for food, I just immediately agreed. This is one of the few restaurants that our family frequents. Yup, Classic Savory's dishes, their chicken specifically, passed daddy's taste! :p Mommy and I got their an order of the Savory Chicken Combo Meal, which is already good for two, and a serving of their corn soup.

Savory Saturday Lunch with Mark

Fridays will never be the same as before. There will be no more Friday movie and coffee nights with Mark. :( But oh well, we still have Saturdays! :)

Mark and I met up yesterday and had our lunch at the Savory Chicken in Ali Mall. I've already tried Savory Chicken before but it's my second time at the Ali Mall branch and I believe it's Mark's first. :)

I ordered my favorite Savory Tropical Cooler for the drinks and Mark also opted to give it a try. It's a blend of luscious pineapple, orange, and guava fruit juices. Mark loved it as much as I did. :)

Savory Tropical Cooler - Php 45

Salt and Pepper Spareribs was Mark's choice. The deep-fried pork spareribs seasoned with salt and pepper was perfect for both Mark and I. I loved that the dish was not too oily. The red chili and green bell pepper slices made me scared at first since I'm not a fan of hot and spicy dishes, but I'm glad that the dish was spiced just right. You may also dip it in spiced vinegar for an additional tangy and spicy kick.

Lunch at Classic Savory

We were supposed to have our car scheduled for its maintenance and service at Suzuki Commonwealth last Saturday but unfortunately the service center was closed at that time, so we just decided to stroll and shop around the Araneta Center.

We bought a few stuffs and my dad bought some early birthday gifts for me. :)

We had lunch at The Classic Savory Chicken. Jaoey immediately took the menu and ordered for their fried chicken combo meal and suggested that we share. The combo meal includes a half fried chicken, pancit canton, turon, and a choice of fish fillet, sweet and sour pork, or salt and pepper squid. The meal also comes with tropical drinks for two.

My dad was very hesitant in trying out combo meals (since they usually come with a catch), but he must have had a hard time choosing what to order so he just opted for the combo meal too. :p

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