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Forever Living C9 Cleansing Program: Yay or Nay?

Forever Living Clean 9 Kit

Apparently Forever Living has been around for years, but I've only known about it when Mark's client, Donia, from Forever Living Middle East asked me if I'm willing to try the C9 Cleansing Program for review. I tried to search online about the program and since Forever Living is one of those multi-level marketing companies, it seemed hard to find unbiased reviews of their products.

I've tried products before which promised quick weight loss and although I'm aware that there's no such quick way for it and that I won't get back to my old 52-kg self in just 9 days, I still decided to give C9 a go. Who wouldn’t want to lose a few pounds, right? And besides, I'm really after it's cleansing benefits.

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