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Chalet Grill Plus, Al Barsha

With Dubai's sprawling selection of culinary destinations, it's really hard to pinpoint which is the best. Some claim that they are, while some say otherwise.

Middle Eastern Fare at Al Maeda

Dubai, being our second home for more than 3 years now, has opened our palates into different cuisines. One of which is the Middle Eastern cuisine which Mark and I have already come to love. That is why we were more than delighted when we got to indulge in an Arabian gastronomic adventure a couple of weeks back at Al Maeda Restaurant.

Logma in Dubai Mall

We've been to Logma's branch in Box Park a couple of times and in all occasions, the place is always beaming with diners—a proof that Logma is one of the top crowd favorites in Dubai when it comes to Khaleeji food.

Quick Bites: Khameer and Dough

Waking up right before your alarm goes off can be so annoying, but not if it's because of the smell of freshly-baked khameer from Khameer & Dough!

Quick Bites: Tawook Skewers Platter from Tawook Nation

Tried Tawook Nation for late lunch today. I had the Tawook Skewers Platter delivered to DIC by 3pm but got the food at a little over half past 3. Not really sure what happened here because I didn't get any calls about my order arriving late.

Khaleeji Sweets at Sukkar

Whenever I'm craving some Khaleeji foodLogma always comes to mind. We've tried it a couple of times and have always went home with happy tummies. Located just right next to Logma, is their sister concept, Sukkar. There's a limited seating area (only one table) inside a bakery-like setting; and a laid back al fresco dining area which is perfect during Dubai winter; just not sure I'd be enjoying as much during summer, though.

An Arabic term for sugar, Sukkar specializes in Khaleeji sweets as well as contemporary desserts that are infused with local flavors and ingredients like saffron, rose, karak, and pistachio. Apart from desserts, they also offer specialty shakes and coffee, and hot and cold drinks.

New Menu at Logma

Whenever I think of authentic Emirati dishes, one restaurant always comes to mind. Logma!

Arabic and Italian Bites at L'Amoroso Ristorante e Cafe

Met with Cat and his fiancé, Zack, last Saturday. Finally got to carry out our much needed catching up after 6 months! Yay! Talk about being busy. :p

Quick Bites: Chicken Mandi and Kunafa from Zam Zam Mandi

My love for cooking is an open book. While others have this penchant for reading, shopping, or hitting the gym, there's just this peculiar bliss that I feel every time I'm cooking or baking. But of course there are also times when I'm not in the mood to cook. And in times like this, Mark comes to the rescue.

Enjoy Authentic Emirati Cuisine for Iftar at Seven Sands

Ramadan Kareem! It's the time of the year again, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, the holy month of Ramadan. A month-long observance of prayer, fasting, charity work, and of course, Iftar and Suhoor feasts.

Contemporary Khaleeji Treats at Logma in Boxpark, Al Safa, Dubai

Dubai being home of diverse cultures, with expats consisting more than half of its population, is no doubt a haven for foodies. If I remember it right, an Indian friend who grew up here once told me that there are more than 6000 restaurants in Dubai alone. However, I still find it odd that there aren't a lot of restaurants focusing on Emirati cuisine. There are few (that I'm aware of) but they are mostly hotel restaurants or are situated at the rustic parts of the city, which are not very much accessible to everyone.

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