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Belgian Chocolate Goodness at The Choco Monarch

After the Play House Brunch, Erick and I met up with Nikki and Grace for some catching up over desserts. It's as if we didn't get to have desserts and weren't full from our brunch that we still got room for dessert. :p

Al Ghurair Centre's StreetCon 2015 #AGCStreetCon

Although it was cut short, Mark and I enjoyed our #AGCDubFest experience.
So when I got an invite for another event in Al Ghurair Centre, I was more than excited to experience another showcase of talents.

STREETCON (Street Art Connection) is an Urban Art Festival organized by Al Ghurair Centre which kicked off last 23rd of April and spans to the 2nd of May 2015. Just like the Dub Fest, #AGCStreetCon is one of Al Ghurair Centre's signature events that happens annually and celebrates art, music and culture.

The bloggers meet was once again held at Paul, Al Ghurair Centre, where we were served with a delectable array of canap├ęs, juices, and coffee. And just like before, it again was a great way to jump-start a fun day.

StreetCon 2015 - Urban Art Fest 'Be One with Art'


Bring the whole family down to the event of this ART SEASON - StreetCon 2015!

Date: April 23 to May 2, 2015
Location: Al Ghurair Centre, Deira

Al Ghurair Centre's Dub Fest 2015 #AGCDubFest

Outshone by the bigger malls in Dubai, Al Ghurair Centre was never known to me until one instance when Mark badly needed to pee and the restroom in the mall was the closest remedy. We got into the part of the mall where it's a bit dark and uninviting, so the mall didn't really appeal to me.

Apparently, Al Ghurair Centre has taken on a new persona with its tagline ‘Soul of the City' and has undergone renovations to become at par with the fast-developing Dubai. They've expanded physically and added new fashion brands and conducted events to cater to families in Dubai--locals, tourists, and expats alike.

One of which is Al Ghurair Centre's Dub Fest 2015, which I got invited to last Friday to mark the start of the fest.

The bloggers meet was held at Paul, Al Ghurair Centre, where we were served with a delectable array of cocktail food, juices, and coffee. I tagged Mark along and we both had great day. :)

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