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How to Build Muscle Fast

Want to build muscle fast? Follow these guidelines:

1. Realize that you CAN'T actually build muscle "fast". At least, not naturally.

2. Ignore all of the sales and marketing hype behind all of the programs, products, workouts, diets, and supplements that promise to magically cause lightning-fast muscle growth for you. It's mostly (if not entirely) just lies, false claims, and other bullsh*t designed to get you to buy whatever they're selling.

3. Don't attempt to gain a bunch of weight really fast in the hopes of building muscle really fast in the process. I'm telling you, IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. What WILL happen is that the majority of the weight you end up gaining will be body fat rather than muscle. Been there, done that.

4. Use an intelligent strength training program that provides a sufficient amount of volume, frequency, and intensity which produces optimal amounts of progressive tension, metabolic stress, and muscular damage (a.k.a. the 3 stimuli of hypertrophy).

5. Use an intelligent diet plan that provides a sufficient amount of protein and a very small caloric surplus so that weight gain IS taking place...but at a VERY slow rate. Generally speaking, 2lbs gained per month for a man and 1lb gained per month for a woman are decent starting points.

6. Remember, consistency is the key! Put guidelines 1-5 into action on a consistent basis, and you'll be guaranteed to be building muscle as fast as realistically possible.

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