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BonChon Chicken, Robinsons Place Antipolo

If you've been following me on Instagram, you've probably noticed, through some of my posts and stories, that I'm currently here in the Philippines. Yes, I'm back for vacation. Been here for almost two weeks now. Since I arrived, I've already had a lot of food trips, first of which was when I dined out with my younger sister and my nephew at BonChon in Robinsons Place Antipolo.

Gia and Uno at BonChon Uno and Gia at BonChon
Gia and Uno enjoying their Chapchae and K-fries!

I've tried BonChon before but I was never a fan because I find their chicken, specifically the meat, too bland. The flavor only lingers right in the skin. That's why I was surprised when I saw a couple of photos of my family, especially Jaoey (who's a fried chicken addict!), enjoying BonChon! Even my dad, who has meticulous palates, also approves.

2pc Chicken - BonChon
2pcs Chicken - Php 172
I ordered the 2pcs Chicken meal—it came with breast and wing pieces in soy garlic sauce, with rice and a glass of iced tea. The soy garlic sauce coating the crisp and lightly battered skin was delicious, as always, but this time, the yumminess lingered through the well-seasoned meat. I enjoyed every bit of the chicken! Now I understand why my family approves of it!

My nephew is a sucker for fries, and BonChon's K-fries is one of his favorites. We got the plain one and I loved how it's thinly sliced making it extra crispy and not oily at all. Uno loved the fries so much he didn't wanna share and he almost finished the whole packet! Aside from the fries, Uno also finished almost half of Gia's rice and a piece of the soy garlic chicken!

Fries from BonChon
BonChon K-fries (large) - Php 60

Uno X BonChon
Uno loves BonChon K-fries!
Gia is a Korean food lover and has been voicing out her cravings for Japchae ever since I arrived. BonChon's Chapchae came to the rescue. :p She got a regular serving which is generous enough, it can be shared between two persons. For me BonChon's Chapchae is okay, though I've tried better versions before. But Gia loved it to bits, so I guess we're all good! :p

Chapchae from Bonchon
Chapchae (regular)

I haven't tried Bingsu before so I made sure to get us some when I saw it on the menu. Gia had the Mango Cheesecake flavor, while I opted for Strawberry Cheesecake. There were cheesecake cubes on top of the shaved ice, plus some fruit syrup and vanilla soft serve ice cream. The sweetness from the strawberry and mango-flavored syrup was balanced out by the mildly sweet milky shaved ice, and the slight saltiness from the cheesecake was a nice touch.

I guess it would have been nicer if there were real mango and strawberry slices in it. The bingsu was okay in general. The serving was generous, too. The 99-peso serving could already satisfy 2-3 persons, I think.

Bingsu from BonChon
Mango Cheesecake and Strawberry Cheesecake Bingsu - Php 99 each

Overall, I enjoyed my first food trip in BonChon. It's a self-service type of restaurant; serving time was a bit slow, staff are all smiles and attentive to our requests, though. The place is also clean, well-ventilated, and well-lit.

Prices are reasonable especially considering the serving size of the dishes. Taste-wise, the chicken and fries did it for me. I fell in love with BonChon chicken and fries (tried the sour cream flavor and it delicous!) that much that we had it again for lunch just 2 days after (this time at their Robinsons Magnolia branch). We even had a separate order of their 6pcs chicken box and Chapchae for take away, which we devoured come dinner time! :p


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BonChon Chicken

BONCHON CHICKENBonChon Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Level 1, Robinsons Place Antipolo
Dela Paz, Upper Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines
+63 (0)2 633 1818

All photos were taken with an iPhone XS Max.

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