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Cat's Yacht Party + Our Friendship Story

Mark and I were actually booked for a staycation on the same weekend as Cat's party, but I made sure not to miss the latter. Plus, it's been a while since we last had some catching up.

Cat's Yacht Party 9

So, in celebration of Cat's 34th birthday, we partied the afternoon away as we cruised around Dubai's coastal landmarks a couple of Fridays back, on board a private yacht!

Check out our YouTube video:

More videos HERE

I've cruised around Dubai for a couple of times already, but the experience and sight of the landmarks still never get old. I'm glad to have experienced it this time with my girlfriend, Cat.

Cat's Yacht Party 1 Cat's Yacht Party 2

Cat's Yacht Party 5

We were also with Cat's family and friends from work and for almost 2 hours, we cruised around Dubai while enjoying some good food and clean fun! Thank you, Cat, for having us! :) Too bad Mark and I had to rush back to the hotel for dinner after the cruise.

Here are more photos of our cruise:

Cat's Yacht Party 4

Cat's Yacht Party 6

Cat's Yacht Party 11

Cat's Yacht Party 14 Cat's Yacht Party 3

Cat's Yacht Party 12

Cat's Yacht Party 10

Cat's Yacht Party 13

A little side story of how we became girlfriends...

"We've been friends since birth" is what Cat would always fondly say whenever she introduces me to her family and friends here in Dubai. I guess it's but fitting because we've actually known each other and had been good friends for 2 decades now; way back in school during our Secondary years.

We're a circle of 11 (I hope I counted it correctly :p), each with totally different personalities, but I think it's safe to say that among our circle, Cat and I are the closest, literally and figuratively (I hope she agrees with me on this!).

Cat's Yacht Party 7

I think she's the only person in the group whom I've shared most of my life stories with. And it's funny how our different souls jive and complement perfectly with each other. She's assertive, I'm soft spoken. She's a talker, I'm a listener. She's fierce and outgoing, I'm a scaredy cat and an introvert. And the list goes on.

If I remember it correctly, especially during our Secondary years, she would always say how good of an influence I was to her. Little did she know that I'm way luckier, till now, because I had in her the big sister that I've always wanted.

Cat's Yacht Party 8

We may never get to see each other or catch up as often now, but we make it a point to always be present in each other's milestones. We may silently celebrate each other's successes but we know that we always got each other's backs!

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Cat's Yacht Party - Dubai Marina Yacht Club

All photos and vidoes were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

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