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Chalet Grill Plus, Al Barsha

With Dubai's sprawling selection of culinary destinations, it's really hard to pinpoint which is the best. Some claim that they are, while some say otherwise.

Chalet Grill Plus, Al Barsha

But Chalet Grill Plus took it effortlessly when they were shortlisted (with 39 other restaurants) as one of the hidden gems and best restaurants in the city. Got to dine at Chalet Grill Plus with Mark a couple of months back to try their offerings, and I couldn't be happier.

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Located at the ground level of Akas Inn Hotel in Al Barsha, just behind Mall of the Emirates, is an unassuming restaurant with a cozy ambience that's conducive to hearty dining sessions with family and friends which offers Arabian, Indian, and Chinese dishes.

Chalet Grill Plus

Just when I thought that I'd struggle in choosing what to have (because I totally love Arabian, Indian, and Chinese food), we were told to just relax while we wait for our food. Yup! The chef prepared something for Mark and I, which made the experience even more exciting!

Drinks, salad, hummus, and kuboos were served first; then the mains came shortly after. We had Kiwi Mojito and Passion Fruit Mojito for our drinks; the former being the most favorable for me as it was not too acidic.

Kiwi Mojito and Passion Fruit Mojito
Kiwi Mojito (AED 17) and Passion Fruit Mojito (AED 17)

Though the Fattoush tasted fresh and there was a generous serving of the fried kuboos (which I so love), it would have been perfect if not for the overly sour dressing. Hummus and Kuboos are one of my favorite combos when it comes to Arabian starters, and I'm glad that Chalet Grill's version didn't disappoint. It was so good, I was nearly tempted to ask for another round when I ran out of kuboos. Haha!

Fattoush - AED 18

Hummus - AED 15

While our starters were all from the Arabian cuisine, our mains were a combination of the Arabian, Indian, and Chinese favorites. The chef was right when he decided to cook up Mixed Fried Rice (instead of Chicken Fried Rice, as what the owner suggested).

Mixed Fried Rice
Mixed Fried Rice - AED 29

With generous chunks of chicken, beef, shrimp, and veggies, on a well-seasoned and perfectly cooked rice, the Mixed Fried Rice is already a meal on its own. Serving is also generous it can feed 2-3 persons. This is actually Mark's favorite among the dishes, he gobbled it up like a hungry coach (pun intended).

I was actually thankful that we had the rice to balance out the heat and saltiness from the Chilly Beef. The beef had a firm crust yet tender core which is good; serving is also generous, but it was more on the salty side. Plus, my palates just couldn't handle its spiciness.

Chilly Beef
Chilly Beef - AED 38

It may not look like it in the photo but the Grilled Chicken as well as the kuboos and side salad looked a tad too spicy, or I was probably taken aback by the heat of the Chilly Beef, which is why I intentionally tasted the Grilled Chicken last. On my first bite all I can think of was "Why didn't I taste this sooner?".

Grilled Chicken
Grilled Chicken (Half) - AED 32

And well yes, looks can be deceiving, they say. Chalet Grill's Grilled Chicken is probably the most flavor-packed and juiciest piece that I've tried so far. And the good thing is that it didn't hurt my palates at all! The owner wasn't kidding when she mentioned that their Grilled Chicken is their best seller. I highly recommend it, too! :D

We ended our dinner on a sweet note with a refreshing scoop of mango ice cream.

Mango Ice Cream
Ice Cream - AED 10

Though Chalet Grill Plus didn't make it to the Top 10 best restaurants, being included in the list of 40 (among thousand others) is already an achievement in itself.

Service is good here, plus most of the dishes that we had were delicious and prices won't break the budget. I'm pretty sure I'll frequent them for their hummus and grilled chicken if I'm living in Barsha. :p

Arabian, Indian, and Chinese favorites

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Chalet Grill Plus, Akas Inn Hotel, Al Barsha

CHALET GRILL PLUSChalet Grill Plus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Ground Level, Akas Inn Hotel Apartments
Opposite Qaser Al Madina Supermarket
Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE

We were invited to try Chalet Grill Plus and our meal was complimentary, but this post is not influenced nor paid for. Opinions on this blog post are my own.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

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