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Egg-citing Breakfast at Raju Omlet

I've been seeing and hearing about Raju Omlet for quite some time. I've heard a lot of good feedback about their food, especially from my Indian friends. However, I haven't really had the chance to pay it a visit until recently.

Breakfast from Raju Omlet

I was supposed to have a Friday breakfast with my Indian friends at Raju Omlet's Al Quoz branch, but something came up on my end that I had to miss the breakfast get together.

I didn't want to miss out any longer, and because Mark's first order of business after his body building competition was cheat meal breakfast gains, we went to Raju Omlet in Karama for breakfast the following day.

Breakfast Gains at Raju Omlet
The Hungry Coach X Raju Omlet
Mark just got back from a bodybuilding competition the day before, 
and do you know
what his first order of business the following day was? Cheat meal Breakfast gains!

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Mark and I were the first diners that day, so we had the leisure to check the restaurant out. The place is quite small, I think it can accommodate around 20 people, but I love its cozy ambience. The interior is mostly rustic, with quirky and egg-related touches here and there. I specifically enjoyed reading the Egg-cyclopedia and egg-celent motivational quotes. :p

Raju Omlet - Interiors 2

Raju Omlet - Interiors 1

Raju Omlet incorporates eggs into their dishes which are from the Indian cuisine. They also serve a few dishes from different cuisines, but all with an Indian twist.

Mark and I agreed on having a paratha roll and gravy/curry dish each. For the roll, Mark chose Egg & Cheese while I went for Mutton Keema. For the gravy/curry, he went for Shake Shouka while I got Egg Lazeez. We also ordered some Paratha and Bombay Pav to go with our curries. And for the drinks, I had Cutting Chai while Mark opted for Fresh Orange Juice (AED 11.75).

I used to make my own egg and cheese paratha for Mark, especially when he's not on a strict diet, and I think he might have missed it that much that he devoured Raju Omlet's Egg & Cheese Roll in no time. It's very much like what I'm used to making, but Raju Omlet's version had that distinct masala flavor.

Egg & Cheese Roll from Raju Omlet
Egg & Cheese Roll - AED 19

There had been a mix up with my order, the staff thought I wanted Mutton Keema, the curry one, when it was supposed to be the Mutton Keema (Paratha) Roll. We've already waited a while for this to be served, plus we also had plain Paratha which I can just dip in the gravy anyway, so I just didn't insist on having it changed. I didn't enjoy the Mutton Keema as much, though, as it was a tad too spicy for me.

Mutton Keema from Raju Omlet
Mutton Keema - AED 25

Plain Paratha from Raju Omlet
Paratha - AED 4.25
The Shake Shouka is an Indian take on the Middle Eastern dish. It had the same main ingredients—tomatoes, onions, chillies, and a half-fried egg—but with an added Indian twist.

I love the Middle Eastern shakshouka, but I'd have to give it up for this Indian version. It had the right amount of tang, spiciness, and sweetness which my palates totally approved. Mark and I love this one! It went well with the soft Bombay Pav. The shakshouka was so good that Mark couldn't resist ordering 2 more servings of Pav to wipe it clean with.

Shakshouka from Raju Omlet
Shake Shouka - AED 21
The Egg Lazeez was also good. It's basically boiled eggs in tomato gravy with, wait for it, cheese! I love anything with cheese, so falling in love with this Egg Lazeez wasn't that hard for me. I enjoyed eating it with the paratha. Or so I thought.

My palates got so hooked with its cheesiness that it somehow forgot about the spiciness, but only for quite a while. The spiciness was bearable at first, but it became stronger and I just had to beg off after a couple of minutes. I'll make sure to request to have it cooked less spicy next time. ;)

Egg Lazeez from Raju Omlet
Egg Lazeez - AED 21
The Cutting Chai came in really handy. I was alternating a sip of it with every bite of the lazeez! :p

Cutting Chai from Raju Omlet
Cutting Chai - AED 4.25
I must admit that I wasn't really expecting that much from Raju Omlet. It turns out there's more to it than just omelets. Apart from the breakfast dishes that we tried, they also serve Indian dishes for lunch and dinner. Raju Omlet is indeed an unassuming little spot in Karama that I'm sure both egg- and non-egg lovers will enjoy.

A couple of minutes after we settled in our seats, diners (mostly Indians) came flocking the restaurant—across our table were an Indian couple fresh from their jogging sesh, at the far end of the restaurant was an Indian executive (all suited up) having breakfast before going to work, and some Indian guys catching up over breakfast. Some even had the patience to wait for vacant seats, while in their cars. I guess that is enough proof that Raju Omlet serves authentic and delicious Indian food!

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Raju Omlet cover photo

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Mubarak Building, Near Park Regis Hotel
Al Karama, Dubai, U.A.E.
+971 (0)4 388 5522

We were invited to try Raju Omlet and our meal was complimentary, but this post is not influenced nor paid for. Opinions on this blog post are my own.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

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