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Celebrating Mark's 34th Birthday

Last Thursday was Mark's birthday. It was different from his past birthdays because this was the first time that he took a leave from work on his birthday.

For the past years, we would celebrate his birthday at a later day, usually the closest weekend, because Mark wouldn't want to skip work even on his special day (in fairness to him, though, he always makes sure he's not working if it's my birthday). But this time, for first time, we got to celebrate it right on the day itself.

Here's a short clip of how we celebrated Mark's 34th birthday:

More videos HERE

The night before, I already prepared a little something for him. I made some Mango Graham Cake which we ate right when the clock struck 12.

Mango Graham Cake for Mark's Birthday
Mango Graham Cake for Mark's Birthday Salubong

I was up early the following day to whip up some birthday breakfast for him. I made Tapsilog for him, and then made use of the left over Bagnet from to make some Bagnetsilog for me. :) Come lunch time, we feasted on the Tuna Alfredo Pasta that I cooked.

Tapsilog, Bagnetsilog, and Tuna Alfredo Pasta
Tapsilog, Bagnetsilog, and Tuna Alfredo Pasta

In the afternoon, we went to Al Ghurair Centre to catch up with his friends over some desserts at The Choco Monarch. I already tried it here before, but without Mark, and I guess he got envious of our experience then, so when we went here for his birthday, he ordered not one, but two desserts--Choco Monarch Pancake and Monarch Brownie. :p

Desserts at The Choco Monarch
Choco Monarch Pancakes and Monarch Brownie

Birthday Dessert with Mark's Friends
Desserts at The Choco Monarch with Zahara and Jovy

We went back home to rest for a while, until we're up on our feet again. We headed to Roda Al Bustan Hotel where we had a gastronomic Thai Dinner at Bambooda.

We had Prawn Satay, Homemade Dimsum, and Tom Yam Goong for appetizers, and then enjoyed some Pad Thai, Chicken Green Curry, and Beef Tamarind Spare Ribs. For dessert, we had Mango Sticky Rice. The staff at Bambooda also prepared a little surprise for Mark.

Mark's 34th Birthday at Bambooda
Happy 34th Birthday!

Oh, and just in case you wanna see some cheesiness, do check out the birthday message that I posted on my Instagram account:

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All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

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