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The Hungry Monkey Cocktail Lounge & Pub - Donatello Hotel, Al Barsha, Dubai

When I got an invitation to try this place out, its catchy name made me immediately say yes and I had been wanting to capture a "The Hungry Coach at The Hungry Monkey" photo since then. Hahaha!

The Hungry Coach x The Hungry Monkey
The Hungry Coach x The Hungry Monkey

Kidding aside, I already got curious about this pub and been wanting to visit as it was all over Instagram, so the invitation was very timely. And so one Friday night, we found ourselves back at the ever-bustling streets of Al Barsha.

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Situated at the ground floor of Donatello Hotel is this cute cocktail lounge with a quirky name. The Hungry Monkey is quite a small pub but I love its cozy ambience, chilled out vibe, and good music.

The Hungry Monkey - Interiors 5 The Hungry Monkey - Interiors 3

The Hungry Monkey - Interiors 6

The Hungry Monkey - Interiors 4 The Hungry Monkey - Interiors 1

They even have card and board games if you're in the mood to play.

Card and Board Games The Hungry Monkey - Interiors 2

The Hungry Monkey takes pride of their cocktails which are carefully concocted by their talented mixologist. Plus, they're on a Buy-One-Get-One Free offer all night long! I got to try three of them, while Mark went for his all-time favorite drink (jaegerbomb).

A complimentary platter of peanuts, cucumber & carrot dipped in lemon juice, and crisps with cheese and salsa was served along with our drinks.

IMG_6627 copy Chips and Dips

Nuts, Chips, and Drinks
Flamingo Colada (upper left) - 45 AED
The Hungry Monkey's take on pinacolada, it's served on a pineapple-shaped glass (very clever!).

It's creamy, refreshing, and summery; made we wanna go to the beach!

Laguna Flower
Laguna Flower - 50 AED
Ketel One and Aperol based drink, with aloe vera and a hint of tang from passion fruit, pineapple, and lime.

This drink woke my senses up! :p

Blackberry Lychee Martini
Blackberry Lychee Martini - 45 AED
Vodka and Gomme syrup with lychee and lime juice—sweet and subtle, with just the right punch!

My favorite cocktail for the night!

Since Mark is not really a drinker, he took charge of ordering our food. I'm not sure if it's just a Filipino thing, but yeah, we also love a good grub even on drinking sessions. :p

Pub Grub at The Hungry Monkey
Pub Grub at The Hungry Monkey
Food here at The Hungry Monkey is decent and filling; taste is generally okay, but not really something you'd initially opt for to satisfy your palates. I also get it that people usually go to pubs just to drink the night away, but I think it's also a nice touch if they can also enjoy a good pub grub. ;) Agree?

Grilled Beef Steak
Grilled Beef Steak - 60 AED
The steak felt a bit dry to the bite even if it was cooked medium well; most likely because of its thin slice. 
It came with pepper and corn sauce, which I don't think went very well with the beef.  I think a thicker meat slice and the usual mushroom gravy would probably do the trick. It was also served with sides of veggies and some mashed potato. The mashed potato was good!

Pasta Alfredo
Pasta Alfredo - 48 AED
It's aroma got me captivated when it arrived on our table. 
But I think I must have smelled it a lot that it's taste disappeared (if that's even possible). Mark and I bought thought that it's bland.  We barely touched this one and just had it for take away for me to "fix" it at home. :p Props to its huge serving though.

Beef Burger
Beef Burger - 45 AED
It was filling, but not something that I'd choose if I'm craving for a burger.

The Beef Burger was served with a side of fries which Mark wiped up in no time!

The Hungry Monkey may not be as huge or fancy as other pubs (plus food here is just okay), but it's more than perfect for a chill date night, a nice catch up with friends, a fun ladies' night, or even for intimate parties.

My birthday is in a few days from now and I'm thinking of celebrating it here with friends. What do you think, Mark? :p

The Hungry Monkey

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The Hungry Monkey, Donatello Hotel

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Ground Floor, Donatello Hotel
Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE
+971 (0)50 707 5307

We were invited to try The Hungry Monkey and our meal and drinks were complimentary, but this post is not influenced nor paid for. Opinions on this blog post are my own.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

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