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Belgian Chocolate Goodness at The Choco Monarch

After the Play House Brunch, Erick and I met up with Nikki and Grace for some catching up over desserts. It's as if we didn't get to have desserts and weren't full from our brunch that we still got room for dessert. :p

The Choco Monarch

The Choco Monacrh is located at the 2nd floor of Al Ghurair Center. We were there around half past 4, there were only a couple of tables occupied, and we immediately scored some seats for our group. The place is casual and comfortable; very conducive for some catching up with friends.

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The Choco Monarch is a cafe which is dedicated to desserts doused in Belgian chocolate, as well as shakes, juices, and coffee. I must admit the desserts were very tempting, we had a hard time choosing what to have. Each of us got ourselves a dessert and a drink. We were also given some complimentary treats while waiting for our orders.

Complimentary Treats

Grace chose Waffle Stick and Mocha Frappe, while Nikki had Brownie Bowl and Chocolate Milkshake.
Waffle Stick from The Choco Monarch
Waffle Stick - AED 20
Classic waffle on a stick drizzled with 3 kinds of melted chocolate

Brownie Bowl
Brownie Bowl - AED 25
Bowl of brownie cubes drizzle with 3 kinds of melted chocolate
and topped with a choice of vanilla or strawberry ice cream

Chocolate Milkshake and Mocha Frappe
Mocha Frappe (AED 25) and Chocolate Milkshake (AED 20)
Erick opted for Crepe BrownieCream Cheese Pouch Crepe, and Sweet Hot Chocolate for Erick, while I settled for Monarch Cream Puff Pyramid and Strawberry Milkshake.

Crepe Brownie
Crepe Brownie - AED 30
French crepe stuffed with brownies and drizzled with 3 kinds of melted chocolate

Cream Cheese Pouch Crepe
Cream Cheese Pouch Crepe - AED 30
Crepe filled with cream cheese, banana, apple chunks, and cinnamon, drizzled with 3 kinds of melted chocolate

Except for the cream puff, the rest of the desserts were already drizzled with a generous amount of premium Belgian milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate when they were served. The Monarch Cream Puff Pyramid was served plain and was drizzled with 3 kinds of chocolate right before our eyes! Oh, it was a sight to behold. Our table was brimming with Belgian chocolate goodness!

Belgian Chocolate Goodness
Belgian chocolate goodness!

Admittedly, each of us enjoyed our orders, but after a few bites and spoonfuls, we just had to beg off. I personally just couldn't take any more cream puff after my third piece. Yes, the chocolate was good it livened up the mediocre taste of the waffle, crepes, cream puffs, and brownies, but there just was way too much chocolate in each dish it tends to be overly sweet even with just a couple of bites.

I'm also just not sure if the sweetness of the chocolate was just overpowering, I couldn't taste any hints of sweetness in the filling of my cream puff. I am not complaining, though. The blandness of the filling somehow tamed down the overpowering sweetness of the chocolate.

Monarch Cream Puff Pyramid
Monarch Cream Puff Pyramid - AED 35
Cream puffs stacked in a pyramid and drizzled with 3 kinds of melted chocolate

I intentionally didn't order a chocolate drink, but yeah, even the Strawberry Milkshake was a tad too sweet. I should've just had some bottled water, that would have been perfect to wash down all the sweetness.

Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake - AED 20

We enjoyed catching up over these sweets, nonetheless. I think it would be nice if the chocolate was served on the side, giving diners the liberty to drizzle it over their desserts according to their liking. Or yeah, maybe we should have just requested for that in the first place, I'm sure the staff won't mind.

With Grace, Erick, and Nikki
Grace, Kriska, Erick, and Nikki
Photo grabbed from Erick ;)

So yeah, if you're looking for something savory, you won't find it here at The Choco Monarch. But you'll surely enjoy it here if you have a sweet tooth, more so if you're a chocolate lover. Just try to request for the chocolates to be lessened or maybe served separately to avoid chocolate overdose! Prices may also seem steep for a dessert, but the servings are generous they're good for sharing.

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The Choco Monarch

THE CHOCO MONARCHThe Choco Monarch Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
2nd Floor, Al Ghurair Center
Al Rigga, Dubai, UAE
+971 (0)4 526 0525

We were invited to try The Choco Monarch and our meals were complimentary, but this post is not influenced nor paid for. Opinions on this blog post are my own.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

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