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L'eto Caffe in City Walk, Dubai

I've been seeing L'eto Caffe every time we're strolling around the esplanade in City Walk. There's something about their Parisian inspired decors (which are visible from the al fresco dining area) that's so captivating. Glad that I finally got to see it up close when we were invited to try their offerings a few weekends back.

L'eto Caffe Interiors 8

L'eto Caffe Interiors 5

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L'eto Caffe exudes an elegant vibe with it's posh yet homey interiors. It kinda felt like I'm in a chic ancestral house with those marble tables, wooden chairs, and ceiling fans. The cushioned wall, floral accents and centerpieces, and hanging pin lights added a dreamy feel; while the family table and cupboards with books, porcelain figures, daily papers, and magazines provided a homey touch.

L'eto Caffe Interiors 2

L'eto Caffe Interiors 1

L'eto Caffe Interiors 4

L'eto Caffe Interiors 7
I can picture my family having a feast here!

When it comes to the food, there's something for everyone in L'eto Caffe—from all-day and regional breakfast dishes and fresh range of salads on display, to a fine dining a la carte menu, specialty coffees and drinks, and a variety of drool-worthy cakes. Their kid's menu also has specially crafted dishes for the little ones to enjoy.

L'eto Caffe Display Menu

L'eto Caffe Cakes 3

We started off with freshly squeezed juices served on bulbs, which are fondly named in number of watts; very apt. I had the 1 kWatt, a concoction of apple, orange, and passion fruit; while Mark went for the 1 MegaWatt, a medley of pineapple, watermelon, lemon, and ginger. Both were undoubtedly refreshing, but considering its serving size, it's a bit pricey at 45 AED.

Along with the drinks, we also had the bread platter. This one's reasonably priced at 25 AED. Served with butter, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil, this selection of artisan bread (which I believe were also made in-house) was a good way to whet our appetites.

Breads and Drinks from L'eto Caffe
1 kWatt and 1 MegaWatt Bulb Juices (45 AED each) and a Selection of Artisan Bread - 25 AED

There's nothing like a selection of mix-and-match-salads which you can pair with a healthy main. That's what their display menu offers. Mark had two salads: Apple, Fennel & Caramelized Walnut Salad and Fregola, Kale, Baby Broccoli Salad; with Teriyaki Salmon.

The salads were distinctly delicious and you can really taste the freshness. I specifically loved the apple-fennel-walnut salad. Still not a fan of fish though, so the salmon didn't really appeal to me, but Mark definitely enjoyed his fish and salad plate.

Teriyaki Salmon and Salads from L'eto Caffe
2 Salads and 1 Main - 115 AED

I had the Australian Avocado & Cream Cheese Rye Bread Tartine from their all-day breakfast options. It's sliced full avocado on toasted rye bread with cream cheese spread, topped with cherry tomatoes and goji berry (which added hint a of sweet and sour taste), pine nuts for that added texture, and a dollop of cream cheese (where I earnestly dip each of avocados and toasts). Fresh and healthy, I enjoyed this one I can eat this all day!

Australian Avocado & Cream Cheese Rye Bread Tartine
Australian Avocado & Cream Cheese Rye Bread Tartine - 55 AED

From the a la carte dishes, I also had the House Falafel & Creme Fraiche. It's light but filling. I loved everything on this plate! A complete meal on its own, it consists of falafel (almost the size of a burger patty) topped with creme fraiche and poached egg with zaatar; half avocado, avocado hummus, and rocket salad.

House Falafel & Creme Fraiche
House Falafel & Creme Fraiche - 85 AED

For the desserts, this may be an unpopular opinion, but we somehow didn't enjoy them as much as they were raved about in social media. I get it and I must admit, the desserts are beautifully crafted and are undoubtedly drool-worthy, but taste-wise (well of course I can only say this for the ones that we had), it was a bit of a let down.

Cakes from L'eto Caffe

The Chocolate Fudge Cake was dry and crumbly; with frosting that's overly sweet, the fudge was actually more sugary than chocolatey.

The Chocolate Cheesecake was the better choice, the cheese and chocolate flavors were balanced, though it's still not really something that I'd go back for. I'm always up for rich and dense cheesecakes, but this one's just too dense, it's borderline dry.

Chocolate Fudge Cake from L'eto Caffe
Chocolate Fudge Cake

Chocolate Cheesecake from L'eto Caffe
Chocolate Cheesecake - 42 AED

Albeit a little pricey and with a few misses, L'eto Caffe was still able to provide us with a nice overall dining experience. I'm a sucker for anything that reminds me of home, and the cafe's ambience captivated every bit of me. Service is efficient; waiting time for our orders was minimal and I love how the staff who attended to us was enthusiastic in providing recommendations. Hopefully the good service remains offered more so to their paying customers. ;)

Mark and I also wouldn't mind splurging on their healthy breakfast and a la carte offerings. I just don't know with the desserts. Well, we probably just chose the wrong ones during our visit. I heard their chocolate cake and honey cake are to die for, so I guess we'd have to go back for those.

Or I'd probably try ordering their cakes online to get a 20% discount (yup, you can use coupon code CAKE20 when ordering online at :D

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L'eto Caffe in City Walk, Dubai

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City Walk, Al Safa
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 (0)4 345 2209

We were invited to try L'eto Caffe and our meal was complimentary, but this post is not influenced nor paid for. Opinions on this blog post are my own.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

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