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Authentic Italian Fare at Ravioli & Co.

Have you been to Ravioli & Co.?  It's located in Burj Daman in DIFC. They serve authentic Italian dishes. Mark and I got to try it out a couple of weekends back.

You'll notice the restaurant's classic and rustic vibe with its indoor seating; complete with wooden fixtures, worn out walls, cushioned seats, and vintage pieces. There's an open kitchen where authentic Italian dishes are made.

Ravioli & Co. - Ambience

Ravioli & Co. 7

They also have a cozy al fresco area where we chose to sit, as its setup somehow reminded me of home.

Ravioli & Co. 4

Mark let me take charge of the orders, but I somehow had a hard time choosing what to have. It also didn't help that the menu had descriptions of what the dishes are, because apart from a couple of appetizers, pastas, and desserts, admittedly, most of the dishes were unfamiliar to us. Good thing the staff who attended to us was very patient in introducing us to each dish and even suggested some of his personal favorites.

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We were served with mocktails along with some olives and a basket of freshly baked breads while waiting for the rest of our orders. Didn’t quite feel any hints of lavender in their Lavender Granita. If my palates served me right, it’s more on the strawberry taste, which I definitely loved! The Jasmine Ale had that delicate soothing taste. Both are refreshing, they surely are perfect summer coolers!

Ravioli & Co. 1
Jasmine Ale (25 AED), complimentary bread basket, Lavender Granita (30 AED)

Ravioli & Co. 3

For starters, we had Arancino and La Burrata.

A meat-ragout-and-mozzarella-stuffed deep fried rice ball (or more like pyramid), the Arancino was crunchy on the outside yet has a soft core. It went perfectly well with the arrabbiata sauce and cheesy stracciatella. A medley of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors fill my mouth in every spoonful. Mark and I loved this one!

Arancino from Ravioli & Co.
Arancino - 59 AED

The La Burrata combines all that summer has to offer—fresh burrata, rockets, tomato carpaccio, cherry tomatoes, and taggiasche olives. It tasted so fresh and it' so good can eat this all day! Nothing like some fresh burrata salad to welcome the summer! What’s your favorite summer cheese?

We had their homemade pasta and ravioli for our mains. Their Lasagna Tradizionale con Ragu di Fassona is a classic lasagna dish made of fresh layers of thin pasta cooked al dente, fassona beef ragout, asiago cheese, and tomato sauce. Served on a simple skillet, this dish focused more on the taste and quality of the ingredients rather than an elaborate presentation; just like what an authentic Italian food is supposed to be.

Lasagna from Ravioli & Co.
Lasagna Tradizionale con Ragu di Fassona - 95 AED

This is just a personal preference, but I think I'd love it more if the sauce is not too much on the acidic side. The serving is generous, it can be shared between two people.

A show-stopper of our lunch is the Ravioli Rustico! It's freshly made ravioli, filled with chicken and mushroom and served al dente, swimming in a savory truffle and mushroom sauce. Another generous serving, complete with mushroom slices, I highly recommend this dish!

Ravioli Rustico from Ravioli & Co.
Ravioli Rustico - 85 AED

I'm not so much into soaked/wet cakes, so I wasn't really thrilled when Mark ordered tiramisu for dessert. It's the usual tiramisu with a Nutella twist, literally! It didn't look that mushy when Mark dug in, so I gave it a try, and I was glad I did! It's very different from other versions that I tried. The cake base stayed firm and just had the right coffee taste, and that creamy mascarpone cream sort of cradled my tongue in every spoonful. The Nutella was the cherry on top! Another highly recommended dish!

Tiramisu with Nutella from Ravioli & Co.
Tiramisu con Nutella - 49 AED

Prices may be a bit of a stretch, but considering the quality of food and service and the ambience, a 3-course meal with drinks for two for a little over 400 AED is not that bad at all, at least for me.

Overall dining experience, including serving size, quality, and taste of the dishes, was outstanding. Service was good as well. It's wonderful how everything was freshly made at the restaurant without compromising the serving time. We didn't have to wait for each of the courses to be served.

At the height of all these fancy-looking, most of the time outrageous, dishes in almost every single restaurant here in Dubai, there are a few who stick to being simple, giving nothing but authentic dining experience, and that’s what I love with Ravioli & Co. We sure enjoyed a no-frills, all authentic Italian fare!


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RAVIOLI & CO.Ravioli & Co Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Unit P5-02 , Level P5, Burj Daman
Dubai International Financial Centre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 (0)4 241 1616

We were invited by Ravioli & Co. and our meal was complimentary, but this post is not influenced nor paid for. Opinions on this blog post are my own.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

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