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Enjoying The Outdoors Practically: A Must Have Essential For all Outdoor Activities

For an incredible outdoors experience, one of the best things you can possibly have is a great backpack. There are several aspects of an outdoor backpack that you need to consider but one of the most important is its waterproofing capabilities.

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Now, first, you need to understand that waterproof does not necessarily mean water resistant because there is a slight, or major deference depending on the way you look at it. This comprehensive guide will take you through what you need to look for to ensure you get a waterproof backpack the next time you go shopping.

The first question you need to ask yourself is why you need a waterproof backpack. You must have a clear idea of all the activities you intend to partake in when using it. You see, when it comes to backpacks, there is no one-size-fits-all because they are designed differently, for different consumer needs and preferences. So many activities that require waterproof backpacks and they go from cycling to hiking, rafting, fishing, trekking, and everything in between.

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Is The Backpack Really Waterproof?
There are three different waterproof levels that you should know about before you go shopping. The first level is known as water resistant, which means that it will take light rain and water sprays but nothing more intense than that. If you just want something to keep your personal belongings dry while going to school or light cycling then a water resistant backpack will be enough for you. You can always waterproof the contents of your bag anyway.

Waterproof backpacks on the other hand are designed with more resistance and they will keep your belongings dry even in heavy rainfall and wet grounds. You can use one of these to go hiking or intense cycling in considerable wet areas and your belongings would still be fine. However, these are still not suited to be completely submerged in water.

If you intend to use your backpack in activities like rafting, then what you need is a 100% waterproof backpack. These are the best of the three levels and they shut the water out regardless of the situation, even when completely submerged. As a matter of fact, these are designed with buoyancy properties that enable them to float in case they fall in water.

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Size Matters
Depending on the activities you like, you need to have a bag that will have all the belongings inside at a go. Check the volume of the backpack before buying it. If you intend to go on long adventures, a large bag will probably suffice but if you like short hikes or short cycling trips, then a smaller one will do just fine.

Weight Matters
A heavy backpack will just add a more weight to your belongings so check how many pounds of kilos the backpack has while empty. Choose something that is as light as all the other features you need will allow.

The Material
The material affects a lot of things, including comfort and durability. Waterproof backpacks come in several materials, such as cotton canvas, corduba, pack-cloth nylon, rip-stop nylon, and polyester. Consider the pros and cons of each material and pick the one that suits your needs.

The thing about backpacks is that they can be a real pain, especially on your shoulders and back. A back or shoulder pain will take all the fun from the adventure. Check that the bag has all the necessary straps for strong support and a mesh backrest for efficient air circulation.

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