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Lovin Dubai Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch Cruise

Mark and I had a little argument so we both started the day without even greeting each other; then off to work we go. Come afternoon, I received a message from him which left me with no choice but to raise the white flag. Apparently he got picked by #ZomatoGold to experience Lovin Dubai's Mega Yacht Brunch on board the Lotus Mega Yacht! Who could resist such invitation, right? Hahaha!

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We were up and about on a Saturday morning, done with breakfast, and all prepped up for brunch since we need to be at the port by 12:30 pm. We're obviously both excited that we got to Pier 7 in Dubai Marina earlier than the call time. It pays to be early because Mark and I were the first few ones to board the yacht. We got to savor its unadulterated beauty before guests started pouring in!

Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch 10
It's so huge it can't fit in a frame!

Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch 8

Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch 9

There's a pool which welcomed us upon boarding. Kids and adults alike went on for a dip while on board. At the middle deck is a spacious lounge, dining area, and viewing area.

The top deck has an even larger viewing which houses a DJ's booth--perfect for an afternoon cruise party. It still has a lower deck, which I believe where the rooms and theatre are. The whole yacht can carry a hundred guests at the minimum. Saying that it's massive is an understatement!

Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch 7

Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch 3

The yacht set sail at around past 1pm and then we're back to our starting point at around 5pm. With a 4-hour cruise on board a luxurious mega yacht; complete with breath taking views of Dubai Marina, JBR, Ain Dubai, Atlantis The Palm and then back; it's definitely a different kind of brunch experience from what we've already had before.

Dubai Marina Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch 6

A view of JBR

Ain Dubai
Ain Dubai is still not complete but it's already a stunner!

Atlantis, The Palm

The buffet spread was okay, but not something that would make you go 'wow'! There was quite a selection of appetizers (beef sliders, chicken nuggets, and some deep fried food), live cooking stations (consist of a few deep fryers, a small pizza oven, and a couple of grills), salads and sushi, mains (hot meals like curries, spaghetti bolognese, etc.), and desserts (some cakes and fresh fruits).

Just don't expect too much from the actual spread. There's also free flowing soft beverages and alcoholic drinks (depending on which package you choose). Be prepared to wait in line before getting served, though.

Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch 1

Desserts Section at Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch
Desserts Station

At least from what I've observed, if you're not fond of drinking and partying, or dipping into the pool, you may find the brunch not worth your Dirhams. I've seen a number of families, mostly the older ones, looking all bored. Some even slept on the couches at the lounge right after eating.

Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch 11

Mark and I, on the other hand, had a lot of fun lounging around near the pool area and on the viewing deck while having some drinks. We also stayed at the upper deck for quite a while, partying the afternoon away!

On the duration of the cruise, the DJ cooks up a medley of party music and there were also some guest performers which got the crowd all entertained. It may not be suitable for a family brunch, but it's definitely a steal if you like drinking and partying. We reckon it would be a lot more fun when you're with a group of friends!

Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch 2

Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch 5

It was initially planned to set sail only for 3 weeks, Mark and I got to experience the second one; but due to insistent public demand, they extended it. Final yacht brunch sets sail this Saturday!

Watch: Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch Cruise, Pier 7, Dubai Marina

Mega Yacht Brunch Cruise

Friday Brunch 1PM to 5PM
Friday Brunch hosted by Dane Bowers
Food & Premium Beverages - AED 349
VIP Package - AED 499

Saturday Brunch 1PM to 5PM
Children Package - AED 149
Food & Premium Beverages Package - AED 299
VIP Package - AED 499


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We were invited by Zomato Gold to try the Mega Yacht Brunch and our ticket was complimentary, but this post is not influenced nor paid for. Opinions on this blog post are my own.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

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