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Book A Barrel Brunch at L!QD Tapas Bar

If you've been living in Dubai for quite some time, you've probably known by now how brunches are not just a thing but an institution here especially on weekends. Can't believe that I haven't had brunch since 2016! Yes, that long. So I was very excited to finally have it again a couple of weekends back at L!QD.

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Located at TYRP by Wyndham Dubai in Barsha Heights, a fun and energetic atmosphere exudes in every inch of L!QD with its Ibiza-meets-Coachella concept.

Indoor seating at L!QD at Tryp by Wyndham

L!QD at Tryp by Wyndham 6

L!QD at Tryp by Wyndham 5

Complete with its own pool and a spacious bar, a combination of luxe-Bohemian and Spanish vibe is also evident in their ample indoor and outdoor seating area. There's also a DJ mixing up Bohemian beats to complete the lively atmosphere.

Bar at L!QD at Tryp by Wyndham

L!QD at Tryp by Wyndham

L!QD at Tryp by Wyndham 2

Free pool access is also included the brunch, so bathing suits will come in handy, which we forgot to bring by the way. Bummer! We wanna make the most out of the remaining Dubai winter days, so we chose the comfy couch outdoors.

Pool area at L!QD

L!QD is a tapas bar and lounge and they offer a tapas brunch. Mark and I got to try L!QD's Book A Barrel Brunch. Based from other tapas brunches that I've tried before, there really isn't something spectacular in terms of the food being served, so I already knew what to expect. Or so I think!

Watch: Book A Barrel Brunch at L!QD

Unlike usual brunches wherein food is offered buffet style, food is served straight to your tables here at L!QD. All you have to do is choose your drinks and then the servers will take care of the rest for you.

With L!QD’s Book-a-Barrel Brunch, you’ll never have to wait for a drink again! Stock up your barrel with bottles chilled in ice, and enjoy unlimited tapas, free-flowing hops, and fruity Spanish mixes served straight from the porron!

Sangria at L!QD

Mark had beer while I opted for red sangria. The brunch offered a good variety. We were first served with tapas along with our drinks. The tapas include stuffed Spanish olives, two kinds of bruschetta, walnuts and manchego, melon wedge, cured beef, pico de gallo with avocado, and Spanish sardines.

L!QD at Tryp by Wyndham 1

Except for the beef and sardines, I enjoyed every bit of the tapas! Oh and those olives! The server asked a couple of times if he could already clear it away, but I rejected every single time. Haha! Loved the salty and tangy flavor combo and, not sure if they stuffed with pine nuts, but it added that crunch which I loved.

Beer-battered Calamari in a huge martini glass came next! This one is good we finished it up to the last piece!

Beer-battered Calamari at L!QD

L!QD at Tryp by Wyndham 3

Our third round of drinks came next accompanied by two servings each of Gambas Al Ajillo and Beef Chorizo. Served in cast iron mini skillets, both variants stayed warm for quite a while. I'm a sucker for shrimps so I enjoyed the gambas though it was on the spicy side. The beef chorizo also had that rich pungent flavor and spicy kick.

Beer, Sangria, and Tapas at L!QD

Tapas at L!QD

I have to admit, Mark and I initially thought that we won't be full from just tapas and were already planning on what to have for dinner when the initial round of tapas were served, but we were totally wrong. The tapas and drinks were more than filling. We still haven't finished the gambas and chorizo and were already about to leave, when another round of tapas were served along with the dessert!

L!QD at Tryp by Wyndham

The next set of tapas include fish fingers and chicken and lamb skewers, with a mint sauce (if I'm not mistaken). The lamb and chicken were good! I just had a bite each though, because I'm alerady full. Churros with praline cream filling and spicy chocolate and caramel dips was served for dessert. We didn't quite like this one, specifically because there was too much sugar in the churros which overpowered the delicate taste of churros and praline; the sugar also made the dips a tad too sweet.

Churros at L!QD

Overall experience was fun and relaxing. L!QD's brunch offer is definitely a nice first time experience, after almost more than a year of not being in the Dubai brunch scene. Truth be told, there's definitely more to L!QD's Book A Barrel Brunch than just tapas and sangrias!

Book A Barrel Brunch
AED 199 with unlimited tapas and drinks
Free pool access
1-4pm, Fridays-Saturdays


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TRYP by Wyndham, Al Saef 1 Street
Barsha Heights, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
+971 (0)4 247 6644

We were invited to try the Book A Barrel Brunch at L!QD and our meal was complimentary, but this post is not influenced nor paid for. Opinions on this blog post are my own.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

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