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Khaleeji Sweets at Sukkar

Whenever I'm craving some Khaleeji foodLogma always comes to mind. We've tried it a couple of times and have always went home with happy tummies. Located just right next to Logma, is their sister concept, Sukkar. There's a limited seating area (only one table) inside a bakery-like setting; and a laid back al fresco dining area which is perfect during Dubai winter; just not sure I'd be enjoying as much during summer, though.

An Arabic term for sugar, Sukkar specializes in Khaleeji sweets as well as contemporary desserts that are infused with local flavors and ingredients like saffron, rose, karak, and pistachio. Apart from desserts, they also offer specialty shakes and coffee, and hot and cold drinks.

Watch: Khaleeji Sweets at Sukkar

Last weekend, Mark and I were able to sample a few of Sukkar's offerings (read: they have more than 80 desserts to choose from):

The Nutella Well
Calling all Nutella lovers out there! Be sure not to miss The Nutella Well. It's dark chocolate cake filled and topped with Nutella, plus some raspberries and almonds and a scoop of vanilla ice cream with honeycomb. I found it too sweet but Mark loved all of it! Watch the video at the end of this post to see it's chocolatey goodness. You can thank me later!

The Nutella Well from Sukkar
The Nutella Well - AED 48
The Nutella Well

Chocolate Mini Cheesecake
Chocolate and cheesecake—two of Marks favorites! Oh you just don't know how his eyes light up when there's chocolate or cheesecake in front of him. And these two being together in Sukkar's Chocolate Mini Cheesecake surely was a hit not just for Mark but for me too. If there's one thing that I'd change from it though, I'd make the crust a little thinner to give way for more chocolate and cheesecake!

Chocolate Cheesecake from Sukkar
Chocolate Mini Cheesecake - AED 28

Saffron Milk Cake
I've been seeing a lot of milk cakes in my feed and finally got to try it in Sukkar. I'm no fan of wet/soaked cakes but this Saffron Milk Cake from Sukkar can be an exception. I love how the cake base has the right balance of moisture and firmness making it not all mushy. The saffron and milky flavors went well together too. It kinda tends to be a bit sweet towards the end though. It comes in different flavors and colors too! Can't wait to try the Rose Milk Cake which is so pretty in pink!

Saffron Milk Cake from Sukkar
Saffron Milk Cake - AED 50

Raspberry and Chocolate Brownie
Mark just can't get enough of chocolates, that he also got some Raspberry and Chocolate Brownie. It was moist and not too sweet, which I loved, but it kinda lacking that chocolatey goodness.

Raspberry and Chocolate Brownie from Sukkar
Raspberry and Chocolate Brownie - AED 15

Snickers Shake
I'm a sucker for Snickers so I didn't think twice when I flipped over to the Specialty Shakes section of the menu during our visit. I love how this Snickers Shake captured the goodness of the my favorite chocolate bar. Plus, it wasn't too sweet! It was tamed down by the slight saltiness of those crushed nuts. Yum! But no, I didn't finish it all off. It was humongous it can be shared by two or three people.

Snickers Shake from Sukkar
Snickers Shake - AED 48
Enjoying Sukkar's Snickers Shake
Sukkar's Snickers Shake is so huge I didn't finish even half of it!

Sukkar Puffs
These are like cream puffs but with a Khaleeji touch. Apart from the usual vanilla cream filling, you can choose among saffron, chocolate, blueberry, rose, and pistachio cream fillings; topped with vibrantly colored rahash. I love the rose and saffron flavors! Perfect with some Hot Chocolate (AED 24) or Karak Tea.

Sukkar Puffs
Sukkar Puffs (saffron, blueberry, rose) - AED 12 per piece, AED 30 (3 pieces)

And just like how it's always been with Logma, we also left Sukkar with happy tummies!

Thank you, Sukkar, for having us!
Thank you, Sukkar, for having us!

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BOXPARK, Al Wasl Road,
Al Safa, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
+971 (0)4 4376048

We were invited by Sukkar and our meal was complimentary, but this post is not influenced nor paid for. Opinions on this blog post are my own.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

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