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Camping in a Hot Climate: Here's What You Need

Depending on where you’re going, heat can be a game changer when it comes to camping. While some people might be used to a certain type of climate, camping in scorching hot weather brings a whole new dimension to camping. Here are a few tips for those intending to camp in scorching weather.

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Bring the Right Clothes
Choosing the right clothes will be essential for your comfort and if you want to prevent any complications. The idea here is to buy clothes that will keep the bugs and sun off you, while being breathable enough. Always go with lightweight fabric that is breathable and evaporates water quickly. Ditch the cotton for some Merino wool clothing, it dries quicker, and you can wear merino for a full week in hot weather without it ever stinking.

When it comes to pants, you might be tempted to go for shorts. However, exposed ankles as a risk during hiking or more intense activities like kayaking for instance. The best choice would be to go for long pants that are light enough to be worn in hot weather and can be converted to shorts if need be.

Food and Drink
Since you’re going to camp in hot weather, you have to think about food conservation as well. If you’re going to use coolers, make sure that you use big blocks of ice instead of ice cubes. Large chunks last longer and are more efficient. You can freeze milk jugs full of water and use them as an ice source. You should also freeze everything that you can before you put them in the cooler, may it be drinks, meats, or other perishables.

When it comes to cooking, while there’s nothing more satisfying than a nice woodfire on a summer night, cooking over an open fire in scorching hot weather isn’t advisable. Try to stay away from open fire during the day and go for quick lunch and breakfast options that require minimal cooking. You could also look into a solar oven if you want to cook comfortably.

Camping Setup
Since you’ll be camping in extreme water, your setup will have to be adjusted accordingly. The first thing you should invest in is a mesh cot. Mesh cots allow air to circulate around you instead and make sleeping much more comfortable. You can find tons of mesh cots on sites like Woodbury Outfitters.

If you absolutely need to go with a sleeping bag, make sure that it is made out of Polyester fleece. Polyester fleece bags are easy to clean, affordable, and don’t have too much insulation. You should also pick the right tent as well. Camping in a hot climate can be difficult in a regular tent, especially when it rains. Instead, you should buy a bug shelter and a rainproof tarp that you’ll install above head height by stringing it onto trees.

Camping in hot climates is definitely possible when you go about it correctly. Make sure that you have the proper equipment and are ready for any eventuality.

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