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New Menu at Max's Restaurant

Max's Restaurant launched its new menu, adding more authentic Filipino feast staples to their other world class offerings. I wasn't able to join its official launch, my schedule didn't permit, as always, but our friends from Max's Restaurant had us try it at a later date.

We arrived at the restaurant after around a 5-minute walk from our house and were ushered our table, the same table where we were seated when we first got to dine at Max's. :D After placing our orders, which Mark took charge of, our Filipino food feast began!


We started off with some of their newest refreshments and a platter of appetizers. Most may claim that the Rock Melon Juice is a typical Pinoy street drink, but I have fond memories of my mom's homemade Rock Melon Juice being my favorite summer drink.

It was almost noon when we got at Max's and the sun was scorching and I thought a refreshing drink would be perfect to beat the heat. But I guess I spoke too soon. :( Although Max's Rock Melon Juice (AED 16)  looked just as good as my mom's version, its taste was incomparable. If my palates served me right, the juice had a hint of either pandan or vanilla rather than melon. I was hoping that the melon strips would at least do justice, but they, too, failed. The melon seemed to be a little unripe, maybe that's why the 'meat' was kinda hard and the actual melon flavor was lacking.


Calamares, Lumpiang Shanghai, Chicken Wings, and Fresh Lumpiang Ubod make up Max's Appetizer Platter. My eyes feasted when it was served. The Calamares and Lumpiang Shangai both had that crunch which most Filipinos crave for in an appetizer. Both did a good job in whetting my appetite.

New Menu at Max's Restaurant
Max's Appetizer Platter - AED 32

The Fresh Lumpiang Ubod was a bit bland and kind of out of place (for me at least) and didn't have something in it that would redeem itself.

The Chicken Wings were what I first laid my hands on when the platter was served. Although it looked yummy, with skin so crispy and all, it was also a let down. There was something amiss about the taste. I reckon the oil used for frying wasn't fresh (?).

We also sampled the Tokwa't Baka—fried tofu (tokwa) and beef (baka) tossed in chili soy vinegar sauce. Now this one, I loved! The tofu had that crispy crust while maintaining a soft delicate core, just the way I like it. The beef was so tender it kinda absorbed all the goodness of the sauce. It would definitely make a good match for Arroz Caldo! Price is also reasonable considering its serving size.

New Menu at Max's Restaurant
Tokwa't Baka - AED 22


Max's new menu varies from beef, chicken, and seafood dishes, but because it was Mark who took charge of our orders, our mains consisted of mostly beef dishes.

We had Boneless BBQ Chicken (Pinoy Style) and Inihaw na Baka from the Grilled Specialties, Bulalo Steak from the Sizzling Specialties, and Mark's forever favorite Kare-kare from the Beef section.

Chunks of marinated boneless chicken leg on vertical skewers, with homemade atchara (pickled papaya), chili lemon soy dip, and chili vinegar dip—this Boneless BBQ Chicken is my top pick among the whole bunch! The chicken had the right balance of meat and skin, making it juicy and tender. It also captured the authentic Pinoy-style BBQ taste which has the right combination of sweet, salty, sour, and tang! I enjoyed eating it while drenching my hot white rice with atchara and vinegar! Yum!

It comes in half (2 sticks and 2 rice) or full (4 sticks and 4 rice) servings. This is definitely a steal! Both a feast to the eyes and tummy, I highly recommend this one!

New Menu at Max's Restaurant
Boneless BBQ Chicken - AED 49 (full) and AED 27 (half)

Now, imagine the same BBQ taste I just mentioned earlier but with fork-tender, fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your-mouth beef...

...that's what the Inihaw na Baka is! It's Pinoy-style BBQ beef ribs which came with chili soy dip. The marinade was already flavorful that I loved eating the beef without the dip. This is my second top pick!

New Menu at Max's Restaurant
Inihaw na Baka - AED 47

While the Bulalo Steak was okay, it wasn't a show stopper. It tasted just like the mediocre steak with mushroom sauce. This is just a personal preference, and although the serving was generous, with it's so-so taste I don't think the price was worth it. This dish is not something that I'd go back to. Presentation-wise, it definitely failed into comparison with the first two mains above.

New Menu at Max's Restaurant
Bulalo Steak - AED 52

Kare-Kare has long been part of Max's menu and it's a no-brainer how Mark will always have it when we're at Max's. The taste was just the same as when we first dined here, but oh well, Mark still loved it. At least the alamang (shrimp paste) tasted fresh now, so that's an improvement. :p

New Menu at Max's Restaurant
Kare-Kare - AED 49

I know it's a crime for not having what Max's has been primarily known for, Max's Fried Chicken, but I just had to do away with it since Mark already got a lot for us. It will still remain my first love at Max's, though! And the Boneless BBQ Chicken next! :D


We ended our feast with Max's Dessert Platter. Formerly Dessert Sampler which only had four desserts (Ube Creme Decadence, Buko Pandan, Leche Flan, and Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownie à la mode), it was revamped making the serving a bit smaller but now with two additional desserts: Strawberry Jelly and Coffee Jelly.

New Menu at Max's Restaurant
Max's Dessert Platter - AED 29

Served in shot glasses on a spiral holder, this dessert platter is such an eye candy. Ube Creme Decadence still is my favorite from the medley, with Coffee Jelly coming not far behind (it also had bits of Caramel Bars which I so love!). I also loved how the Leche Flan now tasted richer.

New Menu at Max's Restaurant New Menu at Max's Restaurant

The Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownie now only comes in small chunks sans the vanilla ice cream, and the Strawberry Jelly was a downer (tasted so bland). The Buko Pandan is okay, and again, this is just a personal preference, but I'm still not a fan. :p

New Menu at Max's Restaurant New Menu at Max's Restaurant

Just like in the Philippines, I don't leave Max's without having their Caramel Bars, so I ordered two boxes (AED 19 per box) when we were about to leave. I already had it paid but Max's was so generous to give it to us as a gift. Thank you! :D


Being someone who loves to cook, it has been my dream of having my own restaurant and having the Filipino cuisine known and embraced internationally. And I loved how Max's Restaurant also seem to have that urge. I loved how they somehow upped their game in trying to gain the hearts of the international market with their new offerings but still keeping that authentic Pinoy taste intact. The Filipino warmth and hospitality is also still present with their service.

New Menu at Max's Restaurant
Filipino Food Scene in Dubai #WorldClassPinoy

I just don't know if it's just because they were aware that we're there for a review, but I think the service was just too much. I mean, different servers would check on us from time to time, which gets annoying as it kinda interrupts our conversations and eating. :p

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MAX'S RESTAURANT, DubaiMax's Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Spinneys Bldg, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road (Trade Centre Road)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 04 325 7797
Nearest Metro Station: Burjuman (Red Line)

We were invited to try the new menu at Max's Restaurant and our meal was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all opinions are my own.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.


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