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Arabic and Italian Bites at L'Amoroso Ristorante e Cafe

Met with Cat and his fiancé, Zack, last Saturday. Finally got to carry out our much needed catching up after 6 months! Yay! Talk about being busy. :p
We spent the night over some Italian and Arabic dishes and a lovely view at L'Amoroso Ristorante e Cafe in Dubai Marina. The restaurant is owned by one of Mark's clients, Mr. Anwar. He invited us to try their restaurant's specialties, and because Cat also lives nearby, we tagged her and Zack along. :D

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina

We were ushered to a table at the al fresco dining area where we got an ample view of Dubai Marina. Glad that the weather was also favorable—not too hot but not too cold—which made a lovely setting for some outdoor dinner.

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina

Zack, being a Syrian national, opted for the Arabic dishes, while the rest of us went Italian. Our dinner started off with fresh juices and Fattoush.

My Watermelon Juice gave me that #SummerFeels. The Fattoush had the freshest veggies—romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and onions—which are evident because of their crunch; the dressing was light, sweet, and had a hint of tartness; and the fried wantons (if I guessed it right) added texture to the salad. It definitely prepared us for an even yummier treat!

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina
Watermelon (AED 14), Mango (AED 14), and Avocado Juice (AED 18)

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina
Fattouch - AED 19

Zack opted for a Chicken Shawarma Plate. It came with slices of gilled shawarma chicken with fries and Arabic salad, and garlic mayo plus spicy dip, from what I can see. He was silently eating his order, so I guess it was a good sign. If you're into fuller meats, the Shawarma Plate also comes in lamb variant.

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina
Shawarma Plate (Chicken) - AED 39

Cat and I had the classic pastas—Spaghetti Bolognese for her and Penne Carbonara for me. Both came in huge plates, one serving can actually be shared by two people. I didn't get to taste the spaghetti, but Cat also seemed to be enjoying her pasta with traditional meat sauce and soffritto. The serving was huge she couldn't take it entirely and requested that we have the rest for take away.

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina
Bolognese (Spaghetti) - AED 29

The Penne Carbonara was delicious! I had it shared with Mark and he ended up eating even most of my share. The al dente penne was coated with a creamy sauce (that had the right balance of sweetness and saltiness), which was made even richer with egg. The generous serving of pan-seared bacon also added that distinct smokey taste. I initially thought that it tasted just like the ones that I made before, which was just confirmed when Mark blurted out "Tastes just like yours!" after his first few spoonfuls! :p

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina
Carbonara (Penne) - AED 39

Mark has to take care of his body, especially because of his line of work, so I cook diet food for him on weekdays. But come weekend, he'd indulge into a cheat meal. But even on his cheat meal, you'd still notice how disciplined he is. He'd usually load up on proteins even on cheat meals, so I wasn't surprised when he ordered Grigliata de Pesce (grilled seafood) that night. It was actually favorable for me as I'm a sucker for seafood especially for prawns, squid, and lobster; which were all present in the platter! It also included fresh catch of the day, plus some rice and salad.

Since he finished most of my pasta, I gobbled up the calamari, prawns, and lobster from his platter. Now we're even! Haha! Okay, fine, I just got a couple of calamari, one prawn, and some lobster. :p I enjoyed eating them with the tartar sauce.

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina
Grigliata de Pesce - AED 134

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina
Grigliata de Pesce - AED 134

As if the seafood platter wasn't already a protein overload, Mark even got the Scottadito (grilled lamb chops). Well, in fairness to him, Sarah, the staff who attended to us, was the one who insisted that we give it a try.

250 grams of grilled marinated lamb chops lay gorgeously on a rectangular plate with herbed butter sauce and roasted potatoes. The menu mentioned it also comes with Italian gravy sauce, but I only noticed two teeny-tiny dashes of it alongside the chops. Good thing the lamb was already flavorful, add the fact that it's also tender and juicy, I can do away with the 'gravy'.

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina
Scottadito - AED 58

After dinner we had some coffee, while Mark still had room for dessert! I enjoyed my Cafe Latte while Cat and I were chit chatting about our daily lives in Dubai. Mark on the other hand was alternating a bite of his Strawberry Cheesecake with a puff of some Lemon Mint Shisha while tackling about guy stuff with Zack.

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina
Cheesecake di Bosco - AED 19

There were already four of us but the serving of the food were just too much to handle, that we had the rest for take away. Factoring in the serving size and quality and taste of food, I'd say that prices are a steal, considering that it's in Dubai Marina. I also noticed how they didn't dwell much into the food presentation, but not to the point that the food doesn't look appetizing at all. I actually liked how they stuck to the basics and just let the quality and taste of the elements of each dish speak for itself.

I also liked how Sarah was mindful of our needs and even suggested some must-tries. I can say that they exhibit a commendable service, not just because they know that we're reviewing.  The service is consistent and was also evident with the other staff attending to the rest of the diners that night.

L'Amoroso, Dubai Marina

L'Amoroso Ristorante e Cafe is a perfect place for some Italian and Arabic food fix and shisha if you're within the Dubai Marina area. Add the lovely Marina view and the chill ambience at their al fresco dining area, L'Amoroso Ristorante e Cafe surely made our long overdue catching up sesh an awesome one. Thank you, Mr. Arwan, for having us! :D

L'AMOROSO RISTORANTE E CAFEL'Amoroso Ristorante e Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Trident Marinascape Tower, Ground Level
Marina Walk, Dubai Marina
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 (0)4 431 4909
+971 (0)52 942 8007

We were invited at L'Amoroso Ristorante e Cafe and our meal was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all opinions are my own.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.


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