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Birthday Desserts at Morelli's Gelato

Birthdays won't be complete without cakes and ice creams, right? And because it was a lucky coincidence that I got an invite to try out Morelli's Gelato in time for my birthday, we intentionally didn't order desserts during my birthday lunch to make room for Morelli's! :D

Located at the lower ground level of The Dubai Mall, the vibrant purple hues of Morelli's from afar already got me giddy! With a central bar with stalls filled with gelato, cakes, and pastries; in an open area surrounded by tables and chairs with happy diners; the atmosphere at Morelli's was so inviting.

Morelli's Gelato, Dubai Mall

Morelli's Gelato, Dubai Mall

Morelli's Gelato, Dubai Mall

We were handed with a purple menu the moment we were seated. While seeing the photos in the menu was a delight, choosing what to actually have was a struggle since everything looked yummy.

Morelli's Gelato, Dubai Mall

Morelli's Gelato, Dubai Mall

Mark's ultimate love for chocolates has been known to me ever since (and I have long accepted that I'm just his second love haha!),  so I wasn't surprised when he ordered a slice of chocolate cake, even if it's not in the menu. :p

This hearty slice of decadent chocolate cake with dark chocolate fudge lighted up Mark's eyes! He immediately dug into it's goodness the moment I'm done with taking photos. Well I can't blame him, with this slice that looks totally gorgeous, how can you resist?

Morelli's Gelato, Dubai Mall

Mark, being meticulous when it comes to chocolate, loved it and finished it up in no time. I tried a few spoonfuls only after I got to taste my sundae, however, I didn't like it as much as Mark did. The texture was rich and velvety, but it was just too sweet for me. I don't know but I can't seem to taste the dark chocolate in it.

I never bothered choosing Bella Nutella because I knew that it's what Mark will get, and I was right. A tall glass of four different types of gelato–vanilla, chocolate, banana, and Nutella–with banana pieces, a generous bunch of Piemonte hazelnuts, fluffy whipped cream, and a little cup with Nutella sauce; the Bella Nutella is every chocolate lover's dream!

Morelli's Gelato, Dubai Mall
Bella Nutella - AED 42.00

I opted for La Dolce Vita instead. Mark's choice came in a tall glass and it's serving was so generous. Mine came a shallower glass which got me felt relieved, until I dug into it! It has chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla gelato; with fresh whipped cream, drizzled with Magnum chocolate and topped with chocolate-dipped strawberries! Another generous serving!

I loved the rich texture of the gelato. It also just had the right amount of sweetness making way for the flavors to really come out. Apart from chocolates, strawberries and strawberry ice creams are also my favorite, so I totally loved La Dolce Vita.

Morelli's Gelato, Dubai Mall
La Dolce Vita - AED 36.00
If we were in Man vs Food, we would have lost! The ice creams were really good, but they're just too much for our already full tummies to handle, that we had to beg off after a couple of spoonfuls. Had we known that they serve humongous desserts, we shouldn't just shared with a single ice cream.

I even overheard a diner in another table asking if they server extra small versions of their sundaes, which is also what I was meaning to ask the server! They serve gelato in scoops, though, but smaller versions of their sundaes would be good to have too. :p

Morelli's Gelato, Dubai Mall
This is the proper way to do weight lifting! Haha!

We ended our sweet indulgence with a cup of coffee–cappuccino for Mark and cafe latte for me. By that time I already knew how much I'd have to pay in the coming days for over indulging in sweets, but I totally didn't mind.

It was like a trip down indulgence lane! Definitely one of the best birthday dessert experiences that I had to date! :D

Morelli's Gelato, Dubai Mall
What diet?! I'm an adult, and it's my birthday, and I can eat whatever I want! Haha!
Thank you, Morelli's!
H2, Lower Ground Level
The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 (0)4 339 9053

We were guests at Morelli's Gelato and our meal was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

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