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Where to stay in Thailand: The Great Residence Hotel, Bangkok

Most of you may have already known that I'm no longer based in Abu Dhabi. Yes, I just recently transferred to Dubai and as mandated by the UAE government, a change of visa entails an exit from the country. And so there, just a couple of weeks ago, I just came back from an unexpected week-long trip to Thailand, and that's what I'll try to share with you. Please don't get bored.

I was notified that I had to exit the country just a day before my visa expiration, so I had to book my flight and hotel in no time. Since it's an unexpected trip which is definitely not part of our budget, I rummaged the internet for the lowest fares and a number of low-cost carriers like Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, and EasyJet, or a travel through American Airlines, to name a few, came into the picture.

Also, since I was pressed for time, and it was my first time to visit Thailand, Kriska suggested that staying in a hotel close to Bangkok airport, with airport transfer service if possible, is the most convenient option. Keeping that in mind was what made us decide to book a room at The Great Residence Hotel.

Location & Airport Shuttle Service
The Great Residence Hotel is a 5-minute drive from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The hotel is located at one end of a road with the nearest restaurants and bars that are just a short walk away.

I guess Kriska was puzzled by the late notice of my exit, that she booked the hotel for a wrong date. I only got to know of the boo-boo when I got to Door 4 at the international arrivals at the Bangkok airport, where the The Great Residence Hotel's shuttle service is. So there, I had to re-book and wait for roughly 25 minutes for the shuttle service.

The Great Residence Hotel

Room, Facilities, & Staff
I arrived in the morning and was gladly welcomed by the hotel staff. I was way ahead of the check-in time so I waited for half an hour. The 24-hour reception was helpful, though, especially when we had to call them from Dubai to confirm my booking.

The hotel is quite old with some wear and tear which are noticeable in the premises. There are no lifts in the hotel, but the hotel staff helped me carry my bags up to the third floor where my room is.

The Great Residence Hotel

I booked a standard room at 1,844 THB (roughly 196 AED) for two nights. The room was clean and decent, but the air-condition wasn't functioning well. The bed was firm but comfortable and there was a few selection of local and English channels on the television. They also provide a mini bar, refrigerator, telephone, and complimentary bottled water.

The Great Residence Hotel The Great Residence Hotel

The complimentary internet wi-fi in the room was not as fast as what we have here, but at least it's reliable. Just make sure to take note of the username and password because you'll have to log in every time. The restroom and shower were clean and decent too.

The Great Residence Hotel The Great Residence Hotel

There's also a fish pond and a small swimming pool, which I got all to myself on my second day.

The Great Residence Hotel

Food & Services
There's a restaurant and bar at the first floor, tour and taxi services, bike rentals, and a Thai massage service.

My room rate didn’t include breakfast, but I got to try their breakfast buffet for 150 THB (around 16 AED). I thought that I didn't get my money's worth with the hotel's buffet considering the limited choices. They only offer eggs, hotdogs, breads, cereals, and fruits. Unlike when you dine at nearby restaurants, when a 150 THB worth of food is already more than enough for two people.

The Great Residence Hotel

The Great Residence Hotel The Great Residence Hotel

My last massage was almost 2 years ago in the Philippines and I am still not willing to shell out 100 AED for just a 30-minute upper body massage here in Dubai, so I was delighted when I knew that the hotel offers Thai massage.

I availed of the Thai massage on my second night for 350 THB for one hour (around 37 AED). I highly recommend their Thai massage. Unlike the massages that I was used to, where oils are used, the Thai massage was a dry massage. I didn't know how my masseur did it but the massage was very relaxing. I also gave my masseur a 50 THB tip and he was more than delighted.

The Great Residence Hotel

If you're planning for a short stay and want a hotel which is close to the Bangkok airport, The Great Residence Hotel would be a decent choice. The airport transfer service is also a good catch.

But apart from those two, I don't think it would be a good choice for longer stays since there's really not much to do in the hotel premises. It is also far from public transportation. You'll have to walk a few blocks and ride a taxi for 60 THB (around 6 AED) just to get to the nearest Airport Rail Link which is the Lat Krabang Station.

The hotel has tour and taxi service which I was planning to avail, but they charged me 2000 THB (around 212 AED) for a 5-hour tour, which I thought was overpriced. I'm just not sure if price is the same for two or more people. Make sure to be vigilant as they will also try to tell you stories which will make you think twice in navigating the city on your own.

There are also markets, gastro pubs, and shops which are a few walks away, but it tends to get too dark at night in the area leading to the hotel, which I found a bit scary dangerous when you're all alone.

1892 Lat Krabang Rd
Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520
+66 2 326 7206

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