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Breakfast Hunt: The Search for the Hottest Breakfast Spots in Downtown Dubai

Five foodies, one mission: to search for the hottest breakfast spots in Downtown Dubai. This is the idea behind the invite that I got via email one morning. Although it entails having my Friday morning sleeping in cut short and having to spread my teeny tiny social butterfly wings, I accepted the invitation for two reasons—I will be in one of my favorite places in Dubai, and I will be meeting and mingling with renowned Filipino UAE bloggers. There's surely no reason to decline, yeah?
So there, after gearing myself up with a huge appetite and a lot of courage, I found myself on a hunt like no other with Doc Gelo, Joy, Lady, and Myla along Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.

La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie
Our quest started when La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie's chic facade tickled our fancy. The interior also shouts elegance with a boulangerie downstairs serving baked goods and a more upscale and posher bistro on the second level. I've actually been to La Serre for some afternoon treats, I had a great time back then and the Croissant jambon et fromage is what got stuck to my mind.

Croissant from La Serre
Breakfast Hunt

We had plain Croissant for breakfast which was equally divine and their Eggs Benedict and Omelette are also not to be missed. Add the Cappuccino with cutesy latte art to jump-start the day and a warm French Toast with a crisp crust and fluffy core, and I was totally sold. Suffice to say, a few minutes on our breakfast at La Serre and we were already having a ball of a time.

French Toast and Cappuccino from La Serre
French Toast and Cappuccino
Cappuccinno from La Serre

Combining the charm of a Parisian street café with the electricity of a Downtown Dubai hotspot, and being one of the best cafes in Dubai serving organic food, add the shaded terrace perfect for either a romantic date or some people-watching, La Serre is undeniably one of the best breakfast spots in Downtown Dubai.

Fume Neighbourhood Eatery
I was giddy when we were nearing our second breakfast stop as I've heard a lot of raves about Fume especially when the internet almost broke because of their quirky milkshakes, with quirkiness also embodied in their industrial- and vintage-inspired accents and fixtures.

Berry Freaky and Bro-nut Monster Shakes

Fume's Industrial- and Vintage-inspired Interiors

Fume's Industrial- and Vintage-inspired Interiors

The rightfully-hyped eatery also incorporates the concept of comfort food and back-to-basics dishes, and even brings about the concept of food for sharing—with The Fume Pan being a complete breakfast platter and one of Fume's breakfast must-haves.

The Fume Pan
The Fume Pan: Fried Eggs, Mushrooms, Hashbrown, Homemade Veal and Chicken Sausage, Smoked Bacon, Baked Beans, Roasted Tomato, and Sour Dough
Deviating from the usual morning coffee or tea fix, you can absolutely pair your traditional breakfast plate with a jar of their Monster Shakes. Wait, what? Milkshakes for breakfast? Why not?! And if the milkshakes still didn't trigger your sugar rush, I'm sure the Rainbow Bagel will do! :D

Berry Freaky and Bro-nut Monster Shakes
Berry Freaky and Bro-nut Monster Shakes
Rainbow Bagel
Rainbow Bagel
The Bench Brunch at The Daily in Rove Hotel Downtown
And so the hunt continues...Our last stop was at The Daily in the newest hotel in Downtown Dubai. It's as if we still weren't full from almost three hours of indulging over yummy breakfast, that we decided to indulge into a buffet breakfast.

The Bench Brunch at Rove Hotel Downtown

The Bench brunch at Rove Hotel Downtown

You can savor a variety of cold cuts, salads, sandwiches, pastries, breads, cheese, fresh fruits, and fresh juices From the Bench, choose one serving of a breakfast staple, pasta, sandwich, or salad From the Kitchen, along with a hot cuppa tea or coffee From the Barista.

The Bench Brunch at Rove Hotel Downtown

With a vast seating area and a chilled out vibe, not to mention a child friendly ambience with a nook for the little ones, the place is perfect for meetups over breakfast/brunch, no wonder it is swarmed by families—locals, expats, and tourists alike.

After hours of non-stop gastronomic adventure over a fun breakfast hunt, devouring the best breakfast dishes Downtown Dubai has to offer, having to end it was kind of bittersweet. Apart from finding the top 3 breakfast spots in Downtown Dubai, I did not only find people who I share the same interest and passion with, but I also found new friends in them and that is what made the hunt extra special. I came home with not just a happy tummy but also with a happy heart. Mission accomplished! :)

Breakfast Hunt
Thank you so much Doc Gelo, Lady & Ed, Myla & Ricky, and special thanks to Joy for the fun morning! Let's do this again, shall we? :D

Catch up on our breakfast hunt on Instagram with the hashtag #BrekkyIsComing. :D

Ground Floor, Vida Downtown Dubai
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
Downtown Dubai, Dubai
+971 (0)4 428 6969

Manzil Downtown Dubai
Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
Downtown Dubai, Dubai
+971 (0)4 456 8784

Rove Downtown Dubai
312 Al Sa’ada Street, Zabeel 2
Downtown Dubai, Dubai
+971 (0)4 561 9000

We came in as regular customers and paid for our own expenses. This post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

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