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Moshi: Momo & Sushi

I first knew about Moshi when it first opened its doors in Al Barsha 1 last year, as it gained attention fairly quickly among the Dubai foodies that I follow online. I was meaning to check the place out but it was far from where I live, so imagine my delight when just this year, they recently opened a new branch in Oud Metha, which is just a few minutes away from my place.

A Unique Fusion of Two Worlds
Moshi serves a hybrid of two unique cuisines from the North and South of Asia. They offer fusion sushi and authentic momos. Being a homegrown concept in Dubai, Mr. Moshi incorporates Indian and Arabic touches and twists from around the world into their sushi and momos.

The concept emerged from an apparent lack of authentic momos in the region, as well as the notion that sushi is an acquired taste only enjoyed by people who eat seafood.


Comfortable and Serene Environment
Minimalist yet lively, the interiors at Moshi—wooden benches, comfy couches, bamboo stalks, plate wall decors, pendant lights, and vibrant orange color—make a perfect casual dining venue. They aim to a laid back sushi haven (as opposed to the plenty of fine dining sushi restaurants found in Dubai) and a place for authentic Nepalese momos (which is somewhat lacking in Dubai).

They also have an open kitchen where you can see how the sushi and momos are freshly crafted. Oh and the wall were you can hang a personalized lock is too cute! :D

Moshi Moshi


Moshi Moshi

Summer Menu
Also just recently, they launched their Summer Menu which I got invited to, however my schedule didn't permit. Good thing Mr. Moshi was kind enough to accommodate us on the weekend following the launch.


Mark and I got to sample some of the dishes in their summer menu which includes a playful concoction of sushi like no other. I have mentioned a lot of times how Mark is a sucker for sushi, and Moshi effortlessly satisfied his cravings with their unique offerings.


We were served with six kinds of maki rolls, momos, sushi burger, edamame, and milkshakes and mojitos. Talk about food coma! XD

I've been seeing lots of photos of the Flamin' Chicken Cheetos which piqued my interest. Imagine cheetos and chicken on a sushi..weird eh? But they surprisingly worked well altogether! The combination of the crunchy spicy cheetos and breaded chicken was fascinating. Although a little too spicy for me, this is my top pick among the summer menu offerings! They also have a vegetarian version, Flamin' Asparagus Cheetos, with asparagus instead of chicken.

Flamin' Chicken Cheetos

Not far behind are the Volcano Roll (crab meat and avocado maki topped with prawn tempura and spicy mayo) and Hotdog Maki (hotdog slices with mayo in a sushi, yet another weird combo but I loved it!). Moshi incorporated an Arabic twist in their Zaatar Labneh Maki (maki with cucumber, rolled into zaatar and topped with labneh and black olive) which just didn't work for me as I found the zaatar too overpowering.

The Dhokla Maki, simply dhokla rolled in sushi rice, aims to satisfy the Indian palates. I didn't quite like it as I found the spongy texture of the dhokla a bit off with the rice, and I'm not a fan of the pungent celery taste. The Broccoli and Asparagus didn't quite stand out but it also didn't disappoint.

Moshi Moshi
Volcano Roll and Hotdog Maki

Zaatar Labneh Maki

Moshi Moshi
Dhokla Maki and Broccoli and Asparagus Maki

We were so engrossed with all the sushi goodness, that we just had a few bites of the other dishes served to us. The Sushi Burger is just like a bigger version of the Flamin' Chicken Cheetos minus the spicy cheetos, but made burger style with the breaded chicken sandwiched in rice formed into buns, drizzled with Japanese spiced mayo. What added crunch to it is the fresh lettuce which I liked.

Sushi Burger

The Edamame and Mushroom Momo tasted decent and is just like a vegetarian version dumplings. I had been wanting to know what edamame tastes like, so I dug into the bowl of Sriracha Edamame, which I later on regretted as the sriracha was just too spicy for me, it didn't quite allow me to savor the edamame. :(

Sriracha Edamame

Good thing the Lotus Milkshake came to the rescue. It's creamy decadent goodness saved my palates from all the burns. I loved how velvety milkshake was mildly sweet and the Lotus biscuit bits added texture to it.

Another hit was the Strawberry Mojito. Ever had that light bulb moment while eating? I had. Well, literally! I just love how Moshi executed its playful take on this refreshing drink. Perfect for summer!



I love how their makis all have a thin layer of sushi rice, making way for the generous fillings. One downer though, but this one's subjective as my palates are still not trained for spicy food, was the bed of chili sauce where some of the makis were laid. I'm just not sure if this is already in place, but it would be best if diners can choose which sauce to go with their rolls.

Eat to Feed
Apart from the good food, what I liked about the restaurant is how they are able to give back and share their blessings. From every bill at Moshi, they give 5% towards a construction workers meal. And they take it out from all orders for dine-in, home delivery, and take away. All you have to do is eat to feed! How about that?

Aside from sushi and momo, their menu is quite extensive with sashimi, temaki, soups and salads, rice and noodles, light bites, and even desserts! And did you also know that they use rice that is fat- and gluten-free? And they are also one of the restaurants which do not add MSG into their food. You sure can indulge without the guilt, and at the same time engage into charity work for every order. So will I go back? Definitely!

MOSHI, Oud MethaMoshi - Momo & Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Shop 5-6, Oud Metha Building
Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 (0)4 2759056
*Table booking recommended.

We were guests at Moshi and our meal was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

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