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Contemporary Khaleeji Treats at Logma in Boxpark, Al Safa, Dubai

Dubai being home of diverse cultures, with expats consisting more than half of its population, is no doubt a haven for foodies. If I remember it right, an Indian friend who grew up here once told me that there are more than 6000 restaurants in Dubai alone. However, I still find it odd that there aren't a lot of restaurants focusing on Emirati cuisine. There are few (that I'm aware of) but they are mostly hotel restaurants or are situated at the rustic parts of the city, which are not very much accessible to everyone.

Mark and I are just lucky to have Emirati friends who welcome us to their homes and introduce us to their local dishes, so we get to try them every once in a while, but it would be nice to have somewhere to go to for when I'm craving for some kunafa or that yummy beef and rice dish cooked in a sand tandoor.

Logma UAE

And that is definitely what Logma promises, to showcase Emirate’s delicious culinary treasures in a friendly and authentic ambience. Located in the newest food street of Dubai, Box Park in Al Safa, Logma is accessible to everyone.

Mark and I were invited to celebrate their 1st year anniversary and sample their Khaleeji offerings a few weekends back. We surely got a first hand experience of the Emirati vibe the moment we entered the restaurant, as the male staff complete with ghutra greeted us with "As-salamu Alaykum", a Muslim greeting in Arabic that means "Peace be upon you".

Logma UAE

It emulates Dubai’s flair yet still maintains the Emirati vibe by combining the traditional with the contemporary, which is evident in the interiors. Traditional lamps, woven mats, camel designs, and wooden furniture embraced a contemporary touch with the colorful paper mats, full-length glass walls, and cargo shipping box-type structure of the restaurant.

Logma UAE

Logma UAE

They also have a lovely outdoor sitting area where Mark and I chose to stay to relish the Dubai afternoon weather while it's still favorable,  which turns into a perfect place for an intimate outdoor dinner come night time.

Logma UAE    Logma UAE

Logma offers authentic Emirati dishes—breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and desserts—with contemporary twists. For starters we had Rocca Salad, Logma Fries, and Samboosa Cheese, and Atlantis and Passion of Arabia for our beverages.

Logma UAE

Atlantis is a concoction of lychee, fresh mint, passion fruit and lime; while Passion of Arabia is a  mixture of passion fruit and pineapple. They both came in cute milk bottles and were equally refreshing.

Logma UAE
Atlantis and Passion of Arabia (AED 34 each)

A light but filling dish, this Rocca Salad already makes a perfect meal for weight watchers. With a generous serving of rocket leaves mixed with cucumber, tomatoes, sesame seeds, and pomegranate, tossed in lemon vinaigrette dressing with pomegranate molasses, this nutty-sweet-and-tangy combo now joins my list of the best tasting salads.

Logma UAE
Rocca Salad - AED 32

I wasn't keen on checking the details when I saw Logma Fries on the menu and thought of just doing away with it thinking that there maybe nothing special with fries, but our server insisted that we get it so we obliged. My second thoughts were dismissed when the fries was served, more so when I took a bite.

Each piece was perfectly cooked making its crust crispy yet still maintaining that mushy core. Seasoned with Khaleeji spices (with spiciness that is tolerable for my palates) and mixed with crisp herbs, Logma Fries is definitely not just your ordinary fries. Definitely a must try!

Logma UAE
Logma Fries - AED 28

The Samboosa Cheese is one unassuming dish with a taste that will surely get you enthralled. It's cream cheese mixed with spiced Oman chips, and though a bit on the spicy side, this is my personal favorite among the starters that we had.

Logma UAE
Samboosa Cheese - AED 32

Logma UAE

I've read a lot of raves about their Khameer Sandwiches, but was also torn between them and the rice dishes, till I finally decided to go with the latter. Our mains included rice dishes such as Machbous Lamb and Logma Shrimp Rice.

Both rice dishes had generous servings of basmati rice and meat and veggies. Both were spiced and flavored with subtlety, which is what Khaleeji dishes are known for. Roasted cashew nuts also gave a nice texture to the dish. Both were pleasing to the eyes and to the palates. They were also served with raita sauce.

Logma UAE
Machbous Lamb - AED 62

Although the rice was on the salty side, I enjoyed the Machbous Lamb as the meat was flavorful and fork tender. The Logma Shrimp Rice was seasoned just right and the delicately peeled shrimps (which even included the meat from the tail) were cooked to perfection.

Logma UAE
Logma Shrimp Rice - AED 61

We had Kunafa and Rahash Fondant for dessert. The cheese kunafa was topped with vanilla ice cream and ground pistachio and also came with sugar syrup which I enjoyed pouring on the hot kunafa.

I enjoy digging the crunchy kadaif noodle crust and gooey hot and stretchy cheesy core, more so when it sinks into my teeth.

Make sure to eat it while it's hot as it's more delectable that way. The cheese tends to be tough when it gets cold.

Logma UAE
Kunafa - AED 34

The Rahash Fondant is the best chocolate fondant for me so far. The dark chocolate cake is moist and its gooey center and glaze is just divine. Perfect with those rahash crumbs, ground pistachio, and vanilla ice cream. Aaaaah!

Logma UAE
Rahash Fondant - AED 44

Logma UAE
Rahash Fondant - AED 44

If my photos and desciption still couldn't get you convinced, just go watch the video below and see for yourself. And oh, try not to drool! :p

An Arabic meal won't be complete without coffee or tea and Logma also got that covered. They have Saudi, Emirati, and Turkish coffees, and Karak, Moroccan, or just the plain tea. I got to sample their Karak Tea and I loved it! It's iced milk tea with that distinct tea flavor and aroma, which is lightly sweetened by pure honey.

Logma UAE
Karak Tea - AED 12

Overall dining experience was nothing short of delightful. Each of the dishes they serve has a generous serving and is perfect for sharing, which makes it reasonably priced. Serving time is also fast and staff is friendly. With good food, lovely ambience, and good service, I'd say Logma is one of my favorite restaurants, one that I wouldn't mind coming back to.

Boxpark, Al Wasl Road
Al Safa, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
+971 800 56462

We were guests at Logma and our meal was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

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